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August 13, 2022




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Željko Jovanović: Roma Resistance Day as a Moral Compass

16.5.2020 13:50 On May 16, we remember and celebrate the courage of Roma resistance. On that day in 1944, a Roma uprising disrupted the Nazi plan for the annihilation of some 6500 inhabitants of the so-called Gypsy Camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The extermination finally took place in August, but this act of resistance has become part of our collective memory thanks to the survivors' testimonies and to organizations like the Voice of Roma in France and others expanding our awareness about it.  full story

Sweden: Pippi Longstocking gets a rewrite, this time as a Romani girl

15.10.2018 9:15 Most of us know the children's stories about Pippi Longstocking by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The little girl with braids and freckles who has exceptional abilities for her age and whose buccaneer father is always at sea moves into a quiet, small Swedish town, where she lives alone in her own house with her horse and her monkey.  full story

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Czech Police reward four teenagers for saving a woman's life

Ústí nad Labem, 5.4.2014 0:36, (ROMEA) Four teenagers received awards today from Vladimír Danyluk, the director of the Ústí Regional Police, for saving someone's life. Last week the four saved the life of an older woman who was probably about to die as the result of a suicide attempt.  full story

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Czech NGO asks public to vote on heroes

Prague, 11.4.2013 22:26, (ROMEA) Who will be chosen as the greatest hero fighting injustice, unfair treatment and wrongs in the Czech Republic today? The public can choose their favorite in the online survey “Anyone Can Be a Hero” (Hrdinou může být každý) at The project, designed by the NGO League of Human Rights (Liga lidských práv), is accompanied by a campaign called “Don’t be a sheep, be a hero” (Nebuď béééčko, buď hrdinou).  full story

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