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February 23, 2018
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Radoslav Banga, lead singer for the band, in his video for the 2017 song
Radoslav Banga, lead singer for the band, in his video for the 2017 song "Je to tak" ("That's How It Is"). (PHOTO: video sends the message that we can turn the negative into positive

6.12.2017 10:02 On Sunday, 3 December, the band released its new video for a song called "Je to tak" ("That's How It Is"). The video takes place in a field near Křivoklát Castle and was directed by lead singer Radoslav Banga, who also performs in it.  full story

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videoROMEA broadcast live online Saturday's concert by Romani rapper Rytmus and others

26.7.2017 5:40 On Saturday 22 July 2017 the 13th annual Multicolored Festival (Různobarevný festival) in the Czech town of Trmice near Ústí nad Labem took place. The festival was organized by the local Romani organization Romano jasnica and the main star this year was the Czechoslovak-Romani rapper Rytmus, but lovers of classical Romani folk music came to see their genre represented as well.  full story

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Czech Republic: "Gypsy Soul" exhibition on view at Jerusalem Synagogue through August

8.6.2017 11:41 The opening of an exhibition of photographs by Mark Wiedorn called Gypsy Soul/Romská duše was opened in Prague's Jerusalem Synagogue along with a concert of classical music inspired by Romani motifs. Both events took place on 2 June 2017 as part of the 19th annual KHAMORO World Roma Festival held by the Slovo 21 organization.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: KHAMORO Festival starts in eight days, launches video ad

20.5.2017 7:32 The biggest Romani festival in the world, KHAMORO, has launched its video advertisement this year, which features shots of the atmosphere of the event from previous years. The musical selections have been done by festival producer Džemil Silajdžić.  full story

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Pavlína Matiová: I'm happy when I can sing in Romanes

19.5.2017 8:47 She's always smiling and in a good mood, and on top of that the Lord has given her an amazing voice. The 28-year-old native of Roudnice nad Labem always dreamed she would be a singer.  full story

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Czech Republic: Pop star's video features senior citizens in love and lyrics in Romanes

5.5.2017 6:52 The singer Jan Bendig premiered his new video for a song called "Love Stays With Us" (Láska nám zůstává), on 1 May, a day celebrated in Czech culture as the "time of love". In the video, two senior citizens find and live love.  full story

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Czech Republic: Amaro Records recording studio wants to bring majority society and Romani people together

25.4.2017 8:14 The social enterprise Amaro Records, which includes a music café and recording studio, is now running in Brno, Czech Republic. Besides producing music and video clips, the business wants to employ mainly young Romani people.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani street musician shines in "Pianist of the Year" competition

17.4.2017 11:32 Robert Ferenc, the talented young pianist about whom we wrote in the October issue of Romano voďi, has come in fourth place in the "Pianist of the Year" competition in the Czech Republic. The 24-year-old musician from Liberec performs almost daily at the Masaryk train station in Prague.  full story

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Czech civil society prize goes to Romani musician Radek Banga for protesting music award to neo-Nazi band

12.4.2017 14:10 The František Kriegel Award, which is given annually by the Charter 77 Foundation, is being given this year to the Romani musician and singer Radek Banga. He is being given the prize for what the foundation called his "brave civic stance" during last year's announcement of the "Golden Nightingale" music awards, when he publicly objected to a prize awarded to the Ortel band.  full story

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"TOGETHER WE CAN" - celebrations of International Romani Day in Prague focus on interethnic cooperation

28.3.2017 12:54 An exhibition, an interactive video projection in the center of Prague, panel discussions and theatrical performances. All this is being offered for this year's celebrations of International Romani Day (8 April) in Prague.  full story

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Macedonia: The Queen of Romani Music, Esma Redžepova, has passed away

15.12.2016 2:14 Esma Redžepova, who was acknowledged worldwide as the Queen of Romani Music, passed away on the morning of 11 December in Skopje, Macedonia at the age of 73. The hospital where the singer was being treated announced her death.  full story

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Czech opposition leaders express support for Romani celebrity's protest against xenophobic band

12.12.2016 21:03 The chair of the TOP 09 party, Miroslav Kalousek, and former Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg recently invited Romani musician Radek Banga and his wife to a friendly lunch. The politicians wanted to express their admiration for Banga's protest against an award being given to the xenophobic band Ortel during the "Czech Nightingale" contest, which he did by walking out of the auditorium during the live broadcast and not being afraid to publicly criticize the entire situation.  full story

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Czech xenophobic band Ortel nominated by public again for music award

26.11.2016 9:12 The award associated with the Czech Republic's popular music poll, the "Czech Nightingale" (Český slavík), sponsored by Czech mineral water company Mattoni, will announce its results on live television today, Saturday, 26 November, in Prague. The surprise entry in this year's poll was the nomination of singer Joakim Brodén of the Swedish power metal band Sabaton.  full story

Dancing group Piroš rouža. Photo: Babylonfest

Czech Republic: Babylonfest, a parade of national minorities, begins in Brno today

13.9.2016 13:34 Babylonfest, a festival and parade by the national minorities living in the Czech Republic's second-largest city, will begin today in Brno. The ninth annual festival will run through Saturday.  full story

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Is Czech folk singer's new song racism or social commentary?

19.8.2016 10:05 Is the Czech folk singer Jaromír Nohavica continuing his previous racism, or is his most recent song actually an apt criticism of society? It's very difficult to unequivocally tell, but Nohavica's previous seriously-intended anti-Romani song should be a warning.  full story

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Czech Republic: Amaro Records releases its first two videos by young Romani singers

8.8.2016 17:46 The Brno-based recording studio Amaro Records has been running for three months and has just released its first two video clips. The recordings were made by young Romani singers who got the opportunity to record in exchange for their volunteer work during the construction of the community recording studio.  full story

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Czech Republic's well-loved RefuFest begins in Prague

27.5.2016 23:40 RefuFest, a favorite festival in the Czech capital, began today. The 11th annual multicultural gathering will last until the end of next week.  full story

LIVE ONLINE BROADCAST: International Romani Day celebrations at LaFabrika in Prague

8.4.2016 17:24 The Romani association ARA ART and its partners are holding their second annual celebration of International Romani Day, this year with the theme of "Honoring the Invisible." Paťiv (respect) will be paid to young Romani people who are disrupting the entrenched stereotypes that predominate in Czech society about Romani people.  full story

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Czech Republic: Amaro Records recording studio opens in Brno

8.4.2016 15:31 Yesterday the IQ Roma servis (IQRS) nonprofit organization opened the Amaro Records recording studio in the site of a former gambling parlor located between the "Romani ghetto" and the "normal" city center of Brno. "We were inspired by Barcelona, where a similar recording studio serves foreign nationals and migrants, but our studio is for anyone and everyone," Katarína Klamková, director of IQ Roma servis, explained to the Czech daily Mladá front DNES  full story

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Gifted Romani musician succeeding brilliantly in USA

1.9.2015 23:15 "In my career as a teacher of more than 20 000 students from 94 countries, Tomáš clearly belongs in the top 10," said Professor Pratt Bennet on 30 August when he was interviewed for the Czech Television program "168 Hours". Bennett teaches at the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston, which accepted Romani musician Tomáš Kačo from the Czech Republic last year.  full story

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