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June 20, 2019
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videoVIDEO: Gala celebration of International Romani Day 2019 in Prague's Archa Theater

8.4.2019 16:44 This year's celebration of International Romani Day in Prague is culminating today, Monday 8 April, with a gala evening at the Archa Theater. The space will open to the general public at 17:00 with an NGO market.  full story

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Austria: Romani Artists Telling Stories of Resistance, Not Victimhood

2.6.2018 19:44 I first heard about Mindj Panther, two Roma sisters and actresses who act, rap, and make political art interventions, in 2014, during a trip to Vienna where I was performing. I was about to create my Roma feminist theatre company Giuvlipen in Bucharest, Romania and I was amazed to discover that something similar already existed in Austria.  full story

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Czech city names first-ever public place after Romani figure

29.3.2018 12:36 The City of Brno is the first to name a public location in the Czech Republic after a Romani figure. On 27 March the name of the Hvězdička Park was officially changed to Eugen Horváth Park.  full story

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USA: Pianist Tomáš Kačo performs solo at Carnegie Hall - "There is no box for this music"

26.2.2018 6:55 The pianist Tomáš Kačo is one of 12 siblings from a very modest background who has worked his way up through self-instruction to become one of the best jazz piano students at the prestigious Berklee College in Boston, of which he is a graduate. On 22 February yet another dream of his came true - performing at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York.  full story

Voice of Baceprot (VoB)

videoIndonesia: Hijab-Wearing Female Metal Group Defies Stereotypes

15.6.2017 17:25 Voice of Baceprot, (VoB) is a female Indonesian metal group consisting of three young women who choose to wear hijabs, a type of Islamic headscarf. The band formed in 2014 in West Java, “and use their music to combat the stereotype of Muslim women as submissive or voiceless” according to  full story

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Slovakia: Romani band Sendreiovci perform at concert of Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer

8.6.2017 13:19 On 2 June the Sendreiovci Romani band performed at the Bratislava concert of the famous Hollywood composer of film scores, Hans Zimmer, one year after performing at his afterparty. "Yesterday we played for the Czech Prime Minister in the Tatras and today we're here," Vlado Sendrei told the Slovak news server  full story

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videoCzech Republic: 's new song "Hater" draws attention to those who use online social networks to spread hate

31.5.2017 7:47 Hating others is a phenomenon of our times that has now become the subject of a music video designed and scripted by Radek Banga, the leader of the band. The
entire concept of the song and video is based on actual experiences.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: KHAMORO festival began yesterday and runs through Saturday

29.5.2017 10:54 Last night the KHAMORO Festival of Romani culture began with a concert on Střelecký ostrov (Shooter's Island) in Prague. Singers Monika Bagárová, Jan Bendig, Elis and
Markéta Konvičková performed at the kick-off event, followed by DJ
 full story

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Czech Republic: International Romani Day 2017 - events country-wide

6.4.2017 10:33 On Saturday 8 April 2017, Romani people worldwide will celebrate International Romani Day. The day marks what was historically the first World Romani Congress in Great
Britain in 1971, paving the way for what would eventually become the International Romani Union.  full story

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Germany: Berlinale Film Festival opens with film about Django Reinhardt

10.1.2017 10:55 The 67th annual incarnation of one of the most significant film festivals in the world, Germany's Berlinale, will open this year with the world premier of "Django". The feature-length film about the genius Sinti jazz musician is a directorial debut for French producer and screenwriter Etienne Comar, who is known primarily thanks to his work on the screenplay for the critically-acclaimed 2015 film "Mon Roi" (My King).  full story

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Legendary heavy metal band Sepultura supports Roma on their International Day

10.4.2016 13:09 The legendary heavy metal band Sepultura, who hail from Brazil, posted a clear message of support for Romani people on their official Facebook profile on Friday 8 April 2016. "Sepultura will always support the right to anyone or any group to be free and to live in peace. Respect the differences to build a strong and prosperous society," the group posted along with links to other information about International Romani Day on the website of the Romani media organization Romedia Foundation, based in Hungary.  full story

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