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October 20, 2020




Violence against Romani residents of the village of Loshchynivka, Ukraine broke out in August 2016. (PHOTO:  Print screen from video footage)
Violence against Romani residents of the village of Loshchynivka, Ukraine broke out in August 2016. (PHOTO: Print screen from video footage)

videoUkrainian villagers collectively blame Roma for murder, destroy their homes, revoke their residency

30.8.2016 8:34 Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported yesterday that local authorities and media in Ukraine say a village there has decided to expel dozens of Romani families because of suspicions that a member of their community may have been responsible for the murder of a child. Police have arrested a 20-year-old Romani man on suspicion of murder.  full story

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Some charges dropped against Romani couple in Greece who cared for Romani child from Bulgaria

12.11.2015 20:08 The Greek wire service Athens News Agency (ANA) reports that a Greek court has dropped charges of abduction against the Romani couple who were discovered in 2013 to be caring for a blonde Romani girl named Maria. Christos Salis and his wife, Eleftheria Dimopoulou, are still being prosecuted for deceiving the authorities by asserting she was their daughter.  full story

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Commentary: Are the Czech schools at risk of chaos next year? Experts, teachers doubt schools are prepared for inclusion

26.10.2015 20:11 The "special schools" will be closed and all of the children in them will move into unprepared "normal" schools where there will not be enough teaching assistants, materials or teachers. Chaos will reign, children, parents and teachers will be dissatisfied.  full story

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Ireland: Romani family compensated for hysteria around blond child

24.10.2015 8:07 Compensation of more than EUR 60 000 has been awarded to the family of a blond Romani boy in Ireland after he was taken away from his family for no reason in October 2013. Social workers mistakenly believed the boy was not the biological son of his parents.  full story

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Hungarian Justice Minister says Europe's Roma could "join the terrorists"

23.10.2015 9:06 The EU Observer reported on 20 October that Hungarian Justice Minister László Trócsányi told a conference on “criminal justice in response to radicalization” in Brussels that Europe's 12 million Romani people "could be a target of radicalizatoin" and there is a risk they will travel to Syria as foreign fighters to join the jihadists or other radical groups. When asked why Romani people, most of whom are Roma Catholic, would choose to fight alongside jihadists in the Syrian war, a spokesperson for the Hungarian Government told that the Roma are "deprived people and they are usually more exposed to radical views.”  full story

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Czech Republic: Homegrown Romani funeral procession mistaken for refugees

16.10.2015 21:08 In recent months a tragicomic scenario has played itself out more than once in which ordinary inhabitants of the Czech Republic have been mistaken for refugees. Last Sunday this scenario repeated itself in Znojmo, when a funeral procession by local Romani people accompanying a deceased relative to her final resting place was mistaken by a bystander for a group of refugees.  full story

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