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October 28, 2021




Jan Cina (2018).
Jan Cina (2018).

Czech-Romani actor Jan Cina: People should be judged by how they do what they do, not by labels

2.6.2018 17:53 Jan Cina is an actor, moderator and singer from a Czech-Romani family. News server is interviewing him as part of its series on Romani identity, during which the concepts of "Romipen" and "Czechipen" - Czech identity - have been developed.  full story

Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month (PHOTO:

UK: Residents in Dorset Band Together to Celebrate Romani Heritage

16.6.2017 12:15 This past Saturday 10 June, the South West Dorset Multicultural Network and Kushti Bok hosted a celebration of Romani people and Travellers in the UK. The event was created in honor of Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month and took place in Dorchester’s Borough Gardens.  full story

Voice of Baceprot (VoB)

videoIndonesia: Hijab-Wearing Female Metal Group Defies Stereotypes

15.6.2017 17:25 Voice of Baceprot, (VoB) is a female Indonesian metal group consisting of three young women who choose to wear hijabs, a type of Islamic headscarf. The band formed in 2014 in West Java, “and use their music to combat the stereotype of Muslim women as submissive or voiceless” according to  full story

George Soros (PHOTO: ERIAC)

George Soros Explains How Negative Stereotypes Against the Roma Affect Us All

12.6.2017 17:30 Speaking in Berlin on 8 June 2017, George Soros had several remarks for the opening of the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC). The institute strives to help enable the Roma to become the primary advocates of their own futures.  full story

--ilustrační foto--

videoCzech Republic: Romani journalists in training visited excluded localities

22.1.2017 11:53 One component of the ROMEA organization's "Media Training for Future Romani Journalists" project last year was a three-day trip into the field. Thanks to our collaboration with the organization Český západ, the trainees had the opportunity to visit several socially excluded localities around Teplá and Toužim. While accumulating information for the articles they then wrote about the broadest possible range of subjects, the trainees also had the opportunity to rehearse fundamental
skills required to be television news reporters.  full story

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