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October 24, 2021



Institut pro sociální inkluzi

Czech Republic: 88 cities in 12 regions plan to ban housing benefits in specific zones

7.11.2018 11:31 The Institute for Social Inclusion (IPSI) reports that a total of 88 cities and municipalities in 12 regions are planning to announce or have already announced zones with increased incidences of undesirable phenomena where new applicants for housing benefits will not be allowed to receive them for residence at those addresses. The only regions where local authorities have not taken this step are the Pardubice and South Moravian Regions.
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Commentary: "Zero tolerance" is back in North Bohemia, a "sure bet" for the Czech local elections

16.5.2018 12:30 What image comes to mind when you hear the term "socially excluded locality"? Most people in the Czech Republic will imagine the Chanov housing estate in Most or the Janov housing estate in Litvínov, both towns in North Bohemia.  full story

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71 Czech towns plan to ban housing benefits and make life harder for the poorest of the poor

21.4.2018 8:36 Zones with an alleged "increased incidence of undesirable phenomena" in which new applicants will not be able to receive housing benefits have been announced or are planned for 71 cities and municipalities throughout the Czech Republic. The Institute for Social Inclusion (IPSI) announced the news on 12 April.  full story

Local authorities all over Czech Republic alleging they face a "tsunami" of "socially undesirable phenomena"

21.11.2017 17:19 The Czech, Moravian and Silesian municipalities located in landlocked mountain areas are unavoidably facing a wave of difficulties that it is no exaggeration to compare to a tsunami. These difficulties began with the chain announcement of areas with "increased incidences of socially undesirably phenomena" in response to the entering into force of the amendment to the law on aid to those in material distress.  full story

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Alexander Olah: Twenty years of poor Roma being integrated by Romani elites in the Czech Republic

11.4.2017 8:16 The law on national minorities in the Czech Republic - and basically the entire concept of minority protections - is desperately far from the actual needs of impoverished Romani people in socially excluded localities. The same applies (apart from the existence of the Office of the Public Defender of Rights) to the absolutely miserable provisions for the protection of these people from institutional discrimination.  full story

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