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August 13, 2022




The Romani flag. (PHOTO:  Embassy of the United States of America to the Czech Republic)
The Romani flag. (PHOTO: Embassy of the United States of America to the Czech Republic)

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Commentary: Romipen is democratic, enriching not just Romani people but Czech society, Europe and the world

4.4.2016 21:27 Friday 8 April will be International Romani Day. In the Czech Republic the largest number of events on this day will be held in Brno.  full story

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From the Balkans to the Baltics, Roma groups express support for a European Roma Institute

4.6.2015 21:10 During the past week, three declarations of support for the establishment of a European Roma Institute (ERI) have been issued by Roma from very different parts of Europe, in English, through the Roma Virtual Network listserv. Zeljko Jovanovic, director of the Open Society Foundations' Roma Initiatives Office (RIO), also discussed the idea of the ERI at a conference in Prague last week as part of the Khamoro World Roma Festival.  full story

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8 April: Romani people worldwide celebrate International Romani Day

8.4.2015 1:00, (ROMEA) International Romani Day is celebrated annually by Romani people worldwide on 8 April. On this day, Romani people commemorate the historic First World Romani Congress, organized by Comité International Rom (CIR) in Orpington, England in 1971.  full story

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Events scheduled for International Romani Day - 8 April 2013

Czech Republic, 1.4.2013 16:38, (ROMEA) On Monday, 8 April 2013 Romani people worldwide will celebrate International Romani Day. They will commemorate the historic first World Congress of the International Romani Union, which took place near London in 1971, primarily thanks to the initiative of Grattan Puxon and Donald Kenrick of Great Britain, Matéo Maximoff representing French Romani people (the Manouche), Jarko Jovanović of the former Yugoslavia, and other Romani individuals and Romani studies scholars.  full story

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