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July 13, 2020
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Islámský stát

An imaginary invasion of the Czech Republic by the so-called Islamic State was staged on the afternoon of 21 August 2016 in Prague by devotees of Martin Konvička, an activist who opposes the religion of Islam. (PHOTO:  Czech News Agency)
An imaginary invasion of the Czech Republic by the so-called Islamic State was staged on the afternoon of 21 August 2016 in Prague by devotees of Martin Konvička, an activist who opposes the religion of Islam. (PHOTO: Czech News Agency)

Czech military intelligence: Extremists' Islamophobic declarations legitimize the ideology of radical Islamists

25.10.2017 13:37 The wave of Islamophobia that spread during the refugee crisis has influenced the radicalization of Muslims in Europe. Czech Military Intelligence (VZ) makes that assertion in its annual report for 2016.  full story

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UK: Thousands of Muslims protest against ISIS and terrorism in London

12.10.2017 13:01 The British newspaper The Independent reported that more than 10 000 Muslims marched on Sunday, 1 October through London protesting against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) and terrorism. The peaceful assembly on the Muslim holiday of Ashura commemorated the victims of the ISIS terrorist organization.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani people remain the most victimized by prejudice

12.10.2016 20:58 "The Czech Republic is laying the foundations for a big disaster," Salim Murad, a political scientist at the University of South Bohemia, told journalist Daniela Drtinová in an interview for the online broadcaster. Murad studies the perspective of the media and society on minorities, refugees, and other phenomena on the basis of public opinion polls and other data he has been collecting for years.  full story

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Czech Muslims hold public event to condemn terrorism

10.8.2016 10:53 Czech Muslims have decided to make a public, thorough condemnation of the terrorist attacks that have recently shaken Europe and are gathering on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square in Prague today. Their intention is to honor the victims of those attacks and to express their shared concern with other inhabitants of the Czech Republic over the violence in Europe committed by terrorists.  full story

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Belgium: Machete-wielding attacker harms two policewomen, so-called Islamic State claims responsibility

8.8.2016 8:46 A man wielding a machete injured two policewomen on Saturday in the Belgium town of Charleroi. Another member of the police force shot the attacker at the scene and the man later succumbed to his injuries in hospital.  full story

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German Police in Lower Saxony raid Islamist radicals

29.7.2016 15:35 Police in Lower Saxony, Germany, have conducted extensive raids against so-called Salafists who profess a radical form of Islam. The action targeted the association of the German-language Islamic Circle (DIK).  full story

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Bulgaria: Romani "imam" arrested last year for allegedly joining the so-called Islamic State

5.2.2016 23:05 Islamist fundamentalists are attempting to exploit the situation of impoverished Romani people in the Balkans and the radical movement of the so-called Islamic State is actively recruiting them into its service. Darko Trifunović, the Serbian representative of the International Strategic Studies Association told news server that the radicals want Romani people living in settlements in Bulgaria to replace their national minority identity with a religious one.  full story

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Czech NGO: We either rescue refugees from hell or they will die

29.7.2015 21:01 The Generace 21 (Generation 21) Foundation wants to bring 152 Christian refugees from Iraq to the Czech Republic who have been persecuted by radicals from the self-declared Islamic State organization. Representatives of the foundation gave a list of the refugees' names to the Office of the Government last Thursday and are now waiting for the Government and Interior Ministry to agree to receive them.  full story

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Austria bans hidden Islamist and Nazi codes on license plates

24.7.2015 20:15 The daily Kleine Zeitung reports that yesterday an amendment came into effect in Austria banning the use of hidden Nazi codes on personalized license plates. The original list of banned abbreviations such as HJ (for the youth organization Hitlerjugend), NSDAP (for the Nazi party) and SS (for the elite Nazi fighting unit) was expanded to include, for example, the number 420, referencing 20 April, Hitler's birthday.  full story

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Self-proclaimed Islamic State trying to recruit Roma in the Balkans

25.2.2015 21:21, (ROMEA) The radical self-styled Islamic State movement is doing its best to exploit the unstable economic and social situation of Romani people in the Balkans to recruit them to join their military services. Romani activists are warning local Roma of the danger connected with such extremism and are trying to stop the progress of IS and other radical groups in the Romani community.  full story

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