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October 14, 2019
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Matteo Salvini (PHOTO: Fabio Visconti, Wikimedia Commons)
Matteo Salvini (PHOTO: Fabio Visconti, Wikimedia Commons)

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Italian Police evict almost 400 Romani people from homes they have lived in since 2005, European Commission says it cannot take legal action

1.8.2018 8:18 During the past week the Italian Police have evicted approximately 400 Romani people living in cottages on the outskirts of Rome. They have had to move away from the Camping River campsite, where they have been living since 2005.  full story

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Italy's Lombardy Region first to conduct census of Roma and Sinti, plans to raze illegal camps, Romani organizations protesting

10.7.2018 10:23 In Italy the legislature of Lombardy in the north of the country has given the green light to a discriminatory, unconstitutional census of Romani and Sinti people living in that region. Italian media report that a regional commission has been entrusted with auditing legally-established Romani settlements and that illegal ones are to be closed.  full story

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videoHighest-paid Hungarian footballer of all time is Romani

14.1.2016 19:50 What has been suspected for several days has now been officially confirmed. Hungarian footballer Norbert Balogh will continue his career as a player in the highest Italian competition, the A Series, as a member of Palermo.  full story

Pope Francis wishes hope and peace for Romani families in Italy

Rome, 22.12.2014 21:38, (ROMEA) Speaking on Sunday 14 December during a pastoral visit to the parish of Saint Joseph in the Aurelia quarter of Rome, Pope Francis met with children, with the families of children baptized this year, with the ill, with Romani people and with youth. The Pope received the faithful in the confessional, where he administered the sacrament of reconciliation.  full story

A group of Roma people are protesting against the evacuation of Bigattiera's camp

Romani camp on alert in Pisa: Community mobilizing against evacuation

Italy, Pisa, 4.11.2014 12:14, (ROMEA) The situation for 120 Romani people living in Bigattiera camp in Pisa, Italy, is starting to become really complicated.  full story

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Canadian Muslims condemn Islamist radical violence, now face increased aggression themselves

Ottawa, 4.11.2014 1:29, (ROMEA) After two recent attacks reportedly committed by Islamists in Canada, the number of attempted attacks against members of the Muslim community has risen sharply. The National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) announced the increase last Thursday.  full story

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Domenico "Volcano" Spada: The boxer who fights under the Roma flag

Naples, Italy, 25.4.2014 19:27, (ROMEA) "I will climb into the ring with the Roma flag, no Italian flag and no national anthem," said Domenico "Volcano“ Spada, a Romani boxer from Italy, just before the 5 April match in which he challenged Marco Antonio Rubio for the World Middleweight title. "I will have them play the Romani song 'Cintia' by Santino Spinelli."  full story

Gypsies take refuge in ancient Rome basilica as city officials try to get them out

Rome, 24.4.2011 11:25, (Daily Reporter) Some 150 Gypsies whose camp was dismantled have taken refuge in one of Rome's most ancient basilicas, creating a standoff Saturday with city officials trying to get them out.  full story

Italian Roma offered generous incentives to return to Romania

Milan, 10.3.2011 16:32, (ROMEA) Roma in Milan, Italy are being offered generous sums of 15,000 euros to leave their camps and relocate in Romania.  full story

Fire in Italy kills four Roma children

Rome, 7.2.2011 14:21, (ROMEA) A fire at a Roma camp in the suburbs of Rome has claimed the lives of four children aged between three and eleven.  full story

Hindus ask for compensation for maltreated Roma in France and Italy

Nevada/Paris, 11.9.2010 14:51, (ROMEA) Hindus have asked European Commission (EC) to demand adequate compensation from France and Italy for Roma (Gypsy) communities whose settlements were demolished and/or they were deported.  full story

Italy: Mayor moves to demolish Roma Gypsy camps

Roma, 1.9.2010 22:27, (AKI) Illegal Roma Gypsy camps which have sprung up in the Italian capital will be razed to the ground starting next week, Rome's conservative mayor Gianni Alemanno said on Wednesday.  full story

Pope asks French to welcome all nationalities

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy, 22.8.2010 15:00, (AFP) Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday asked French pilgrims to welcome people of all origins days after France repatriated more than 200 Roma and Gypsies in a controversial crackdown.  full story

Rome: Problem is Many Roma Possess Italian Citizenship

Roma, 22.8.2010 11:22, (NOVINITE) As Italy is bracing to expel from the country all European Union (EU) citizens that had violated basic requirements for living in the country, the interior minister has complained that unlike in France, many Roma have Italian citizenship.  full story

Bishops rebuke Maroni’s immigration plans

Roma, 22.8.2010 11:07, (Euronews) A proposal by a member of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s ruling coalition to expel EU nationals living off state handouts has drawn a stinging rebuke from Catholic bishops in Italy.  full story

Italian minister praises France's crackdown on Roma

Roma, 21.8.2010 23:34, (AFP) Italy's interior minister on Saturday praised France's crackdown on Roma and Gypsies, saying it was "simply copying Italy" in flying more than 200 members of the minority to Romania this week.  full story

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