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May 25, 2020
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Ivana Řápková

Ivana Řápková (PHOTO: Gavriela2, Wikimedia Commons)
Ivana Řápková (PHOTO: Gavriela2, Wikimedia Commons)

Commentary: Czechs realize "anti-Gypsy" law - stricter than during totalitarian rule - applies to them too

9.10.2016 18:20 As of 1 October an amendment to the law on misdemeanors has taken effect in the Czech Republic. Each municipality will now have to publish a decree listing the kind of behavior that qualifies as disrupting nighttime quiet.  full story

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Czech Constitutional Court backs activist in dispute with MP

Prague, 13.2.2015 22:00, (ROMEA) "The illegal behavior of MP Řápková has generated CZK 8 million of debt for the town of Chomutov so, to be honest, it is rather ridiculous for her to try to combat 'inadpatables' when she has proven so 'inadaptable' herself," said Daniel Hůle. The staffer with the NGO People in Need was commenting on a proposal brought by MP Lenka Kohoutová and MP Řápková to it legal for collections agencies to attach an individual's welfare benefits, which would leave the insolvent with only the legally-defined subsistence minimum as income.  full story

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