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August 14, 2022



Jiří Čunek

Romani residents of the Poschla locality in the Czech town of Vsetín in front of the
Romani residents of the Poschla locality in the Czech town of Vsetín in front of the "container" housing there. (2019) (PHOTO: Miroslav Klempár,

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Czech Labor Minister praises container housing in Romani ghetto

17.3.2018 6:46 Czech Radio reports that outgoing Czech Labor Minister Jaroslava Němcová of the ANO movement likes the container type of housing in the Poschla locality of the town of Vsetín into which former Mayor Jiří Čunek removed Romani residents from the town center in 2006. The minister said the dislocation of the Romani residents had been the correct "solution".  full story

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Czech Constitutional Court rejects complaint from municipality defending its 2006 eviction of Romani residents

5.6.2017 8:34 The Czech Constitutional Court Ústavní soud (ÚS) has rejected a complaint filed by the town of Vsetín about its protracted dispute with the Romani people whom it "deported" and forced to take up residence in municipalities outside of the Zlín Region altogether. The Czech News Agency reported the news on 1 June after discovering it in the judiciary's database.  full story

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Czech Christian Democratic Governor and Senator resigns his local posts but says his antigypsyist remarks not the reason

13.4.2017 8:11 Czech Christian Democratic Governor and Senator resigns his local posts but says his antigypsyist outburst was not the reason  full story

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Czech Govt Agency for Social Inclusion begins work with mayor who keeps attacking Roma

17.7.2016 15:37 Representatives of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion and the leadership of the town of Vsetín signed a so-called Memorandum of Collaboration last Wednesday confirming their mutual obligations for the next three years. Local leaders will now collaborate with the Agency within the framework of its "Coordinated Approach" to addressing socially excluded localities.  full story

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Jarmila Balážová: I will vote for Karel Schwarzenberg

Prague, 24.1.2013 17:14, (ROMEA) It has been interesting to see what the first direct presidential election in the Czech Republic has unleashed and shown us. Even though some of this all could have been predicted, I really did not expect some of the responses I have seen, just as I did not expect certain people active in cultural and public life to back the candidates they are now backing.  full story

Karel Schwarzenberg

Czech presidential candidate: We must understand the specifics of each minority

Prague, 7.1.2013 16:52, (ROMEA) News server has prepared a questionnaire for candidates running in what will be the first-ever direct election of the president of the Czech Republic. We asked all of the candidates, among other things, about their strategies for addressing the issue of social exclusion and their opinions on the integration of the Romani minority, particularly on how they intend to achieve improvements in that direction. We were also interested in their approach toward right-wing extremists, toward the issue of segregating pupils in primary schools, and toward the case of the pig farm located on the site of a WWII-era forced labor camp for Romani people.  full story

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Czech Senator Čunek chairing Senate Subcommittee on Human Rights

Prague, 10.12.2012 16:58, (ROMEA) Czech Senator Jiří Čunek has been appointed chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Human Rights and Equal Opportunity, which some may find a surprising choice. The appointment took place on 6 December when the Senate approved the change. Čunek will now take over the subcommittee, replacing former chair Miluše Horská, who has been elected Vice-Chair of the Senate.  full story

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Czech Senator Tomio Okamura's antigypsy words of wisdom

Prague, 2.12.2012 20:43, (ROMEA) It is simply not possible to put together a list of all of Tomio Okamura's immortal remarks. News server Aktuálně.cz tried publishing a selection of the raciest of them recently. We at borrowed some of those and added others so as not to deprive our readers of the experience of following the words of this senator who claims he is neither populist, nor racist, nor xenophobic.  full story

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Czech mayor, fearing theft, rejects Romani volunteers

Nový Bor, 21.11.2012 20:21, (ROMEA) The town hall in Nový Bor has rejected a group of Romani residents who have offered to clean up a local cemetery before winter. The mayor is afraid they would steal something.  full story

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