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September 22, 2020




Hungarian politician Gábor Vona, 31 January 2015. (PHOTO:  Wikimedia Commons, N1TV)
Hungarian politician Gábor Vona, 31 January 2015. (PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons, N1TV)

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Hungarian camerawoman who kicked refugees including children being investigated by police

13.9.2015 8:23 Hungary has been shaken by a brief video taken at its border with Serbia that shows a camerawoman for Hungary's N1TV station kicking young refugee boys and girls and tripping a refugee carrying a child as they make their way through a Hungarian Police cordon. Other journalists captured the camerawoman's behavior on film.  full story

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Hungary: Ultra-right experiment in Ozd uses systematic oppression to drive Roma out

29.7.2015 3:49 The Associated Press reports that the Hungarian town of Ozd has become a kind of living "laboratory" where the ultra-right Jobbik party is testing the impact of its political decisions at local level. That at least is the warning of Peter Kreko, director of the Political Capital Institute organization, which has long monitored Jobbik's activities.  full story

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Hungary: Mayor tells Roma to adapt or leave in effort to run them out of town

27.5.2015 14:49 Mayor Dávid Janiczak (age 28) of the Hungarian town of Ózd is a member of the ultra-right Jobbik ("Movement for a Better Hungary") party and is allegedly doing his best to throw impoverished people, most of whom are Romani, out of their homes through what are being called "scandalous housing regulations". Bence Tardai of the liberal Dialogue for Hungary party made the claims on 25 May.  full story

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Hungary: Ultra-right Jobbik defeats governing party candidate again

Budapest, 14.4.2015 17:04 A by-election on Sunday for a parliamentary seat was won by a candidate for the ultra-right "Movement for a Better Hungary" (Jobbik) party who narrowly defeated the rival candidate for the governing "Hungarian Civic Union" (Fidesz) party. Jobbik boss Gábor Vona called his party's victory "historic".  full story

Controversy over comments about Roma by Hungarian far-Right leader

Budapest, 25.2.2011 16:29, (ROMEA) Gábor Vona, chairman of the radical nationalist party Jobbik, has recently come under fire for comments made about Roma in Hungary.  full story

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