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August 11, 2022




Hungarian politician Gábor Vona, 31 January 2015. (PHOTO:  Wikimedia Commons, N1TV)
Hungarian politician Gábor Vona, 31 January 2015. (PHOTO: Wikimedia Commons, N1TV)

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Hungarian camerawoman who kicked refugees including children being investigated by police

13.9.2015 8:23 Hungary has been shaken by a brief video taken at its border with Serbia that shows a camerawoman for Hungary's N1TV station kicking young refugee boys and girls and tripping a refugee carrying a child as they make their way through a Hungarian Police cordon. Other journalists captured the camerawoman's behavior on film.  full story

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Hungary: Ultra-right experiment in Ozd uses systematic oppression to drive Roma out

29.7.2015 3:49 The Associated Press reports that the Hungarian town of Ozd has become a kind of living "laboratory" where the ultra-right Jobbik party is testing the impact of its political decisions at local level. That at least is the warning of Peter Kreko, director of the Political Capital Institute organization, which has long monitored Jobbik's activities.  full story

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Hungary: Mayor tells Roma to adapt or leave in effort to run them out of town

27.5.2015 14:49 Mayor Dávid Janiczak (age 28) of the Hungarian town of Ózd is a member of the ultra-right Jobbik ("Movement for a Better Hungary") party and is allegedly doing his best to throw impoverished people, most of whom are Romani, out of their homes through what are being called "scandalous housing regulations". Bence Tardai of the liberal Dialogue for Hungary party made the claims on 25 May.  full story

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Hungary: Ultra-right Jobbik defeats governing party candidate again

Budapest, 14.4.2015 17:04 A by-election on Sunday for a parliamentary seat was won by a candidate for the ultra-right "Movement for a Better Hungary" (Jobbik) party who narrowly defeated the rival candidate for the governing "Hungarian Civic Union" (Fidesz) party. Jobbik boss Gábor Vona called his party's victory "historic".  full story

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Hungarian ultra-right MP says Romani people are one of the country's "biggest problems"

Budapest, 12.2.2015 1:04, (ROMEA) The first child born in 2015 would usually just get a brief mention in the Hungarian media. Rikárdó Rácz, however became the most famous infant in the country within the course of a few days' time.  full story

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Hungary: Ultra-right mayor proposes fence against migrants

6.2.2015 17:57, (ROMEA) The Hungarian border with Serbia needs a fence to keep out the growing number of refugees heading into the country. That is the opinion of László Toroczkai. mayor of the southern Hungarian village of Ásotthalom and a member of the radical Jobbik party.  full story

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Council of Europe: Discrimination of Jews, LGBT, Roma and other minorities rising in Hungary

Budapest, 22.12.2014 19:47, (ROMEA) Discrimination against Jews, LGBT people, the Roma and other minorities is increasing in Hungary. That is the finding of the latest report from the Council of Europe, the organization that supervises human rights protections in Europe.  full story

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Hungary: Vice-Chair of Parliament is former neo-Nazi leader

Budapest, 7.5.2014 15:44, (ROMEA) Hungarian MPs have approved the leadership of their newly-elected legislature, including a former neo-Nazi leader who is now the Vice-Chair of Parliament. Hungarian President János Áder has also called on Parliament to re-elect Viktor Orbán as Prime Minister.  full story

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Deutsche Bank study says Czech Úsvit the equivalent of Greek, Hungarian neo-Nazis

Berlin/Brussels/Prague, 2.5.2014 23:13, (ROMEA) News server Euractiv reports that a Deutsche Bank (DB) study published at the end of March says a wide variety of eurosceptic parties could hold as many as 204 of the European Parliament's 751 seats after the upcoming elections. Interestingly, its analysts include the left-wing Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia among the hardcore eurosceptics.  full story

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Hungary: Jobbik's right-wing extremists place third in parliamentary elections

7.4.2014 20:56, (ROMEA) The Hungarian parliamentary elections have been won as expected by the governing conservative Hungarian Civic Union (Fidesz) party. With almost 90 % of the ballots counted, the coalition of Christian Democrats and Fidesz should once again win the two-thirds majority required by the constitution.  full story


FXB Center, Harvard University: Violence and Attacks Against Roma Should Sound Alarms in the International Community

Boston/Cambridge, 5.2.2014 12:06, (ROMEA) Harvard University’s FXB Center for Health and Human Rights released a report documenting “Accelerating Patterns of Anti-Roma Violence in Hungary”. The report is intended to alert the United Nations and the international community to the persistent patterns of violent attacks and actions against the Roma (pejoratively called Gypsies).  full story

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World Jewish Congress: Anti-Semitism in Europe may grow as a result of crisis

Budapest, Hungary, 9.5.2013 17:17, (ROMEA) The World Jewish Congress (WJC) has warned that anti-Semitism may grow in Europe as a result of the aggravated economic crisis. A report released at the end of the WJC’s three-day general assembly in Budapest warns that politicians have a tendency to devote less attention than is necessary to this issue during economic difficulties.  full story

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Hungary: Ultra-right protests World Jewish Congress in Budapest

Budapest, Hungary, 6.5.2013 21:00, (ROMEA) Experts say Jewish people in Hungary are facing a rising anti-Semitism spreading from right-wing extremist groups to the core of society. Representatives of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) gave that as the reason they decided to hold their quadrennial meeting, which began yesterday, in Budapest.  full story

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Commentary: Hate is just around the corner in Europe

Uppsala, Sweden, 28.2.2013 22:15, (ROMEA) They say 2013 is the year when the euro crisis will resolve after hitting rock bottom and everything will start to get better. We hope so, but we can only say this about some parts of Europe. In Spain we have six million unemployed and in Greece there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  full story

Hungarian Government increases pensions for Holocaust victims

Hungary, 3.1.2013 16:57, (ROMEA) Agence France-Presse reports that as of 1 January the Hungarian Government has raised by 50 % the pensions it pays to the Jewish victims of crimes committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The wire service report points out that the opposition has frequently criticized the conservative cabinet of Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán in the past for his alleged indifference to antisemitism  full story

Spiegel: Rhetoric of the extreme right in Hungary has hit rock bottom

Budapest, Hungary, 3.12.2012 17:17, (ROMEA) Czech Radio has published a translation from German into Czech of an article published online by the German magazine Speigel about the ultra-right in Hungary. The magazine reports that Hungarian MP Márton Gyöngyösi of the extreme-right party "Movement for a Better Hungary" (Jobbik) declared last week in parliament that since citizens of Jewish origin pose a "security risk", a nationwide list of them should be compiled. "His statements prompted an enormous wave of indignation, but the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán distanced itself from the MP very slowly," Spiegel reports.  full story

Controversy over comments about Roma by Hungarian far-Right leader

Budapest, 25.2.2011 16:29, (ROMEA) Gábor Vona, chairman of the radical nationalist party Jobbik, has recently come under fire for comments made about Roma in Hungary.  full story

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