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October 18, 2021




Ukrainian Police investigating yet another neo-Nazi attack against Romani people in Ukraine (24 June 2018). (PHOTO:  Ukrainian National Police)
Ukrainian Police investigating yet another neo-Nazi attack against Romani people in Ukraine (24 June 2018). (PHOTO: Ukrainian National Police)

Ukrainian court remands two juveniles into custody for murderous pogrom against Roma, Canada and USA condemn the racist violence

26.6.2018 19:18 Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported today that a Ukrainian court has remanded two juveniles into custody on suspicion of participating in last weekend's attack on a Romani camp near Lviv. The murderous attack, which the media ascribe to a little-known neo-Nazi youth organization, sparked concern over the rise of racial violence in the country.
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Slovak Romani people travelling to visit relatives not allowed on planes in Warsaw, some have lost their life savings

30.3.2017 6:43

Several Romani women from the town of Levoča, Slovakia, who were attempting to visit relatives in Toronto, Canada were not allowed to board the planes for which they were ticketed at the airport in Warsaw for reasons that have yet to be ascertained and missed their flight. Canada had allegedly confirmed their eligbility to visit and given them all of the necessary documents for entry.

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Canada: Czechoslovak Roma express support for Romani celebrity and condemn Czech support for xenophobic band

3.12.2016 11:47 The Association of Czechoslovak Roma in Canada says it is not possbile for a xenophobic band to be part of Czech show business and receive public support from Czech celebrities. Romani emigrés living Canada have taken a stand in favor of the singer Radek Banga, who left in protest during the "Czech Nightingale" awards ceremony together with several other performers after the xenophobic music group Ortel won awards.  full story

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Czech Republic: Canadian education expert says only an inclusive school is a really good school

18.5.2016 10:25 "Good teachers who get enough support can achieve even better results with their pupils than special educators in special schools can," said Gordon Porter, a leading expert on inclusive education, during an event on 16 May at the Canadian Embassy in Prague. Porter was invited to the Czech Republic by Open Society Fund Prague to share his many years of experience with inclusion in Canada.
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Hungarian Roma activist, former member of European Parliament emigrates to Canada

Budapest, 4.2.2012 12:18, (MTI) Roma rights activist and Hungary’s former MEP Viktoria Mohacsi has left the country to settle in Canada, daily Nepszabadsag reported on Friday, citing unnamed sources close to the politician.  full story

Seven Olympic spectators seek Canadian asylum

Vancouver, 4.3.2010 10:15, (The Gazetta) Immigration officials say seven Olympic spectators have applied for refugee asylum in Canada.  full story

Czech Radio Roma programming editor seeking asylum in Canada

Prague, 4.6.2009 9:55, (ROMEA) Chief editor of Czech Radio's Roma programming Anna Poláková is seeking asylum in Canada together with her entire family. Czech Radio news director Hana Hikelová told ČTK today that "According to the material Anna Poláková provided me, her family has faced indiscriminate attacks recently."  full story

Czech govt council to discuss Romanies seeking asylum in Canada

Prague, 30.8.2008 20:19, (ROMEA) Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Dzamila Stehlikova wants to discuss the controversial issue of an growing number of Czech Romanies seeking asylum in Canada in the government council for Romany affairs, she said today.  full story

Czech Romanies shocked by PM's statements

Prague, 30.8.2008 15:52, (ROMEA) Ladislav Bily, Romany Regional Representatives Association executive secretary, today voiced concern about possible consequences of Czech elected officials' statements about the reasons of the growing number of Romany asylum seekers in Canada.  full story

From Europe to Canada: The Misery Continues for Roma

USA/Canada, 5.8.2008 11:07, (Toward Freedom) The Nazis did not kill them all, but racists in Eastern Europe and Italy are intent on making life miserable for those that are still around. I’m speaking about a people variously known as Rom, Roma, Romany, Sinti, and Gypsies. The slaughter of the Roma by the Nazis is poorly documented; figures from 200,000 to a million and a half have been cited, which may have amounted to as much as 80% of their population in Europe at the time. Their ongoing persecution has led to a burgeoning demand for refugee status in Canada.  full story

Number of Czech visa applicants in Canada slightly rising

Prague, 4.7.2008 18:04 The number of Czech asylum seekers in Canada has slightly risen over the past three months as the figures stood at the average 53 between last November and this March and in the subsequent three months at 60, Magdalena Firtova, Canadian embassy spokeswoman, told CTK today.  full story

Czech Romany influx to Canada raises fears of visa renewal

Ottawa/New York, 9.5.2008 1:33, (ROMEA/CTK) Canadian immigration authorities again face a large influx of Czech Romany asylum seekers, which raises apprehensions of visas being reimposed after less than a year, Embassy, Canadian magazine for foreign affairs, has written.  full story

Number of Czech Romany asylum seekers in Canada increases

Toronto, Canada, 19.3.2008 13:28, (ROMEA/CTK) Canada has registered an increase in the number of Czech Romanies applying for asylum since Ottawa lifted the visa requirements for Czechs five months ago, the Canadian daily Toronto Star writes today.  full story

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