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October 28, 2021




Emiliya Dancheva, a Romani journalist from Bulgaria. (PHOTO:  Personal archive of Emiliya Dancheva)
Emiliya Dancheva, a Romani journalist from Bulgaria. (PHOTO: Personal archive of Emiliya Dancheva)

Emiliya Dancheva: Can we trust the European Parliament if its members are deaf and blind to anti-Gypsyism in Bulgaria?

9.5.2018 6:55 One year ago, the leader of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party, Mr Boyko Borissov, became Prime Minister of Bulgaria for the third time since 2009, forming an unprecedented ruling coalition with nationalistic and xenophobic parties (VMRO, ATAKA and NFSB).  full story

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videoMichal Miko to the Czech Regional Development Minister: Live in a container yourself, then we will see what you think of it

21.4.2018 11:51 The proposal of the Czech Regional Development Minister to build 55 000 "container" units of housing has outraged various civic activists. Michal Miko, project coordinator for the Slovo 21, z.s. NGO, has taken an unequivocally negative stance on the issue: "The fact that the Government wants to adopt a law making it possible to build 'container' apartment units is unacceptable to me as a civic activist."  full story

Margareta Matache and Cornel West on the common struggle of African Americans and Roma against white normativity

26.2.2018 7:57 Margareta Matache, a Roma rights activist and scholar who directs the Roma Program at the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, and Cornel West, an American author and civil rights activist who is currently Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard, have co-authored an analysis for The Guardian newspaper in the UK on the commonalities between the struggles of African Americans and Romani people for equality. The piece notes that the history of African Americans and Romani people bear similarities with respect to the way "white policymakers" have employed similar tactics against members of both groups in order to maintain "white normativity, social power, and privilege".  full story

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Vojtěch Lavička: Czech elections 2017 are nothing but bad news for Romani people

23.10.2017 15:09 The elections to the Czech Chamber of Deputies are behind us and it is time to assess and review. As you certainly are well aware, ANO won the election, which is not a
surprise in and of itself.  full story

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Karel Holomek: Inclusion in education is the same as equality

24.4.2017 10:26 Mr Marek Přibil is doing his best to convince us, for the umpteenth time, that inclusion in education is the ruin of the Czech schools. He also alleges that what he describes as an absolutely untrustworthy failure has been produced by the Social Democrats.  full story

Killing Time: The Lethal Force of Anti-Roma Racism

Budapest, 27.7.2012 9:53, (ROMEA/OSI) In the aftermath of the gun attack on a Roma family in Slovakia on June 17 by an off-duty policeman which left three dead and two wounded, there followed a surge of online support for the gunman. According to Irena Bihariová, from People against Racism.: ‘“public discussions turned into mass glorification of the murderer and hateful responses towards the victims.” She warned of heightened inter-ethnic tension where public debate styled the assailant as a hero and the victims as the guilty parties.  full story

Anna Šabatová: Everyone in the Czech Republic should go to school together

Prague, 26.6.2012 19:44, (ROMEA) In Romano hangos no. 4 this past May, an article was published entitled "The 'special' schools: What the Strasbourg judgment has led us to" („Zvláštní“ školy: k čemu nás přivedl rozsudek ze Štrasburku) by Czech MP Milada Emmerová (Czech Social Democrats - ČSSD). This piece by MUDr. Emmerová not only displays real ignorance, it contains both naive reflections and dangerous prejudices. MUDr. Emmerová ignores the findings of international research and examples of good practice at the systemic level and at individual schools (including Czech ones) which have convincingly demonstrated for more than 10 years that education can be both inter-communal and very effective at the same time, and that the most successful systems are precisely those that delay dividing up the population by academic performance until the last possible moment, for example, after the age of 16. In her article, MUDr. Emmerová reproduces some of the ideological standpoints shared by members of the lay and professional public who are now stubbornly opposing measures to eliminate discrimination against Romani children in their access to education, openly playing the role of "yes-man" with respect to enrolling Romani children into the "practical" elementary schools.  full story

The Roma narrative of Romanian media: racism, antiracism and symbolic scapegoating

Romania, 25.6.2012 17:37, (ROMEA) As an ideological disclaimer against possible misinterpretations of this text, let me state first that I consider racism as being a real, old and new problem of European societies and hope that antiracism may become again a healthy and progressive idea within European politics; one of the conditions for that, though, is to block the current transformation of antiracist and community-centered discourse into political alibis and cultural diversion to help us looking away from real problems. In Central Europe, the social group most affected by this kind of image distortion is clearly the Roma population.  full story

Commentary: Extraordinary meeting on discrimination against women and social inclusion in Europe

Brussels, 2.4.2012 12:42, (ROMEA) On 22nd March 2012: the biggest, and most expensive EU event ever on discrimination against women, promoted as an ‘Extraordinary meeting on discrimination against women and social inclusion in Europe,’ takes place in Brussels. The meeting focuses on the national strategies and EU framework meant to address discrimination and exclusion faced by women.  full story

Josef Banom: When "patriots" sing the Czech national anthem, I go cold

Prague, 31.8.2011 4:34, (ROMEA) "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles", German soldiers sang as they invaded Poland on 1 September 1939. They were patriots singing their national anthem, and they weren't afraid to lay down their lives for their homeland. It didn't matter that others died as well - they weren't Germans, after all…  full story

Miroslav Kováč: Is the Czech state quietly preparing a civil war?

Litvínov - Janov, 27.8.2011 2:51, (ROMEA) Ever since it took office, the governing coalition has been sending clear signals to us citizens about what its real intentions are. Let's recall what one of the first steps was that the ministers took. The Transport Minister immediately halted all work on the roads. Excellent, there's no money - and then the money was suddenly found. How is that possible? You're probably wondering how. Did they reach an agreement? Did they also want some baksheesh? That's right, it was arbitration. That's what it took to remind them of their contractual obligations.  full story

Chad Evans Wyatt's commentary of violent hate mail, which received Museum of Roma Culture director

USA/CR, 28.8.2011 23:36, (ROMEA) PhDR Jana Horváthová, Direktor of the Muzeum romské kultury in Brno, recently received an execrable, hateful letter, here is one excerpt:  full story

Commentary by Josef Banom: I will not distance myself from something for which I am not responsible

Prague, 24.8.2011 20:44, (ROMEA) Two cases of attacks recently committed by Romani people against ethnic Czechs in Nový Bor and Rumburk have prompted anti-Roma, racist sentiment throughout the entire Czech Republic. Discussion forums, the media, and online social networks have outdone themselves in describing these situations, primarily never forgetting to emphasize that Romani people are responsible.  full story

Commentary: The warning of Nový Bor and Rumburk

Prague, 24.8.2011 0:12, (Jarmila Balážová) The attacks recently committed by Romani individuals in Nový Bor and then Rumburk are revealing several realities to us all which unfortunately were suspected long ago. Not only were these facts anticipated, but many experts, both non-Roma and Roma, have been trying to draw attention to them for a long time.  full story

Commentary: Three months that changed the Czech Roma world

Prague, 17.8.2011 22:53, (ROMEA) I have been following Romani issues for a very long time. I know how difficult it is for hard-working, respectable Romani people to find full-time employment. I know that even a college education does not raise Romani people's hopes of finding a job. I know that a large number of Romani people are now living on welfare who worked and led upstanding lives prior to 1989. I know they were the first people to be let go from their jobs. Nevertheless, I was surprised to see what a fundamental impact the first few months of 2011 have had on Romani people and on all our other fellow citizens who are existentially dependent on welfare.  full story

Commentary: Czech public will believe anything negative about Romani people

Prague, 15.7.2011 22:11, (ROMEA) Untrue reports have been spreading on the internet and elsewhere about various places where fantastic abuses of the social welfare system are being committed, including the myth of "special Romani pensions". Given the atmosphere in society, many people easily and gladly believe the widest possible variety of the tall tales told about the blindness of the state and money being made by Romani people driving expensive cars.  full story

Press release: Council of Europe - European media and anti-Gypsy stereotypes

Strasburg, 19.7.2011 13:45, (ROMEA) Anti-Gypsy stereotypes continue to be spread and perpetuated in a several media across Europe. The media has an important role to play in countering prejudices – but a number of journals and broadcast media have not lived up to their responsibility when it comes to Roma and Travellers. They have contributed to xenophobia through biased reporting and cheap sensationalism, says Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, in his latest Human Rights Comment published today. It is time to promote ethical journalism and codes of conduct to end the all-negative portrayal of Roma in the media.  full story

Commentary: Romani representatives lost the Czech Television debate

Prague, 11.6.2011 14:09, (ROMEA) Thursdays' performance by Messrs Tancoš and Štefan on Michaela Jílková's program "Máte Slovo" ("You Have the Floor") can be summed up in one sentence: They lost by a technical knockout. Why? A full 10 ten rounds would have just prolonged their suffering. Their side received a beating by the team of one businessman and a few politicians that was similar to the one Rocky Balboa delivers in the last two minutes of that film. I hope Honza Balog likes my boxer metaphor - now let's get to the core of the problem.  full story

Commentary: The Mayor of Uhelná, Czech Republic, is lying

Prague, 10.6.2011 12:38, (ROMEA) The director of the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion, Martin Šimáček, has sharply objected to statements made by Ludvík Juřík, Mayor of Uhelná, which were published by news server in the context of its reporting on a dispute over the creation of a social counseling center there. News server publishes his reaction below in full:  full story

Czech Green Party chair says Education Minister is perpetuating segregation

Prague, 7.6.2011 14:30, (Právo) Education Minister Dobeš's words are belied by his actions. Yesterday in this paper he responded to the increasing criticism of his inaction in the area of including disadvantaged children, Roma children in particular, into mainstream schools. He is trying to prove that it is he who is finally taking "clear, concrete steps" for the inclusion of these children. However, he has hoisted himself by his own petard by making claims that are demonstrably indefensible.  full story

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