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December 13, 2019
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The archaeological survey at Lety u Písku on 10 September 2019. (PHOTO:  Tereza Heková,
The archaeological survey at Lety u Písku on 10 September 2019. (PHOTO: Tereza Heková,

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Commentary: The thorny path of Romani emancipation from Czechoslovakia to today's Czech Republic

2.11.2018 12:43 It has been 50 years since I first encountered the call for Romani emancipation. I was in Paris when the "fraternal" Warsaw Pact armies occupied Czechoslovakia in 1968, and after arriving back home by train to Prague's Smíchov station, I went into the restaurant there.  full story

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Researcher seeks US veterans and others with information about Romani WWII veteran from Czechoslovakia

22.2.2017 14:19 It all began with an interview filmed by Czech Radio during a panel discussion on Roma Genocide Remembrance Day last summer. One participant, a Romani woman, was there to speak about her family and their fate during the Second World War, and she recalled her uncle, Imrich Horváth, telling her how he fought for the freedom of his homeland, first in the ranks of the Soviet Army (for example, during the Battle of the Dukla Pass) and then how, as a scout, he made it across the front lines to the US Army.  full story

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UN Committee tells Czech Republic: Compensate victims of forced sterilization and punish those responsible

11.3.2016 17:49 For the purpose of improving the position of women in the Czech Republic, the UN Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) issued its Concluding Observations to the Czech Republic on 7 March, based on the Czech Government's Sixth Periodic Report to the Committee on upholding the UN Convention on Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination against Women. A delegation from the Czech Republic defended that report before the Committee in Geneva on 23 February.  full story

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Fedor Gál: Czech President should not go to Moscow

21.3.2015 20:06, (ROMEA) In an interview for the Czech News Agency, Slovak sociologist and former dissident Fedor Gál, who celebrated his 70th birthday yesterday, said that nostalgic recollections of the communist era 25 years after the fall of the regime are incomprehensible to him. The founding member of the "Public against Violence" movement said he also does not understand why people hate the politicians them themselves elect.  full story

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Czech exhibition maps little-known history of those who survived Nazi concentration camps

Prague, 27.2.2015 0:06, (ROMEA) A new exhibition at the Jewish Museum in Prague shows postwar Czechoslovakia as a crossroads for thousands of homeless Jewish people who fled pogroms after the end of the Second World War or headed to Palestine and the West. The exhibition opened today at the Robert Guttman Gallery on U Staré školy Street in Prague and will be there until 23 August 2015.  full story

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German court bans counter-intelligence from following ultra-left MP

Berlin, 11.9.2014 1:44, (ROMEA) German weekly Der Spiegel reports that the German Administrative Court has banned the country's counter-intelligence forces from following ultra-left politician Gregor Gysi. All of the information collected on him to date must be destroyed.  full story

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Czech Republic: Death of Milada Horáková commemorated

Prague, 26.6.2014 22:59, (ROMEA) People are gathering at several locations in Prague today to commemorate the judicial murder of Czechoslovak politician Milada Horáková. She was executed 64 years ago on 27 June.  full story

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