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July 21, 2019
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The 2019 unrest in Chemodanovka, Penza Oblast, Russia. (PHOTO:  Telekanal 360)
The 2019 unrest in Chemodanovka, Penza Oblast, Russia. (PHOTO: Telekanal 360)

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videoAnonymous eyewitness describes Romani man falling silent after punch to head

24.10.2016 7:17 According to an anonymous eyewitness who filmed the course of the incident in the pizzeria in Žatec on 18 October, one of the customers involved in assaulting the young Romani man who died there punched him in the head as he was prone, after which the victim stopped moaning. The eyewitness also claims that after the ambulance took the deceased away, the restaurant continued to do business and the customers present kept drinking.  full story

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Greece: Roma block traffic to resist eviction

Athens, Greece, 3.10.2014 0:23, (ROMEA) Press TV, Iran's English-language news agency, reported yesterday that Stelios Kalamiotis, the leader of an encampment of Romani people in the Greek capital of Athens, said his community had temporarily blocked an eviction and relocation order issued against them by the government. The community set up road blocks on Tuesday, 30 September for 12 hours, keeping police forces away from their dwellings.  full story

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Ukrainian soldiers wearing helmets with Nazi symbols

Ukraine, 20.9.2014 17:36, (ROMEA) The German television station ZDF has broadcast footage showing members of the Ukrainian Army with Nazi symbols on their helmets such as a swastika and the symbol of Hitler's special SS units. News server cited NBC News as reporting that ZDF broadcast the footage as part of its reporting on the situation in Ukraine earlier this month.  full story

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Czech Republic: Defense and prosecution appeal Strýčkovice verdict

Domažlice, 2.5.2014 20:10, (ROMEA) Ladislav Matuš and his nephew David Matuš of Strýčkovice (Domažlice district) were given prison sentences on 25 April for assaulting their neighbor, Jiří Sýkora. David Matuš was sentenced to 10 months behind bars and Ladislav Matuš to two years.  full story

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Czech media again fail to report the full story of an alleged interethnic conflict

Strýčkovice, 26.3.2014 19:03, (ROMEA) The Czech daily Právo and several online tabloids have been reporting that the 100-plus inhabitants of the village of Strýčkovice (Domažlice district) are currently being terrorized by a Romani clan whose members are assaulting them. Czech MP Tomio Okamura, the chair of the "Dawn of Direct Democracy" (Úsvit) movement, has published a piece about it on his blog called "No to a Czech Romanistan!"  full story

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Commentary: For whom is the bell tolling in Ukraine?

Prague, 25.3.2014 23:05, (ROMEA) This article was written for the print edition of Romani vod'i magazine at the start of March.  full story

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Analysis: What the Czech media ignore about Ukraine

Prague, 24.3.2014 19:19, (Romano Voďi) This article was written for the print edition of Romano vod'i magazine at the start of March.  full story

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