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September 20, 2021




Rankovce, Slovakia - a project for self-help construction of houses. (2019) (PHOTO:  TASR/František Iván)
Rankovce, Slovakia - a project for self-help construction of houses. (2019) (PHOTO: TASR/František Iván)

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Slovakia: Romani women protest discrimination in maternity hospital with a petition

6.5.2017 19:28 In Prešov, Slovakia, Romani mothers are grappling with being discriminated against by health care staff in the obstetrics and gynecological department of a particular hospital. Romani women do not receive the same health care as Slovak women, are separated from other expectant mothers in the ward, are insulted by staff and other patients, and are not informed enough about the state of their health and the procedures of the hospital facility.  full story

Slovak appeals court tells first-instance court to revise its verdict on police abuse of Romani boys from Košice

2.5.2016 8:48 The shameful scandal of the police abuse of Romani juveniles living at the Luník IX housing estate in the town of Košice has been dragging through the courts since March 2009. According to a report published by news server on 29 April, the Regional Appeals Court has now overturned the first-instance court verdict in the case of police officers charged with being accomplices to felony abuse of the powers of a public official and other crimes.  full story

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Slovak court rules forcibly sterilized Romani woman to receive compensation, hospital appeals

27.4.2016 13:37 The Košice II District Court has decided that the Pasteur University Hospital violated the rights of a Roman woman whom they sterilized without securing her informed consent. The court first instructed the hospital to apologize and, in a second verdict dated 19 February, awarded the woman the right to financial compensation in the full amount requested of almost EUR 17 000.  full story

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