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August 15, 2020




New UNICEF report condemns German policy of deporting Roma children

Berlin, 15.7.2010 23:26, (DW World) UNICEF presented a shocking new report on Thursday, detailing the situation of some 12,000 Romany people, including many children, living in Germany under threat of deportation to Kosovo.  full story

Dreaming of a better and safer future

Kosovo, 15.7.2010 23:02, (UNICEF) Cerkin and Aferdita are two of the 100 children engaged in the extra-curricular activities provided by the Roma Educational and Cultural Centre in Roma Camp Osterode in the Municipality of Mitrovica. It is summer break and the schools are closed, but in Osterode the programme does not stop: children continue coming to the centre on a daily basis and being actively and enthusiastically engaged in a variety of out of school activities such as singing, sports, folklore dancing, games, arts, preschool activities and homework support. As we arrive in the Centre we are immediately welcomed by the sound of children’s singing joyfully echoing around the camp. The older kids, those who are in school age, are dancing in a circle and singing about love, tolerance and respect; Aferdita and Cerkin are in the middle and full of joy they sing in unison with their fellow classmates.  full story

UK Association of Gypsy Women concerns with the European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) in Kosovo

Kosovo, 4.3.2010 23:05, (ROMA VIRTUAL NETWORK ) The UK Association of Gypsy Women have registered grave concerns with the European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) in Kosovo, on the disgraceful and degrading treatment metered out by the Kosovo Police in an incident on the 5th February where reportedly, batons were used in a brutal and cowardly attack on a small group of Roma people, beating elderly and young men, women and children with batons also calling for reinforcements, simply because the people voiced their protest against officials moving desperately needed aid.  full story

Slow progress on rights in Kosovo

Pristina, 1.3.2010 23:01, ( A lack of consensus among the EU's member states about Kosovo's status is hindering progress in the justice system.  full story

Kosovo’s Lead Camps to be Closed

Pristina, 1.3.2010 22:59, ( The European Commission and Kosovo’s government have launched a €5 million project to close the lead-contaminated Cesmin Lug and Osterode refugee camps for Roma ‘as soon as possible’.  full story

Call of UKAGW for immediate evacuation and re-settlement of the Roma community residing on lead contaminated camps in Kosovo

London, 5.2.2010 21:43, (UKAGW) The UK Association of Gypsy Women (UKAGW) has embarked on a campaign that will call on the UN for immediate evacuation and re-settlement of the Roma community residing on lead contaminated camps in Kosovo. We are appealing for the support of Romany/Roma/Traveller NGO’s, individuals and all human rights organisations that will use their influence to lobby European and US Governments, not least Antonio Guterres UN High Commission for Refugees and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon regarding the plight of the Roma community residing on the Osterode and Cesmin-Lug refugee camps in Northern Kosovo.  full story

OSCE warns of child trafficking in Kosovo

Pristina, 9.8.2008 10:04, (B92) The OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the Terre des Hommes NGO are conducting a campaign against child trafficking.  full story

Death camps for Roma in Kosovo

Mitrovica, Kosovo, 13.7.2008 15:50, (ROMEA) After obtaining information from different sources about the way in which the Roma community live in the northern part of Mitrovicë/Mitrovica and after the suspicions that members of this community live in an environment with considerably high toxic components, the Ombudsperson Institution has initiated ex-officio investigations.  full story

Kosovo Constitution: Romano Them regrets lack of improvements for Roma community

Kosovo, 14.4.2008 18:03, (Roma Network/ROMEA) The Kosovo constitution, which was adopted by the Kosovo Parliament last week, does not take into account the concerns which were put forward by a coalition of Roma NGOs, Romano Them claims. According to the independent internet platform, this concerns in particular the issue of political representation and access to public employment as well as language rights.  full story

First visit to Roms on Kosovo

Kosovo, 17.3.2008 13:24, (Roma Network) After requests from great number of Roms from Kosovo, from many towns and settlements, Jovan Damjanovic, deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia and vice-president of World Roma Parliament, with fellow workers and members of the Serbian Radical Party, Commissar for medias in World Roma Organization Dragoljub Ackovic and vice-president of Romany Federation Serbia Estref Ramadanovic, visited on 11th March Romany settlements in Kosovska Mitrovica, Gracanica, Caglavica and Preoci.  full story

OSCE mission supports project to help Kosovo's Roma returnees

Kosovo, 17.3.2008 11:26, (OSCE) A room turned into an Internet cafe with a few computers and tables for cards and dominoes is where the Roma returnees in Avdullah Presheva neighbourhood in Gjilan/Gnjilane, Kosovo, hang out.  full story

Roma Urge Inclusion In Kosovo

Kosovo, 6.3.2008 12:20, (ROMEA/Roma Virtual Network ) In a letter sent to the Constitutional Commission and representatives of the international civilian administration in Kosovo, Roma NGOs ask for substantial improvements of the draft constitution which has been prepared by the Constitutional Commission on the basis of the provisions included in the proposal of the UN Special Envoy, Martti Ahtisaari, for the Kosovo status settlements and is currently under discussion.  full story

Repatriations Plans: Romano Them calls for the respect of Human Rights

Kosovo, 26.2.2008 10:24, (Roma Network/ROMEA) In a document published today, Romano Them warns about plans to forcibly repatriate Roma and other so-called vulnerable groups to Kosovo after independence. Romano Them refers to the adoption by the Kosovo government in October 2007 of two policy documents, the Readmission Policy and the Strategy for the Reintegration of Repatriated Persons, which lay down the groundwork for the readmission of a large group of forced returnees after UNMIK's departure.  full story

Aiming for better access to education for Kosovo's minorities

Kosovo, 9.2.2008 20:27, (OSCE) While the majority Albanian population grumbles about the quality of education in Kosovo, minority groups struggle with additional difficulties, from a lack of curricula and relevant textbooks to no access to education at all in their language.  full story

EU Summit declaration includes one line on Roma!

Brussels, 15.12.2007 13:52, (EUOBSERVER) After a ceremonial signing of the new Lisbon treaty, EU leaders are meeting for an unusually short end-of-the-year summit, set to be dominated by talks on Kosovo, globalisation and a brand new 'visionary' body to study Europe's future challenges.  full story

Roma refugees return to roots

Mitrovica, 18.11.2007 16:13, (Al Jazeera) Tanja Mustafa and her family have returned to the Roma Mahala district in southern Mitrovica eight years after they were forced to flee during the Kosovo war.  full story

Roma to be part of the Kosovo status negotiations

Kosovo/Strasbourgh, 1.8.2007 14:25, (ERTF) In a letter to the representatives of the International Contact Group the President of the European Roma and Travellers Forum, Mr. Rudko Kawczynski, reiterated his demand for the inclusion of the Kosovo Roma in the status negotiations process. According to Mr. Kawczynski, the new negotiations are chance for a truly inclusive process taking into account the rights and the interests of all Kosovo people.  full story

IDPs from Kosovo still awaiting durable solutions

Kosovo, 9.3.2007 12:14, (ERIO) As the Balkans anxiously await delayed UN recommendations on the final status of the Serbian province of Kosovo, displaced persons from Kosovo remain torn between uncertain return prospects and denial of local integration.  full story

TRANSITIONS ONLINE: Kosovo's Roma: Two-Faced

MITROVICA, Kosovo, 28.2.2007 11:23, (TOL) On a dusty back street in Mitrovica, Ramic pulls his van to the side of the road. He gets out and fishes the screwdriver from his right pocket. Then he slides off the license plates with their Kosovo registration tags, throws them inside and climbs back in.  full story

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