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January 29, 2020
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This collage of images of the
This collage of images of the "People's Party Our Slovakia" leader Marián Kotleba shows him wearing something very similar to the WWII-era uniform of the Hlinka Guard, the militia maintained by the Slovak People's Party in the period from 1938 to 1945, when Slovakia was a client state of Nazi Germany. (Collage:

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Students in Slovak town object to protest seeking to exploit still-unclarified tragedy

1.11.2018 10:42 Members of the "People's Party Our Slovakia" (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko), a neo-Nazi party led by the ultra-nationalist Marian Kotleba, convened a recent protest in the town of Tisovec called "Tisovec against Roma". The pretext for the protest is the alleged killing of a disabled pensioner by three Romani youths, two of whom are minors.  full story

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Slovakia: Chair of neo-Nazi party indicted for using Nazi symbols on checks

14.8.2018 6:05 Marian Kotleba, chair of the extremist, neo-Nazi, right-wing "People's Party Our Slovakia" (Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko - LSNS) is under indictment. Last year he gave checks bearing neo-Nazi symbols to three families in Banská Bystrica.  full story

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Slovak fascist party has a problem: A second MP charged with insulting Romani people, court could disband it

4.5.2017 10:28 The Slovak Police have charged a second MP from the fascist Kotleba-People's Party Our Slovakia (Lidová strana Naše Slovensko - LSNS) for making xenophobic remarks. After first accusing Slovak MP Stanislav Mizík on Thursday, 27 April, detectives also charged his colleague Milan Mazurek the next day.  full story

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Slovak President vetoes law to end runoff voting for Regional Governors

6.3.2017 8:36 Slovak President Andrej Kiska has vetoed a law on abolishing runoff elections for the Governors of Regional Administrations. The press department of the Office of the Slovak President informed the Czech News Agency of the veto on 24 February.  full story

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Neo-Nazi parties say the EU is evil while drawing money from it - some MEPs want to change that

20.2.2017 7:19 Czech Radio reports that a group of MEPs is saying that neo-Nazi, ultra-right parties will probably lose millions in EU money soon. If the parties actually do not receive the funding, it will be the first time the European Parliament (EP) has ever rejected a grant for a party represented in the legislature.  full story

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Slovakia: Criminal charges filed against play about neo-Nazi arson attack in Czech Republic

18.2.2017 7:58 The Slovak National Theater (SND) has produced a play for students about the 2009 arson attack committed in Vítkov, Opava district, Czech Republic as an example of extremism, but after seeing the performance at a high school this month, its critics have reported it to the police for the suspected crime of defamation on the basis of nationality, political convictions or race. SND has responded by saying those who reported the play to police are attempting to intimidate teachers into not inviting the theater to schools.  full story

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Slovak Parliament bans ultra-right party's "train patrols"

28.10.2016 15:26 News server reports that the Slovak Parliament has approved an amendment to the law on the railways which means that as of February 2017 the only persons empowered to supervise public order on trains and at train stations are the Slovak Police and persons designated as security by a particular rail carrier. The law is a response to patrols by the nationalist "People's Party Our Slovakia" (LSNS), chaired by Marián Kotleba, who have been "patrolling" trains in the country whenever they like since April.  full story

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Slovak rail system issues new rules to prevent ultra-right party from abusing it for propaganda purposes

1.9.2016 7:28 The Czech daily Právo reports that the Railway Company of Slovakia has decided to prevent patrols run by the nationalist People's Party (LSNS) of Marian Kotleba from monitoring the wagons under its control. New transport regulations now ban the performance of political agitation in Slovak Rail wagons.  full story

Czech President calls DSSS party neo-Nazis, they say he parrots them on issue of migrants

23.6.2016 7:00 Speaking at the commemorative ceremony marking the anniversary of the obliteration of the village of Lidice during the Second World War, Czech President Miloš Zeman
warned against neo-Nazism, saying that it is inconspicuously beginning to threaten Czech society. His remarks on 11 June marked the 74th anniversary of the annihilation of the village by Nazi soldiers and specifically mentioned the members of the Workers Social Justice Party (DSSS) in the Czech Republic and the ultra-right party led by Marian Kotleba in Slovakia, calling them both neo-Nazis.  full story

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Slovakia: Neo-Fascist party being investigated by Prosecutor-General, could be banned

1.5.2016 19:32 The Slovak ultra-right party called "Kotleba-Lidová strana Naše Slovensko" (Kotleba-People's Party Our Slovakia or K-LSNS), which was responsible for the biggest surprise result in the country's recent Parliamentary elections, is now facing a possible ban. The Prosecutor-General has begun to investigate its activity after being called upon to do so by the Human Rights Institute, which filed a motion for the party, which now holds 11 seats in the legislature, to be dissolved.  full story

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videoVideo footage shows recently-elected Slovak MP attacking Arab family including children last year

14.3.2016 18:41 Milan Mazurek (age 22) is a violent racist who will be seated in the Slovak Parliament on behalf of Marian Kotleba's fascist party, the People's Party Our Slovakia (Lidová strana Naše Slovensko - LSNS), as was documented last year when he vulgarly shouted at an Arab family with children who were being protected by police officers when extremists began throwing rocks at them during an anti-immigrant demonstration in Bratislava. Mazurek will be seated instead of the originally-elected LSNS candidate, who has had to give up his Parliamentary seat because he is being prosecuted for having assaulted a dark-skinned foreign national in 2014.  full story

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Slovakia: Number of extremist crimes drops

Bratislava, Slovakia, 25.3.2015 18:55, (ROMEA) The number of crimes connected with extremism and racial motivation has fallen in Slovakia in recent years. The Slovak Interior Ministry announced these findings on 20 March.  full story

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