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September 29, 2022



Kumar Vishwanathan

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ROMACT press release: Roma partnership is crucial to successful inclusion

29.9.2017 7:45 The ROMACT program in the Czech Republic has issued the following press release:  full story

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Czech Republic: NGO disagrees with court that principal discriminated against Romani preschoolers

11.3.2017 10:45 The Life Together (Vzájemné soužití) organization has issued a statement of support for the principal of the Pěší Primary School in Ostrava-Muglinova which, according to a judgment by the District Court in Ostrava, discriminated against two Romani preschoolers when it refused to enroll them into first grade in 2014. The organization disagrees with the court that principal Kamil Krahula behaved in a discriminatory fashion when making that decision.  full story

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Czech PM Sobotka does not want more homelessness, demands law be changed

17.6.2015 0:03 "I am of the opinion that it is essential for the Labor Minister to respond by drafting another amendment to the law where we establish clear rules to prevent people from ending up on the street en masse who are not entitled to any state support," said Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka after yesterday's cabinet session. His remarks were made in response to the situation prompted by a recently-adopted amendment to the law on aid to those in material distress which means that as of May, applications for housing benefits filed by people living in residential hotels are approved by local authorities, not the state's Labor Offices.  full story

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Human rights activist: The Czech state is holding impoverished people hostage, the ombud will do what she can

15.6.2015 23:13 Local councils across the Czech Republic have begun taking advantage of an amendment to the law on aid to those in material distress that has shifted the power to decide on the awarding of housing benefits from local branches of the state's Labor Offices to municipalities. This is the result of declared efforts to combat residential hotels that are not up to code and the "traffickers in poverty" who run them, but in many towns this has instead become a fight against the impoverished people who are living in these facilities  full story

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Czech NGO wants to buy buildings from which Romani tenants were evicted

Ostrava, 2.8.2014 2:07, (ROMEA) The Life Together (Vzájemné soužití) NGO, led by Kumar Vishwanathan, wants to buy buildings on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava which are now going up for auction. News server reports that the NGO's aim is to make it possible for the Romani tenants who were evicted from the properties to return to their homes.  full story

Czech Republic: Non-Roma and Roma from Ostrava express solidarity but will not go to Vítkov tomorrow

Ostrava, 2.8.2013 23:57, (ROMEA) A group of non-Roma and Roma from Ostrava has issued a press release expressing their solidarity with the Romani community in Vítkov and their support for coexistence there, but have decided not to attend the protest events against the neo-Nazis that are scheduled to take place there tomorrow (Saturday 3 August). "We want to prevent conflicts and incidents. We will not play the radicals' game, and therefore we will not participate in their actions in Vítkov," the press release reads. News server publishes it in full translation below.  full story

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videoArtist exhibits designs for new Czech-Roma flag

Prague, 16.7.2013 23:52, (ROMEA) The latest exhibition at the Artwall Gallery in Prague presents seven designs for a new Czech-Roma flag created by Slovak artist Tomáš Rafa. The project, entitled "Selection Procedure for Czech-Roma Flag" ("Výběrové řízení na česko-romskou vlajku") critically responds to the current situation in which Romani people are not considered Czechs by the majority society and find themselves in forced isolation.  full story

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Czech Republic: Families on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava prepare to leave

Ostrava, 5.7.2013 18:58, (ROMEA) The last families living in the sole occupied building in the ghetto on Přednádraží Street in Ostrava, number 8, are preparing to move out. They have given up on their year-long fight to preserve the locality.  full story

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Czech court says landlord was not obligated to evacuate Přednádraží properties

Ostrava, 26.4.2013 19:31, (ROMEA) News server reports that the Regional Court in Ostrava has ruled that the Building Works Authority of a central Ostrava district was not justified in instructing the owner of the buildings in the ghetto on Přednádraží Street, Oldřich Roztočil, to evacuate them. Roztočil does not have to pay a CZK 30 000 fine levied by the authorities for not evacuating the properties. He is now drawing up new leases for his displaced tenants, who are Romani.  full story

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AI: The President’s visit to Ostrava should send a strong signal against discrimination of Roma

Ostrava, 15.3.2013 17:03, (ROMEA) The new President of the Czech Republic is visiting the city of Ostrava today. In Ostrava and the Czech Republic at large, Roma are experiencing widespread discrimination in access to adequate housing, education, healthcare and protection from violence and harassment.  full story

One of the residential hotels in Ostrava on Cihelná street (2013). (Photo:  František Kostlán)

Czech Republic: Trafficking in poverty on the rise, landlords cashing in

Most, Ostrava, 8.3.2013 0:24, (ROMEA) The number of people living in residential hotels in the Czech town of Ostrava is rising sharply. News server reports that the owners of these facilities are making such good money that CZK 172 million in housing supplements flowed to Ostrava last year alone, double the amount previously allocated  full story

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