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November 26, 2020



Ladislav Bátora

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Ladislav Bátora resigns from Czech Education Ministry

Praha, 14.10.2011 17:16, (ROMEA) Controversial Czech Education Ministry bureaucrat Ladislav Bátora has resigned from his position as deputy executive director of the minister´s cabinet. He told the press today that he will be leaving the ministry completely.  full story

Czech Govt delegation faces protest in Israel over EdMin appointee Bátora

Jeruzalém, 15.9.2011 23:16, (ROMEA) On Thursday 15 September, Czech PM Petr Nečas honored the memory of six million Holocaust victims during a visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jersualem. However, on the way to the memorial, both he and Czech Education Minister Josef Dobeš had to walk by a small group of demonstrators protesting against the Czech Education Ministry's hiring of controversial bureaucrat Ladislav Bátora.  full story

Czech Education Minister removing Bátora from his post but keeping him at the ministry

Prague, 29.8.2011 22:23, (ROMEA) News server Aktuálně.cz has reported that Czech Education Minister Josef Dobeš (Public Affairs - VV) has agreed at a meeting held this evening with Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, the TOP 09 party chair, that Dobeš will remove his protégé Ladislav Bátora from his position as human resources director as of 1 September. However, Bátora will be permitted to remain at the ministry.  full story

TOP 09: Either Bátora resigns or we leave the government

Prague, 22.8.2011 23:16, (ROMEA) The dispute in the Czech Government over Ladislav Bátora, who is head of the D.O.S.T. movement and director of human resources at the Czech Education Ministry, is starting to endanger the cabinet and is growing into a serious crisis. According to Czech Foreign Minister and TOP 09 party chair Karel Schwarzenberg, the question of Bátora's resignation from the ministry is so essential that TOP 09 will leave the government altogether unless he steps down. Fellow party members of Czech Education Minister Josef Dobeš (Public Affairs - VV) also say they want to lean on him. František Dobšík, head of a union of educational workers, has also taken a stance against Bátora's engagement at the ministry.  full story

TOP 09 head: Bátora at EdMin like pedophile running a school

Prague, 21.8.2011 2:53, (ROMEA) According to Czech Foreign Minister and chair of TOP 09 Karel Schwarzenberg, Ladislav Bátora does not belong in his current position as head of human resources at the Czech Education Ministry. According to Schwarzenberg, Bátora's opinions go far beyond any attitudes considered normal in a democracy.  full story

Dobeš distances himself from Bátora, TOP 09 not appeased

Prague, 19.8.2011 17:54, (ROMEA) Czech Education Minister Josef Dobeš (Public Affairs - VV) has publicly distanced himself from statements made by his subordinate, Ladislava Bátora, about Czech Foreign Minister and TOP 09 chair Karel Schwarzenberg. In a statement to the Czech Press Agency, Dobeš said he had rebuked Bátora, the head of human resources at the ministry, for his behavior and given him instructions regarding his public appearances. If Bátora does not follow those instructions, or should Dobeš discover any other displays of political extremism on his part, he will take "action in the personnel area." TOP 09 said the minister's actions are not enough. The party continues to demand Bátora's removal from office.  full story

Bátora called one of the 20th century's most anti-Semitic Czech books "brilliant"

Prague, 26.7.2011 15:56, (ROMEA) Ladislav Bátora, the controversial Czech Education Ministry appointee slated to become director of human resources at the ministry, published an evaluation of the work of Rudolf Vrba in a collection called "Czech Review - My Nation and My Homeland" ("Česká revue - Můj národ a má vlast"). In his essay, Bátora called Vrba's "Zkáza Slovanů" ("The Adulteration of the Slavs") a "brilliant" work.  full story

Czech NGO calls for removal of Czech Education Minister

Prague, 25.7.2011 15:07, (ROMEA) Last week the Tolerance and Civil Society civic association (Tolerance a občanská společnost) called on Czech PM Petr Nečas to remove Czech Education Minister Josef Dobeš from office over his appointment of Ladislav Bátora as head of human resources at the ministry. "Mr Prime Minister, remove Education Minister Dobeš. He has already lost credibility and his remaining in office casts a shadow over the entire ministry. Two problems would be immediately solved by his removal. You would be cleansing the ministry of the anti-Semitism and fascism that has left such a bad taste in everyone's mouths, and most of all you would be making it clear to society that it is unacceptable, as some have done, to compare Ladislav Bátora to Leopold Hilsner, the homeless Jewish man who was sentenced to life in prison on the basis of a false accusation of having committed ritual murder," reads the open letter sent by the association. News server publishes it in full below.  full story

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