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July 23, 2019
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Le Pen Marine

French nationalist right-wing politician Marine Le Pen (left), chair of the Czech Republic's
French nationalist right-wing politician Marine Le Pen (left), chair of the Czech Republic's "Freedom and Direct Democracy" movement, Tomio Okamura (center), and the chair of the Dutch Freedom Party, Geert Wilders (right) at the "Europe of Nations and Freedom" conference in Prague, Czech Republic, 16 December 2017.

France: Le Pen and Co. continue to embezzle EU taxpayer money

6.7.2018 15:56 The European Parliament (EP) is demanding that French nationalist MEPs return even more money which, according to the EP, has been spent incorrectly. After first discovering expenditures for non-existent assistants, the EP's financial audit has now pointed to expenditures for costly parties featuring champagne fountains, for example. Agence France-Presse reports that the "National Gathering" (or Rassemblement National, the new name of the former Front National) led by Marine Le Pen owes more than half a million euro to the EP.

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Czech MP to host ultra-right leaders from all over Europe, protests anticipated

14.12.2017 16:34 In Prague on Saturday, 16 December a conference will be held of parties from around Europe that are anti-EU, anti-immigrant and ultra-right and are associated in the "Europe of Nations and Freedom" (ENF) group at the European Parliament (EP). Czech MP Tomio Okamura, whose "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) movement is a member of the ENF, will make an appearance at the conference, as will the chair of the ENF, MEP Marine Le Pen of France's Front National, along with the Dutch MP Geert Wilders.

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video Marine Le Pen visits former Czech President, activists confront her in Prague

8.5.2015 11:38 Activists from the Young Greens (Mladí zelení) organization in the Czech Republic protested on 6 May at a conference called "Peace and Prosperity in Europe After the European Union" against the appearance of French politician Marine Le Pen in the Czech Parliament. The chair of France's Front National (FN) arrived in Prague on Tuesday and attended the conference, which was organized by the Civic Conservative Party (Občanská konzervativní strana - OKS).  full story

Marine Le Pen (PHOTO: Marie-Lan Nguyen, Wikimedia Commons)

France: FN chair distances herself from her father's remarks

Paris, 11.6.2014 20:43, (ROMEA) Marine Le Pen, the head of the nationalist Front National (FN) in France, has taken down a video channel on the party's website in which her father, FN honorary chair Jean-Marie Le Pen, has been regularly commenting on current events. The decision came after Mr Le Pen outraged the public with yet another obviously anti-Semitic remark on Friday.  full story

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France: Ultra-right candidate removed over neo-Nazi tattoos

Châteauroux, France, 14.2.2014 20:13, (ROMEA) France's ultra-right National Front (FN) party has removed a candidate from its list for the local elections in March because of his neo-Nazi tattoos. A party representative made the announcement today in the central French town of Châteauroux.  full story

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