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October 18, 2018
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Michaela Jílková, the
Michaela Jílková, the "moderator" for the Czech Television program "You Have the Floor" (Máte slovo). News server has long boycotted the program because it is designed to incite aggression among viewers by featuring overwrought discussions that escalate inter-ethnic and other tensions in Czech society. (Collage:

ROMEA declines invitation to Czech Television's debate program on Czech President's remarks because of its sensationalism

11.10.2018 6:11 Czech Television is planning to address the recent insulting remarks made by Czech President Miloš Zeman about Romani people on next week's episode of its debate program called "You Have the Floor" (Máte slovo), moderated by Michaela Jílková. In his recent remarks, the President alleged that 90 % of Romani people in the country do not work for a living.  full story

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International journalism conference: Media consumers today are more like sports fans

5.10.2018 8:25 The modern hall of the library at the University of Warsaw is full; approximately 150 journalists from 28 countries are sitting here and their debate confirms that many of the problems both journalism and society are currently undergoing are similar whether one is the eastern or the western parts of Europe. The only Czech participant there is the Hlídací ("Watchdog") media outlet, a partner of the conference put together by the German organization "N-ost".  full story

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videoNorway: Romani online television channel "Nevimos Norvego" to collaborate with ROMEA TV

27.2.2018 7:08 In Norway the first Romani online television programming began at the end of January of this year with an online channel called Nevimos Norvego, and the Czech Republic's ROMEA TV online program, which was created in 2002 as the first Romani online television channel, will soon contribute to Nevimos Norvego's broadcasts. The Norwegian producers will publish articles, photos of events, and brief video reports on a daily basis and will broadcast longer video programs once a month focused on subjects connected with the Romani community in Norway.  full story

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Czech Republic: Unique "Memory of the Roma" project keeps historical memory alive through video

7.2.2018 7:33 Over a cup of coffee in her apartment in Rokycany, Czech Republic, 67-year-old Květa Tůmová Tomášová recalls the stories of her family, whose roots are in the Šariš region of eastern Slovakia. She talks about labor camps, partisans, the Second World War, the postwar migration to the Czech Republic, her childhood in Rokycany, and the classroom where she and her brother Mírák were the only Romani children.  full story

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International media: Anti-immigration, hateful, xenophobic parties from around Europe want to exploit Czech SPD's success

17.12.2017 8:31 Agence France-Presse (AFP), the Associated Press (AP), Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) and the French daily Le Monde have all reported that the choice of Prague as the location for the conference yesterday of parties seated in the European Parliament that are anti-immigration, hateful and xenophobic was no accident. According to these media, the ultra-right parties want to draw new energy from the recent electoral success of their Czech host, the "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) movement of Czech MP Tomio Okamura.  full story

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YouTube wants to combat disinformation and hatred, hiring thousands to remove harmful content

7.12.2017 6:56 The Alphabet company, which owns the Google search engine and through it the YouTube internet portal for sharing videos, is hiring more staffers. They will be tasked with inspecting and removing videos with extremist, violent content.  full story

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Spiegel Online reports Czech Republic has a problem with extremism

22.11.2017 9:05 The German news server Spiegel Online reports that while during the 1990s the Czech Republic responded to racism and sedition with an "uprising of the respectable", today mainstream politicians are competing to outdo the right-wing extremist parties in order to win a majority in Parliament. The article entitled "Prague Winter" alleges that the country has changed.  full story

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France: Journalist sentenced to six months for racist articles about immigrants from the Maghreb and Romani people

25.4.2017 8:46 The website France Bleu reports that an unusually harsh verdict has been handed down in France in the matter of two racist articles published in August 2015 by the Petit Journal Catalan weekly. Journalist Rodolphe Crevelle, who is known for his extreme right-wing positions, attempted to obliterate the reputation of North African immigrants from the Maghreb and members of the Romani community (specifically, the Catalan Gitanos) through his pieces.  full story

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Czech tabloid falls for journalists' trap, publishes absurd conspiracies and fake news without fact-checking

20.4.2017 10:16 Czech-language online tabloid news server Parlamentní listy has been reporting that the USA is using mind-altering chemicals in Syria through so-called "chemtrails", as well as rumors that "cyclo-fascists" and "eco-terrorists" are responsible for recent terrorist attacks in Europe. This kind of "information", referencing fake sources, has been published by the online tabloid without any attempt at fact-checking.
 full story

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Commentary: Paradoxes in the war on political correctness

31.3.2017 21:01 The war against political correctness is a long-term process that was begun in the Czech Republic by ultra-right extremists during the 1990s. Their motive was apparent: They wanted to legitimize racism and xenophobia so their own "politics" would be acceptable to the broadest possible circle of voters.  full story

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Czech Republic: Seven Romani applicants complete ROMEA's media training, say they want to tell Roma stories

5.2.2017 7:30 A months-long media training for future journalists from the Romani community in the Czech Republic, offered by the ROMEA organization, has now ended. Seven successful trainees were invited to receive their certificates of completion in the presence of Yechiel Bar-Chaim and Robert Tobon, who represents the US foundation Bader Philanthropies, which supported the project financially.  full story

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