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August 12, 2022




Illustration PHOTO: Archive
Illustration PHOTO: Archive

Romani Experts Discussed Hate Speech and Antigypsyism in the Media

19.3.2021 7:27 The European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC) held an international conference titled “Hate Speech and Antigypsysm in the Media” from 10-11 March 2021 in cooperation with the Council of Europe Roma and Travellers Team and the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma.  full story

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videoRomani psychology student who is a ROMEA scholarship winner featured on Czech Television

8.9.2017 9:30 "Our parents never went to college, but I was told I would go to college by them at home from an early age," Roman Koky, a Romani student of psychology, says in a reportage produced by the "168 Hours" program on public broadcaster Czech Television. Along with his brother Michal, who is studying pharmacy, Roman Koky has attended a recent "Baruvas" ("We Are Growing") meeting of Romani high school and college scholarship recipients.
 full story

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Renata Berkyová for DVTV: Even the Czech President doesn't know how to honor the memory of Lety, the pig farm remains

30.7.2017 7:57 A recent edition of the Apel ("Appeal") program broadcast by the Czech Internet television station DVTV has been dedicated to the existence of the pig farm at Lety u Písku that stands at the location of a former concentration camp for Romani people. Renata Berkyová was featured and news server publishes her words in full translation here.  full story

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Czech Council on Radio and TV rejects critique of public broadcaster's reality show about Romani schoolchildren

22.8.2015 23:30 Nonprofit organizations in the Czech Republic have received an answer from the Council on Radio and Television Broadcasting (RRTV) to the open letter in which they criticized the television series "Class 8A" (Třída 8.A.). The nonprofits believe the series has not fulfilled its intended aim of pointing out the problem of segregation of Romani pupils in the Czech schools.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani journalist starts media "incubator"

12.7.2015 23:22 "Young Roma have a lot to say about what is going on around them. However, they come up against the fact that they are unable to express their opinions in such a way as to be able to participate in a public debate, and frequently they never have the room to present their opinions about matters other than inter-ethnic coexistence," says Věra Lacková, the author of the "Media Voice" program in the Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech Police expert disagrees that Roma should stay away from anti-Romani demonstrations

Prague, 13.12.2014 0:12, (ROMEA) Last week a round table was held on the issue of violent hate crimes at the American Center in Prague. The gathering was held by Open Society Fund Prague for
representatives of nonprofit organizations and the state administration, and its aim was to reflect on the recent anti-Romani marches and the anti-Romani atmosphere in Czech society.  full story

Buvero Camp 2014 (PHOTO: Romedia Foundation)

videoHungary: Second annual BUVERO camp for young Romani women underway

Dunavarsány, Hungary, 15.8.2014 23:35, (ROMEA) The second year of BUVERO, the Romedia Foundation's summer camp for young Romani women is underway from 9-23 August in Dunavarsány, Hungary. This year the number of participants has doubled and24 young Romani women are attending what the foundation calls an "intense and rewarding learning experience".  full story

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Jarmila Balážová: The Czech media have neither the desire nor the time for the truth

Prague, 17.5.2014 0:09, (ROMEA) Jarmila Balážová has been working as the press spokesperson for the Czech Human Rights Minister since March. Prior to that she was a correspondent for Czech Radio 6 who moderated the programs "Focus on Human Rights" (Zaostřeno na lidská práva), "Studio STOP", "Dissuasion" (Rozmluvy), "Focus on Youth" (Zaostřeno na mladé) and "Science Talk" (Hovory o vědě).  full story

EBU Head of Public Affairs Nicola Frank and Roma journalist Orhan Galjus (FOTO: EBU/Christel Goossens)

EBU talk sheds light on the importance of media in Roma integration

Brussels, 3.10.2013 15:52, (ROMEA) The EBU hosted a discussion in Brussels (2 October) on the socio-economic integration of the Roma people, focusing on how the media can improve the perception of Europe’s largest minority.  full story

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Robert Rustem: Le Point’s editor should resign after ‘Hitler and the Roma’ poll stunt

Brussels, 26.7.2013 11:19, (ROMEA) With breath-taking speed, Europe moves from one ugly episode to the next in its summer rampage against Roma people.  full story

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Czech Govt Agency for Social Inclusion and ROMEA offer to work with media for more objective reporting about Romani people

Prague, 11.4.2013 17:22, (ROMEA) On the occasion of International Romani Day this Monday 8 April, the Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion and the ROMEA civic association held a round table on the topic of Portraying Romani People in the Media at the Journalists’ Syndicate under the auspices of Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner Monika Šimůnková. The Agency presented the results of its extensive analysis of the Czech media there.  full story

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Germany: Fighting neo-Nazi violence with interactive maps

Prague, 10.4.2013 0:51, (ROMEA) Concerts, demonstrations, murders and violent attacks – collecting all this information on an interactive map makes it possible to transmit it to others. A recently launched map called “Country on the Right” or “Rechtes Land” (at won’t show you places to relax, like pleasant cafés or restaurants, but it does reveal something that has mostly remained hidden until now: The activity of the neo-Nazi scene in Germany.  full story

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Brussels: AI stages eviction of Romani settlement on International Romani Day

Brussels, Belgium, 9.4.2013 16:55, (ROMEA) A “happening” portraying the forced eviction of a Romani settlement was staged yesterday in Brussels by the human rights organization Amnesty International (AI) in order to draw attention to the situation of Romani people in Europe. Yesterday the European Commission also emphasized that improving the situation of Romani people is one of the greatest challenges Europe faces.  full story

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Commentary: How to produce disinformation in the Czech media

Prague, 8.4.2013 20:48, (ROMEA) "‘When I grow up, I want to be on welfare,’ wish poor children from the Romani ghettos”. So reads the headline of a particular article published on news server here in the Czech Republic several days ago.  full story

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Czech Govt Agency for Social Inclusion and ROMEA to discuss media's portrayal of Roma with journalists

Prague, 4.4.2013 14:43, (ROMEA) The Czech Government Agency for Social Inclusion and the ROMEA civic association are holding a round table on the topic of "Portraying Romani people in the media" at the Journalists' Syndicate (Syndikátu novinářů, Pressroom, Senovážné náměstí 23, Praha 1) on 8 April 2013 from 11:00 - 13:00. This event is being held under the auspices of Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner Monika Šimůnková.  full story

František Kostlán

Commentary: Czech antigypsyism, or, a report on the state of the country

Prague, 26.3.2013 23:57, (ROMEA) I have been systematically reporting on the lives of people living in ghettos, the activity of the ultra-right, and the state of the media with respect to the topic of Romani people, including analysis and criticism. My experiences in doing this work, or rather the topics I have been involved with during it, are alarming.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani residents won't budge without a fight

Prague, 21.3.2013 23:37, (ROMEA) On Sunday, 18 March at the Café v lese in Prague, a public discussion took place about recent events concernign the housing situation on Přednádraží street in Ostrava and in the Předlice quarter of Ústí nad Labem. The discussion was followed by a benefit concert by the bands Fakné, Potmě, Čokovoko and Vobezdud, called "Number 8 Lives" (Osmička žije!) Building number 8 is the last residential building on Přednádraží street that is still occupied, and its occupants need financial and other support. The benefit was organized by the SOS Přednádraží initiative and the discussion was co-organized by the Housing for All (Bydlení pro všechny) initiative.  full story

Czech broadcasting body says tv station spread hatred against Romani people

Prague, 9.3.2013 21:12, (ROMEA) The Czech Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (Rada pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání - RRTV) has warned the TV Barrandov station (Barrandov Televizní Studio a.s.) that it has broken the law in its broadcasting. The violation reportedly occurred during the program "Joke for CZK 100" (Vtip za stovku) on 20 February 2013 at 20:00. The program included the following joke:  full story

David Zahumenský

Commentary: Did Romani activist cause CZK 10 million damage?

Prague, 24.2.2013 20:46, (ROMEA) Ladislav Bílý, the chair of the Romani Civic Association (Romské občanské sdružení) was sentenced this week to six years in prison for subsidy fraud. According to information in the media, he committed the fraud between 2007 and 2010 when he requested subsidies in the name of the association from the municipality of Karlovy Vary, the Karlovy Vary Regional Authority, and the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and submitted a falsified confirmation of solvency with his application.  full story

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