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December 13, 2018
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Městská policie

On 11 January 2018 a ticket-checker removed Romani children from a bus as they were commuting to school in Trmice because they were wearing backpacks. (PHOTO:  Facebook, Collage:
On 11 January 2018 a ticket-checker removed Romani children from a bus as they were commuting to school in Trmice because they were wearing backpacks. (PHOTO: Facebook, Collage:

videoVIDEO: Czech ticket-checker assaults Romani boy, removes children from bus, police tell commuter not to film it

12.1.2018 11:52 Yesterday's morning commute by children attending the Trmice Primary School was made unpleasant by an incident on a public transportation bus managed by the City of Ústí nad Labem when a ticket-checker physically assaulted a Romani boy and removed several other children from a bus. The children all had valid tickets.  full story

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Czech Police say their hands are tied as Romani tenant and her children are unlawfully made homeless by Prague landlord trafficking in poverty

15.7.2017 11:15 Despite having a lease, paying her rent, and owing no debts of any kind to her landlord, Ms Holubová, a Romani woman living in Prague, is unable to occupy an apartment together with her three little children without ending up on the street from one day to the next. Her landlord, the A Property company, the CEO of which is Ondřej Opletal, has recently made her homeless.  full story

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Czech Police stop Romani barbecue to enforce local ordinance - even where it does not apply

26.10.2015 8:09 Roughly 20 to 30 Romani people, most of them minors, gathered for a picnic at a park in Duchcov last month as part of a gathering organized by the Romane Kale Panthera (Romani Black Panther) group as a provocation. A local ordinance in Duchcov bans sitting outdoors in some parts of town and is obviously intended to target local Roma.  full story

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Czech Republic: Perpetrators of machete attack get up to 17.5 years

Prague, 26.10.2013 0:16, (ROMEA) Vojtěch Husák has been convicted of perpetrating an attack with a machete in Nový Bor in 2011 and will spend 17.5 years in prison, while his accomplices Antonín Sinu and Jakub Žiga will spend 15 years in prison each. The High Court in Prague handed down its verdict Friday 24 October and it has taken effect.  full story

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Czech Republic: Litvínov police and social workers cause scandal

Litvínov, 16.9.2013 23:26, (ROMEA) The Litvínov social welfare department, accompanied by municipal police and a reporter with a video camera, has been cracking down on allegedly troubled families, most of them Romani, to determine whether they have been using alcohol or taking drugs in the presence of their children. According to Zuzana Candigliota, the legal director of the League of Human Rights (Liga lidských práv), the municipal police and social welfare department staffs have exceeded their powers.  full story

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Czech Police don't yet see racial motive in case where neo-Nazis yelled "the ovens are fired up"

Děčín, 29.8.2013 17:53, (ROMEA) Police spokesperson Petra Trypesová responded yesterday to questions posed to her by news server about a public neo-Nazi event in the town of Děčín that was never announced to authorities and took place on Sunday 18 August at around 18:00. As we previously reported here (, violent thugs physically and verbally assaulted Romani people living on Kamenická Street in Děčín that day.  full story

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Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis assault Roma with rocks, shouting "Today you die, the ovens are fired up"

Děčín, 22.8.2013 0:25, (ROMEA) The Czech town of Děčín experienced its first large-scale attack on Romani residents by a group of neo-Nazis earlier this week. Several of the assailants reportedly were tatooed with swastikas and other Nazi symbols and are said to have shouted racist slogans full of hatred while throwing glass bottles and rocks at a Romani-occupied building.  full story

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Czech Republic: Police harass local Roma in Litvínov, young woman victim of police brutality

Litvínov - Janov, 11.7.2013 0:39, (ROMEA) The Janov housing estate in Litvínov primarily became known to the rest of the country in 2008. In the autumn of that year, right-wing extremists went on a series of sprees of violence and attempted pogroms against local Romani residents there while some of the residents of Czech nationality applauded them. (For background information, please see  full story

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