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June 28, 2022



Mezinárodní romská unie

Dorin Cioaba (PHOTO:

Romania: Self-appointed king of the Roma announces virtual currency

Sibiu, Romania, 16.6.2014 16:59, (ROMEA) Dorin Cioaba, the self-appointed king of the Roma, announced last week in the Romanian city of Sibiu that Roma throughout 37 countries will soon have their own virtual currency, the "lov", which will be exchanged at a 1:1 rate with the euro. "We will begin with one lov valued at one euro and then we will see over time whether its value rises or falls," Cioaba said in an interview with the Agerpres press agency.  full story

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videoFamous Romani players in world football

Prague, 27.5.2013 22:32, (ROMEA/HATTRICK) Just a few notes by way of introduction: The first famous Romani man or Gypsy to join his country's football team was Rab Howell of England. The small center-half for Sheffield United (height 165 cm, weight 57 kg) first wore the famous uniform with the three lions on 9 March 1895 in a match between England and Scotland that was played at Derby. It was a victorious debut. The English won 9:0 and Howell scored a goal. He was always proud of his Romani heritage. By the way, the first Black player did not join the English national team until 83 years later (Viv Anderson in 1978).  full story

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Leading Roma representative Ján Cibuľa passes away

Bern, Switzerland, 19.8.2013 17:37, (ROMEA) Leading Roma representative MUDr. Ján Cibuľa passed away on Sunday, 18 August after a difficult illness in the Swiss town of Bern. A niece of the deceased informed the TASR press agency of his death.  full story

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Florin Cioabă, "King of the Roma" and president of the International Romani Union, has passed away

Antalya, Turkey, 19.8.2013 4:03, (ROMEA) Florin Cioabă, the self-proclaimed "King of the Roma" worldwide, passed away on 18 August in a hospital in the Turkish city of Antalya. The 58-year-old had been admitted to the hospital there last Tuesday in very serious condition.  full story

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Emil Ščuka: We lack a unified concept

Prague, 3.5.2013 19:13, (Romano vod'i) Emil Ščuka is one of the most famous Romani politicians in the Czech Republic. He graduated in law and worked as a public prosecutor, but his original dream of a career was something completely different. In 2001 the magazine Reflex quoted him as saying the following.  full story

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