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August 12, 2022



Ministertsvo vnitra

Chanov, April 2012 (PHOTO: Google Maps)

Czech city ignores Constitutional Court and refuses to abolish ordinance banning sitting outdoors

24.4.2018 15:52 The Mostecký deník daily reports that the City of Most is rejecting a call from the Czech Interior Ministry to abolish the unlawful part of a local ordinance banning sitting outdoors other than in locations intended for that purpose. "This is an effective tool for the local police and we do not just want to give it up," said Mayor Jan Paparega  full story

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Czech Interior Ministry's quarterly report on extremism: Politicians exploited fears of immigration

19.2.2018 8:19 The Czech Interior Ministry's report on extremism for the final quarter of 2017 says a total of 54 events organized by extremists took place last year in the Czech Republic. Of those, 47 were organized by left-wing extremist entities, 20 events more than compared to the fourth quarter of 2016.  full story

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Czech MP spreads disinformation about terrorist threat, Interior Minister sharply objects

3.1.2018 11:45 Czech Interior Minister Lubomír Metnar has very emphatically objected to recent allegations made by SPD leader Tomio Okamura. That MP has published a disinformation video in which he claims the Czech Republic is in danger of terrorist attack.  full story

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Czech Interior Ministry monitoring up to 40 disinformation servers

28.6.2017 11:24 The Czech Interior Ministry is monitoring as many as 40 online servers which they believe are harming the interests of the Czech state, according to news server Aktuálně.cz, which has managed to acquire internal materials from the ministry and statements from some highly-positioned officials there. The servers being monitored include websites that purely serve disinformation purposes, as well as websites that are manipulative or propagandistic.  full story

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Analysis: The 2016 arson attack on Klinika Social Center - are the Czech Police incompetent, or omniscient?

7.3.2017 9:58 How can we recognize the democratic rule of law? In addition to many other factors, equality of all before the law is one sure way.  full story

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Czech report on extremism for last year: 307 events, anti-refugee protests replaced anti-Romani ones

8.5.2016 16:59 Czech extremists held 307 events last year, 16 more than in 2014. They assembled most frequently in Prague, and police reported protests outside of facilities for foreign nationals as a new phenomenon.  full story

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Czech Republic's quarterly report on extremism: Ultra-right trend is anti-immigration, ultra-left is unable to unify

2.5.2016 9:46 The main topics taken up by Czech extremist groups during the first quarter of 2016 were a critique and rejection of the European Union and migration. The Czech Interior Ministry published its Summary Situation Report on Extremism on 26 April.  full story

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Analysis: Czech Police are confusing lawful behavior with "left-wing extremism"

4.3.2016 18:55 In September 1998, 17 years ago, the Antifa initiative held a march in the Czech city of Brno under the slogan "Blacks, whites, let's unite!" and "Why see difference when nothing divides us?!" The organizer of that march, Dušan Rosenbaum, said at the close of the demonstration that racism and fascism were more than just a problem for Jews, Roma and other persons of color here, but had also become a problem for LGBT people, those living with disabilities, ethnic minorities, humanists and human rights defenders: "Let's prevent conflict arising from natural human diversity, whether it be ethnic, cultural, national, racial or sexual," he warned.  full story

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Commentary: Is Czech society about to rid itself of anti-Gypsyist MEP Miloslav Ransdorf?

10.12.2015 4:32 I have known Miloslav Ransdorf since June 1990, when we were both elected as legislators in the Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia - he for the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, I for Civic Forum (Občanské fórum). We did not see eye to eye there despite my cooperation with most of his comrades in that parliament.  full story

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Czech Republic: Asylum-seekers on hunger strike, number of injured rising

11.11.2015 21:09 The situation in a refugee facility in the Czech town of Drahonice (Louny district) escalated in the late afternoon today. The Czech Police report that two asylum-seekers have injured themselves and another injured himself after attempting to attack a member of the security forces there.  full story

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Czech Republic deporting Afghan family whose case came before the European Court of Human Rights

28.10.2015 7:13 The Czech Republic will be releasing an Afghan family from the Bělá-Jezová detention facility in the Mladá Boleslav district after the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg called on the Czech authorities to transfer them to a different facility. The Czech Interior Ministry, however, says its decision is not in reaction to the Court judgment.  full story

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Czech court says asylum seekers must not be detained, Interior Ministry disagrees

7.8.2015 21:40 The Czech Police are not permitted to detain asylum seekers in refugee camps on the basis of suspicion that they might pose a flight risk as stipulated by the European Union's Dublin Regulation. Wednesday's edition of the Czech daily Lidové noviny reported that the Regional Court in Ústí nad Labem has ruled against the practice.  full story

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Czech Interior Ministry supports Roma-targeted projects in Kolín

Kolín, 15.4.2015 20:04 The Czech town of Kolín will begin a so-called Romani mentoring project in mid-year to aid Romani people with financial literacy and finding work. The aim is to keep Romani people from falling into the debt trap and intensifying the problems of socially excluded localities.  full story

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Czech extremism report: Islamophobic group uses cyber-bullying

Prague, 23.1.2015 16:35, (ROMEA) The ultra-right scene in the Czech Republic has recently focused on "combating Islam". The most active group is the Czech Defense League (CZDL), represented by "We Don't Want Islam in the Czech Republic" (IvČRN) on the Facebook social networking site.  full story

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Czech Interior Ministry plans amendment to law on assembly

Prague, 21.8.2014 15:38, (ROMEA) The Czech Interior Ministry has elaborated an amendment to the law on the right to assemble on the basis of its experiences with demonstrations in recent years. The deadline for the draft amendment to be submitted to the Government is the end of October 2014 with a proposed date of effect of 1 July 2015.  full story

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Czech Republic: Arson at detention facility, 50 people evacuated

Bělá pod Bezdězem (Mladá Boleslav district), 24.7.2014 18:47, (ROMEA) In the town of Bělá pod Bezdězem a residential hotel housing foreign nationals awaiting deportation caught fire this morning. Someone intentionally set fire to one of the rooms in the facility, which is run by the Czech Interior Ministry.  full story

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Czech Interior Minister meets director of EU Fundamental Rights Agency

Czech Republic, 18.7.2014 16:15, (ROMEA) On Thursday 17 July Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec met with the director of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), Morten Kjaerum. Under the auspices of the EU, the FRA provides assistance to the Member States in applying fundamental human rights.  full story

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Analysis of Czech Police strategy for anti-Roma hate marches during 2013

Prague, 25.11.2013 16:03, (ROMEA) When at the end of May the traveling circus of this year's series of hate marches first broke out in the northern Bohemian town of Duchcov, the Czech Police behaved as of "ordinary citizens" had never before joined such neo-Nazi actions before. For experts on this issue who witnessed the unrest in the Šluknov area in 2011, the memories are fresh.  full story

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