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January 26, 2022




Romani community member Nikola Kokyová, who is Miss Czech Republic 2019, competing in the
Romani community member Nikola Kokyová, who is Miss Czech Republic 2019, competing in the "Miss Globe 2020" beauty competition, 12 November 2020. (PHOTO: Facebook page of Nikola Kokyová, YouTube, collage by

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Russian social network blocks "Miss Hitler" beauty contest after Israeli media contact

22.9.2018 9:56 The news server reports that Russia's online social network Vkontakte (VK), which is similar to the US-based social network Facebook, has blocked a page dedicated to Adolf Hitler that was hosting an online beauty competition called "Miss Hitler". Hundreds of people voted online in the contest and, according to the Hadashot television station in Israel, it was participated in by contestants from Germany, Italy, Russia and the  full story

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Former Miss Roma Mirka Pikolová one of 14 Miss Czech Republic finalists

22.2.2017 10:53 On Monday, 20 February at the Augustian House in Luhačovice, Czech Republic, almost 50 young women competed for the final round of the Miss Czech Republic beauty contest. The jury has chosen 14 finalists.  full story

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US Professor Ian Hancock on the Miss Roma competition: Romani girls do not need to sell their beauty

26.9.2016 21:21 The finale of the 16th annual competition "Miss Czechoslovak Roma", which was held on Saturday, 24 September in the Czech town of Hodonín, prompted many different reactions. In addition to commentaries on social networking sites, Petr Uhl published a critical article about the Romani beauty contest on news server  full story

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Commentary: The Miss Roma competition does more harm than good

25.9.2016 18:29 On Saturday evening the "Miss Roma 2016" competition was held at the House of Culture in the Czech town of Hodonín for the 12th year in a row. I have always had mixed feelings about this contest, but I have never before publicly discussed what bothers me about it because it was always clear to me that it involves a significant emancipatory charge for some Romani community members.  full story

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