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May 23, 2022




The chair of the neo-Nazi DSSS, Tomáš Vandas (right), posting with Xaver Veselý, member of the board of public broadcaster Czech Television, at a meeting of people calling themselves
The chair of the neo-Nazi DSSS, Tomáš Vandas (right), posting with Xaver Veselý, member of the board of public broadcaster Czech Television, at a meeting of people calling themselves "patriots". (August 2020) (PHOTO: Facebook profile of Tomáš Vandas)

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Activists call on Pope Francis not to extend Czech Cardinal Duka's term because of his nationalist tendencies

14.2.2018 18:23 Christian activists in the Czech Republic are bothered by the tendency of the Archbishop of Prague, Dominik Duka, to nationalism and the ultra-right. The activists believe Duka is more concerned with wielding power than he is with the Church.  full story

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Facebook blocks fascist party's official profile, including Slovak politician's personal page

24.4.2017 6:47 At the start of April the Facebook social network began blocking the official profile of the fascist party called "Kotleba-People's Party Our Slovakia" (Kotleba –Ľudová strana Naše Slovensko) and several other pages administered by its supporters, including the profile of party chair Marián Kotleba. Other blocked Facebook pages include, for example, the profile of Slovak MP Milan Mazurek, who is the vice-chair of the ĽSNS, and Milan Uhrík, the probable candidate for the party in Nitra, where he plans to run for Regional Governor.  full story

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Members of Czech Freedom Fighters' Union distance themselves from national chair in petition, leadership defends his speech at Terezín

19.5.2016 15:27 The Central Committee of the Czech Freedom Fighters' Union (ČSBS) has expressed its agreement with the speech given by its chair, Jaroslav Vodička, at this year's commemorative ceremony at Terezín. Critics of the speech have called him xenophobic because of the remarks he made about refugees.  full story

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Analysis: Refugees, the past, Chairman Vodička, and the Russian path of the Czech Fighters' Union

19.5.2016 13:03 Jaroslav Vodička, chair of the Czech Freedom Fighters' Union (ČSBS) caused a certain amount of disarray - as well as an engaging, spontaneous reaction of rejection from Chief Rabbi Karol Sidon - when he gave a speech at Sunday's commemorative assembly in Terezín that included generalizing, xenophobic blather about refugees. Because Mr Vodička echoes [Czech President] Miloš Zeman (whom he supported during his presidential campaign and with whom he has exchanged medals), and because recently the ČSBS has been joined not just by the President, but also by several other bizarre figures in public life here (the group's cell in Lidice is led by Jana Bobošíková, presidential spokesperson Ovčáček has joined, etc.), the impression might arise that the Union has only now, during these new conditions of rule by [Czech
Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister] Babiš and Zeman, been infiltrated by nationalist/populist "elements" who have stolen it from the anti-Nazi resistance fighters and are now abusing it.  full story

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Czech Jewish Community says speeches at Terezín commemoration were anti-German, nationalist and xenophobic

17.5.2016 11:38 Jewish communities in the Czech Republic say the speech given by the chair of the Czech Senate, Milan Štěch (Czech Social Democratic Party - ČSSD) during Sunday's commemoration at Terezín was anti-German and nationalist. Likewise, the speech given by the head of the Czech Freedom Fighters' Union, Jaroslav Vodička, was xenophobic because of the remarks it included about refugees.  full story

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Slovakia: Neo-Fascist party being investigated by Prosecutor-General, could be banned

1.5.2016 19:32 The Slovak ultra-right party called "Kotleba-Lidová strana Naše Slovensko" (Kotleba-People's Party Our Slovakia or K-LSNS), which was responsible for the biggest surprise result in the country's recent Parliamentary elections, is now facing a possible ban. The Prosecutor-General has begun to investigate its activity after being called upon to do so by the Human Rights Institute, which filed a motion for the party, which now holds 11 seats in the legislature, to be dissolved.  full story

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Czech youth who fired gas pistol at demonstration given 200 hours of community service

25.4.2016 8:58 Jiří Borovička, who fired a gas pistol into the air during an anti-immigration demonstration this past February in Prague, was convicted of rioting and sentenced last week to 200 hours of community service and forfeiture of the weapon. The 21-year-old laborer has accepted the sentence and will not appeal, but the state prosecutor is still considering whether to appeal.  full story

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Commentary by Petr Uhl: "The Jew Hilsner from Polná was unjustly convicted of the murder of the Christian, Hrůzová"

7.1.2016 23:03 I have borrowed the headline for this commentary from yesterday's news reports published by several Czech media outlets. The full headline was: "Leopold Hilsner, a resident of the Jewish ghetto in Polná, was unjustly convicted of the murder of the Christian, Hrůzová."  full story

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Advent Challenge calls on Czech society to defend itself against hatred and populists

3.12.2015 18:42 The Post Bellum organization has issued an Advent Challenge warning against the abuse of concerns over the refugee crisis, the situation in Russia, and the division of society. The text was written in response to the events that have been occurring all over Europe in recent months.  full story

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Czech Police refuse students access to 1989 memorial in advance of President joining anti-Islam activists for their event

17.11.2015 16:42 Czech President Miloš Zeman addressed an event organized by the Bloc against Islam (Blok proti islámu - BPI) on the occasion of the state holiday today and said those who disagree with the receiving of migrants should not be "labelled" Fascists, Islamophobes or racists. BPI is against refugee reception.  full story

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Czech right-wing extremist proposes refugees be "concentrated" at Terezín

7.9.2015 15:41 Adam B. Bartoš, chair of the National Democracy (ND) political group, which is not seated in the Czech Parliament, posted yet another remark about refugees to his publicly accessible Facebook profile after midnight today. "Why create camps of tents for the aliens near Břeclav (and elsewhere) to stress and terrorize local residents? After all, we have the beautiful fortress town of Terezín (safer than any little tent city) where the aliens could be concentrated before the trains take them home..." he wrote.  full story

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Finland: 15 000 people demonstrate for multiculturalism

29.7.2015 23:18 Agence France-Presse reports that approximately 15 000 people assembled yesterday in the center of the Finnish capital, Helsinki, to express their support for a multicultural society and protest against remarks made by MPs for the governing eurosceptic, populist Party of the Finns. Organizers convened the demonstration to protest remarks made by MP Olli Immonen, who called for "combating the nightmare of multiculturalism" over the weekend on Facebook.  full story

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Czech opinion poll: Roma still the least-liked

Prague, 7.3.2015 2:09, (ROMEA) Of the various national groups living in the Czech Republic, sympathy for Arabs, Greeks, Jews and Serbs has declined compared to last year, according to a February survey by the Center for Public Opinion Research (CVVM). As in previous surveys, people continued to express the most sympathy for ethnic Czechs and Slovaks and the least sympathy for Romani people
 full story

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Czech bands boycott club in Prague that supports neo-Nazi group

Plzeň, 22.10.2014 23:12, (ROMEA) The website Plzeňské reports that three bands from the Czech town of Plzeň - Donnie Darko, Emmett Brown and Positive Mind - have decided to cancel their 1 November concert at the Kain club in Prague. The venue is planning to support the neo-Nazi band Ortel by letting it perform there.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani local candidate says racism poses the same threat as Fascism

Prostějov, 28.9.2014 20:33, (ROMEA) News server has prepared a series of brief interviews with Romani candidates in the upcoming local elections. This interview is with 18-year-old Ondřej Provazník, a candidate with the ANO movement in Prostějov.  full story

Marine Le Pen (PHOTO: Marie-Lan Nguyen, Wikimedia Commons)

France: FN chair distances herself from her father's remarks

Paris, 11.6.2014 20:43, (ROMEA) Marine Le Pen, the head of the nationalist Front National (FN) in France, has taken down a video channel on the party's website in which her father, FN honorary chair Jean-Marie Le Pen, has been regularly commenting on current events. The decision came after Mr Le Pen outraged the public with yet another obviously anti-Semitic remark on Friday.  full story

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