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October 23, 2021



nacistické symboly

An example of the product line of the
An example of the product line of the "Our Troops" (Naše vojsko) publishing house in the Czech Republic. (2019) (PHOTO: e-shop nakladatelství Naše vojsko).

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Czech Constitutional Court upholds suspended sentence for Nazi symbol on vehicle

8.12.2016 19:33 The Czech Constitutional Court has rejected the complaint of a driver who pasted the image of the Nazi Third Reich Eagle and swastika, i.e., a symbol of Nazi Germany, across the rear windshield of his vehicle. He was convicted, given a suspended sentence, and has appealed to successively higher instances.  full story

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Czech celebration of Veterans' Day featured honor guard in SS uniform and speech calling for opponents of President to hang themselves

22.11.2016 18:08 News server reports that a commemorative event on Veterans' Day, 11 November, was held by the Club of Military History in the Czech town of Rakovník and was marked by two controversial incidents. Those who attended the reverent gathering were outraged by the presence of a man wearing a Nazi uniform of the SS and serving as an honor guard next to the memorial to the Czechoslovak pilots from Rakovník who served in the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom during the Second World War.  full story

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