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November 18, 2018
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On 6 September 2018 the District Court for Prague 10 began to hear the trial of three football fans indicted for assaulting a dark-skinned man on a tram in 2017. If convicted of battery and other felonies the three young men face up to eight years in prison. Defendants Štěpán Černín (left) and Tomáš Satora (right) are shown here arriving in court. (PHOTO:  Czech News Agency)
On 6 September 2018 the District Court for Prague 10 began to hear the trial of three football fans indicted for assaulting a dark-skinned man on a tram in 2017. If convicted of battery and other felonies the three young men face up to eight years in prison. Defendants Štěpán Černín (left) and Tomáš Satora (right) are shown here arriving in court. (PHOTO: Czech News Agency)

Czech Police charge right-wing extremists who assaulted citizens of India

6.9.2018 7:40 The Czech Police have charged three men from the group of right-wing extremists who assaulted a group of Indian citizens in the town of Písek at the end of July. If convicted they face between one and five years in prison.  full story

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Slovakia: Romani youth in critical condition after brutal racist attack, police say they see no racist motive and make racist remarks themselves

25.7.2018 9:26 Slovak news server Denník N reports that accusations of battery and the co-perpetration of rioting have been made against four men in their early twenties from Žilina, Slovakia. In the early morning hours of Saturday, 21 July, along with other racists, the four men identified are said to have assaulted a group of Romani people.  full story

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Germany: Trial begins of Syrian citizen who assaulted man wearing yarmulke

20.6.2018 10:50 Accompanied by great media interest, the trial began yesterday in Berlin of a 19-year-old Syrian who assaulted two youths wearing yarmulkes in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood in April. The accused has admitted committing the crime, expressed regret for it, and assured the court that he does not hate Jewish people.  full story

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Czech Police propose indicting football fans who assaulted African man on a Prague tram for racist reasons

4.6.2018 14:33 After an investigation lasting six months, the Czech Police are proposing charges against the three Sigma Olomouc football fans who assaulted a man from West Africa on a tram in Prague last November, resulting in his hospitalization. Several assailants were arrested by police the same day of the incident and the investigation was begun.  full story

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Czech media again exaggerate assault incident, promote antigypsyist stereotypes

14.4.2018 19:00 Media in the Czech Republic keep reporting increasingly higher and higher numbers of Romani people who are alleged to have assaulted a police patrol in the town of Krupka. The incident happened Tuesday evening when a two-member patrol of a female and a male officer were addressing a traffic accident.  full story

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Brutal assailant attacks Romani woman in front of her children, Czech Police can't get their stories straight

23.3.2018 16:48

A brutal assailant attacked Lucie Badyová in front of her seven-year-old son and three-year-old daughter last Thursday afternoon on Kapitána Jaroše Street in the Czech town of Kadaň. He punched her, knocking her to the ground and continued his brutal assault as she was prone.

 full story

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Live online press conference 11 AM TODAY: Czech school targeted by racists hosts fundraisers from "THEY WANT TO GAS THEM, WE WANT TO SEND THEM TO SCHOOL!"

7.2.2018 9:23 A press conference announcing the results of the fundraising campaign by ROMEA called "THEY WANT TO GAS THEM, WE WANT TO SEND THEM TO SCHOOL!", which immediately responded to the wave of online hatred and racism last year against first-graders at a primary school in Teplice, Czech Republic will be broadcast live online today at 11 AM. The press conference will feature a discussion and the delivery of the money raised and will take place at the school itself on Plynárenská Street. The press conference will feature a discussion of the issues involved, the delivery of the money raised, and will take place at the school itself on Plynárenská Street.  full story

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Czech Police say assault on Muslim women in Prague by aggressive woman was a misdemeanor

27.7.2017 18:51 The case of an attack on two Muslim women as they were on their way to the Divoká Šárka aquapark in Prague has been assessed by police as a misdemeanor. The Muslim women were chaperoning 13 children on a trip when they were photographed by a woman who then assaulted one of them both physically and verbally when they asked her to stop taking their picture.  full story

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Woman assaults two headscarf-wearing women in Czech capital as they take children to swim

23.7.2017 13:26 An aggressive woman assaulted two Muslim women accompanying 13 children to the Divoka Šárka aquapark in Prague on Wednesday. The aggressor began the conflict by
photographing the Muslim women and the children.  full story

Second acquittal from Slovak lower court for police officers filmed abusing Romani children at police station

18.5.2017 14:16 News server reported yesterday that the District Court in Košice has again acquitted the police officers suspected of abusing Romani boys in March 2009 at a police station there. The lower court has simply reiterated its verdict from 2015, which was overturned by the Regional Court last year after the prosecutor appealed.  full story

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Slovak Police investigate suspected racially-motivated assault against dark-skinned French student

23.2.2017 8:48 A 20-year-old dark-skinned French student was assaulted over the weekend of 11-12 February in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. A 31-year-old Slovak man has been charged with grievous bodily harm and faces up to three years in prison if convicted.  full story

Albín Balát: The curious New Year's maneuvers of the Czech Police

10.1.2017 9:48 Recently photographs and video footage have been appearing on online social networking sites showing various interventions by the Czech Police. These amateur photos and recordings have been viewed several thousand times.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani driver hospitalized after police tried to stop him filming them with his phone

11.11.2016 18:27 On Saturday, 5 November 2016 at around noon an incident occurred between the Romani driver of a personal vehicle and police officers who pulled him over at the Máj housing estate in the city of České Budějovice. After the driver attempted to use his mobile phone to film one of the officers during the inspection, a tussle ensued over the phone and the Romani man was then forced to lie down on the ground, where he was handcuffed.  full story

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Czech eyewitness: Local racists insulted my Romani friends, assaulted us, and put them in fear for their lives

13.10.2016 21:36 On Saturday, 8 October in the town of Chotutice near Český Brod a brawl broke out between non-Romani and Romani customers at a local restaurant. Czech tabloid media outlets primarily described the entire event as an attack perpetrated by a group of Romani people against local habitués who were said to have first insulted them in a racist way.
 full story

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Ida Kelarová: Czech Police did not come when we called the emergency line - they neither helped nor protected the children

12.9.2016 7:28 Ida Kelarová disagrees with some of the conclusions drawn by the internal affairs department of the Ústecký Regional Police Department and is shocked by how the Czech Police are introducing confusion into the description of how she and others reported the aggressive, racist behavior of a resident of Jiřetín pod Jedlovou against those attending her Romano drom summer arts school from 30 July - 13 August there in collaboration with the world-famous Czech Philharmonic. "I insist that the police never came to investigate after we reported the incidents by calling the 158 number," she told news server on 10 September.  full story

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Hungarian Prosecutor charges camerawoman who kicked asylum-seekers with rioting

8.9.2016 14:42 Yesterday in Budapest the Hungarian camerawoman who allegedly tripped one refugee carrying a child and kicked others a year ago at the border between Hungary and Serbia was charged with rioting by a local prosecutor. Petra László, who lost her job over the incident, has both apologized for assaulting the asylum seekers and repeatedly attempted to defend what she did.  full story

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Czech Police given suspended sentences along with civilian who beat Romani youth and threatened to kill him

23.3.2016 23:23 Yesterday a court in the Czech Republic handed down three suspended sentences against the perpetrators of an assault on a Romani youth that happened at the end of January 2015 and was first reported by news server The trial did not prove that the two defendants who were police officers were responsible for the attack, but did punish them for merely observing the behavior of the third defendant who perpetrated the violence.  full story

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Czech NGO report finds Muslims and Roma most frequent victims of hate violence

16.3.2016 18:16 A total of 86 cases of hate violence in the Czech Republic were recorded during the year 2014 by the In IUSTITIA organization, which aids the victims of such crimes. The incidents most frequently happened because of the victims' actual or perceived ethnicity, nationality, or religious faith.  full story

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Czech Republic: Gay Romani man's week includes a racist assault with a gun, rejection from a bar and strange police treatment

16.9.2015 20:55 At the beginning of August, I experienced several amazing days with the organization ARA ART. I participated in the first international Roma LGBT conference. As part of the conference, together with six other gay Roma, I took part in the Theater of the Oppressed by putting on a play about being Roma and gay. At the conference, I met 20 other Romani LGBT. In our free time, we were able to enjoy ourselves freely in clubs and other entertainment facilities without being discriminated against. All this changed upon my return to the mundane reality of the city of Ostrava.  full story

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