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September 21, 2021




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videoMEP Soraya Post supports Romani photo campaign responding to Czech President's antigypsyist remarks

5.10.2018 10:52 Czech President Zeman's antigypsyist remarks from last week continue to resonate at all levels of political life. MEP Soraya Post of Sweden has tweeted her support of the photo campaign initiated by Romani community member Štefan Pongo and the ROMEA organization in response to Zeman's remarks.  full story

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Martina Horváthová: Freely casting your ballot is your right - and nobody elses business!

30.9.2018 9:57 I vote regularly in every election. If I ever were to not vote, I would feel pangs of conscience for having neglected my duty as a citizen.  full story

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Lucie Fuková: There's no excuse for not voting

23.9.2018 7:00 I still remember the moment I went with my parents to cast a ballot in an election for the very first time - we all got dressed up and left the house together as a family. It was an important day for us.  full story

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Štefan Horvát: Okamura should not lead the lower house, Communists have harmed and are harming Roma, Czech Justice Minister should stay

4.3.2018 7:54 The news that Czech MP Okamura will remain in his function as vice-chair of the lower house of Parliament has really infuriated me - it is clear to all of us why he should be dismissed. We are a democratic country and it is absolutely unacceptable for anybody here to say what Mr Okamura has said and is continuing to say.

 full story

Margareta Matache and Cornel West on the common struggle of African Americans and Roma against white normativity

26.2.2018 7:57 Margareta Matache, a Roma rights activist and scholar who directs the Roma Program at the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, and Cornel West, an American author and civil rights activist who is currently Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard, have co-authored an analysis for The Guardian newspaper in the UK on the commonalities between the struggles of African Americans and Romani people for equality. The piece notes that the history of African Americans and Romani people bear similarities with respect to the way "white policymakers" have employed similar tactics against members of both groups in order to maintain "white normativity, social power, and privilege".  full story

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Karel Holomek: Inclusion in education is the same as equality

24.4.2017 10:26 Mr Marek Přibil is doing his best to convince us, for the umpteenth time, that inclusion in education is the ruin of the Czech schools. He also alleges that what he describes as an absolutely untrustworthy failure has been produced by the Social Democrats.  full story

Commentary: Extraordinary meeting on discrimination against women and social inclusion in Europe

Brussels, 2.4.2012 12:42, (ROMEA) On 22nd March 2012: the biggest, and most expensive EU event ever on discrimination against women, promoted as an ‘Extraordinary meeting on discrimination against women and social inclusion in Europe,’ takes place in Brussels. The meeting focuses on the national strategies and EU framework meant to address discrimination and exclusion faced by women.  full story

Chad Evans Wyatt's commentary of violent hate mail, which received Museum of Roma Culture director

USA/CR, 28.8.2011 23:36, (ROMEA) PhDR Jana Horváthová, Direktor of the Muzeum romské kultury in Brno, recently received an execrable, hateful letter, here is one excerpt:  full story

Press release: Council of Europe - European media and anti-Gypsy stereotypes

Strasburg, 19.7.2011 13:45, (ROMEA) Anti-Gypsy stereotypes continue to be spread and perpetuated in a several media across Europe. The media has an important role to play in countering prejudices – but a number of journals and broadcast media have not lived up to their responsibility when it comes to Roma and Travellers. They have contributed to xenophobia through biased reporting and cheap sensationalism, says Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, in his latest Human Rights Comment published today. It is time to promote ethical journalism and codes of conduct to end the all-negative portrayal of Roma in the media.  full story

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