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June 27, 2022



Nečas Petr

Elena Gorolová, spokesperson for the Group of Women Harmed by Forced Sterilization. Hundreds of women have been illegally sterilized in the former Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic, the vast majority of whom cannot sue in court because their claims are statute-barred. (PHOTO:
Elena Gorolová, spokesperson for the Group of Women Harmed by Forced Sterilization. Hundreds of women have been illegally sterilized in the former Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic, the vast majority of whom cannot sue in court because their claims are statute-barred. (PHOTO:

Czech Republic: Hundreds of illegally sterilized women will probably be compensated

Prague, 14.1.2015 17:09, (ROMEA) The victims of illegal sterilizations could be compensated as much as CZK 300 000 (EUR 10 000) in the coming years. Those who did not give their informed consent to such an operation prior to undergoing it would be eligible for compensation.  full story

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Czech Govt to take up bill to establish central misdemeanor registry

Prague, 18.6.2013 17:19, (ROMEA) The Czech state could potentially establish a central registry for some misdemeanors so that recidivist perpetrators of those offenses can be punished more severely. That is the presumption of a draft amendment to the law on misdemeanors and other norms which the Czech Government is scheduled to review tomorrow.  full story

Czech Republic: Crisis Committee launches petition for Museum of Roma Culture

Czech Republic, 8.4.2013 18:44, (ROMEA) The Museum of Roma Culture in the Czech Republic is facing the threat of a possible merger with the Moravian Museum as a result of the first phase of savings measures approved by the Czech Government at its 16 January cabinet session. Disagreement with this plan has been expressed by the Czech Government Inter-ministerial Commission for Roma Community Affairs, the Romani Crisis Committee, and many individuals. The Romani Crisis Committee has set up a petition addressed to the Czech Culture Minister and Czech Prime Minister, “For the Museum of Roma Culture” (Za Muzeum romské kultury), expressing disagreement with this merger.  full story

František Kostlán

Commentary: Czech antigypsyism, or, a report on the state of the country

Prague, 26.3.2013 23:57, (ROMEA) I have been systematically reporting on the lives of people living in ghettos, the activity of the ultra-right, and the state of the media with respect to the topic of Romani people, including analysis and criticism. My experiences in doing this work, or rather the topics I have been involved with during it, are alarming.  full story

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Roma Crisis Committee to Czech EdMin: Equal access to education for Roma

Prague, 18.3.2013 20:31, (ROMEA) Young Romani people associated with the Crisis Committee (Krizový štáb) have written an open letter to the Czech Education Minister and Prime Minister in which they express their support for inclusive education and the necessary measures which the Government and the Education Ministry should adopt to ensure equal access to education for all citizens of the Czech Republic. "Currently Romani children continue to be disproportionately enrolled into 'practical primary schools' that educate their pupils according to the primary education program's appendix for pupils with light mental disability," states the open letter. News server publishes it in full translation below.  full story

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Czech Republic: Inter-ministerial group on Roma has new members

Prague, 15.3.2013 16:08, (ROMEA) At its cabinet session on Wednesday, the Czech Government took up the nomination of David Tišer and Emil Voráč as new members of the Czech Government Inter-ministerial Commission for Roma Community Affairs. Tišer is director of the ARA ART, o.s. association and has long worked as an activist promoting Roma integration, fighting against the discrimination of Roma and advocating for the media to report on the life of the Romani minority in the Czech Republic. Voráč is the chair and director of the o. s. Khamoro – Romské integrační centrum (Roma Integration Center) organization, which offers socially excluded Roma a drop-in facility for children and youth, field social work programs, professional social counseling and temporary shelter.  full story

František Kostlán

Commentary: The difference between Czech and French politicians

Prague, 21.2.2013 19:27, (ROMEA) This is really interesting: One comment by Maurice Taylor, head of the American firm Titan International, about the work morale of the French employees of a Goodyear factory has upset almost all of France. Taylor wrote to the French Government that "French employees receive high wages but work only three hours. They get hour-long breaks for snacks and lunch, talk for three hours and work for three." He went on to add that he is no longer interested in French workers or preserving the factory in France and would therefore be closing it.  full story

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Zeman says he would not meet with the Dalai Lama if elected Czech President

Prague, 23.1.2013 16:29, (ROMEA) Speaking during a debate organized by the European Values (Evropské hodnoty) think-tank devoted primarily to foreign policy, presidential candidate Miloš Zeman (Strana práv občanů ZEMANOVCI - the Citizen's Rights Party for Zeman) said that if elected president of the Czech Republic he would refuse to meet with the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama - unless the Dalai Lama was visiting in the capacity of a big investor. Karel Schwarzenberg (TOP 09), who will be Zeman's opponent during the second round of presidential elections, did not participate in the discussion, reportedly for lack of time.  full story

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Czech ministers criticize public tv for allegedly racist reporting on amnesty

Prague, 10.1.2013 17:16, (ROMEA) Czech Prime Minister Petr Nečas (Civic Democrats - ODS) says that most of his cabinet ministers have criticized the allegedly racist way in which Czech Television has reported on the prisoners released by the recent amnesty. The PM says Czech Culture Minister Alena Hanáková is considering filing a complaint with the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting (Rada pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání - RRTV), but Daniela Němcová, Czech Television's Director of Communications, rejects the charges of racism.  full story

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Karel Holomek: 2012 brought us decline - but also hope

Brno, 28.12.2012 17:59, (Romano vod'i) It's usually a good rule to reflect at the end of each year on what the year was like, what happened that was bad and good, and to try to predict on that basis whether the year to come and the years after that will be better or worse. There is probably nothing more we can do, because our personal desires and wishes are hard to fulfill through just our efforts alone, given the broader context in which they take place.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Equal Opportunities Party chair addresses thousands

Prague, 19.11.2012 2:04, (ROMEA) On Saturday 17 November thousands of people attended a demonstration in the center of Prague convened by labor unions and several civic initiatives in order to protest against the Czech government. Speakers demanded the departure of the cabinet of Petr Nečas (Civic Democrats - ODS) and early elections.  full story

OSF: Czech Government has not ended discrimination of Romani children

Prague, 5.11.2012 17:09, (ROMEA) On 13 November 2007 the European Court of Human Rights issued its judgment in the case of "D.H. and Others versus the Czech Republic", in which 18 Romani children from Ostrava sued the Czech Republic over their having been assigned to attend "special school" on the basis of their origin. The judgment upheld their complaint and sanctioned the Czech Republic for discriminating against Romani children by disproportionately enrolling such children into the "special schools" (now called the "practical primary schools") which are designed for children who have been diagnosed as "lightly mentally disabled".  full story

Romani activists Čeněk Růžička (right) and Jozef Miker (left). (PHOTO:  František Kostlán)

Čeněk Růžička: Czech society has not squared up to what happened during Nazism

Prague, 3.11.2012 21:06, (Romano vod'i) We interviewed Mr Čeněk Růžička, chair of the Committee for the Redress of the Romani Victims of the Holocaust (Výbor pro odškodnění romských obětí holocaustu) about this sensitive topic and about today's relations between the majority part of Czech society and the Romani minority. We also asked him about Romani pride and what he believes that involves. The interview was conducted at the recent Roma Pride event in the Czech Republic, which involved a march through the streets of Prague and a discussion in the St. Salvator Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (Českobratrská církev evangelická).  full story

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