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January 18, 2022




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Romania: Ethnic Hungarian mob commits arson against Romani children accused of stealing

18.4.2017 7:14 The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) reports that on the last Friday in March an arson attack was committed in the small town of Gheorgheni, Romania against a Romani-occupied home. Agricultural storage buildings, an annex to the home, the home itself and other outbuildings were burned to the ground.  full story

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Czech Republic marks five years since the anti-Romani unrest in the Šluknov foothills

4.8.2016 14:17 Do you remember the summer of 2011, when the Czech Republic was shaken by anti-Roma unrest that seemed to come out of nowhere? "It's not against the Roma," the main
actors involved, who came from the ranks of local politicians, said at the time when asked to describe what was happening.  full story

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Czech court says property owner must give squatter representative the keys to the Klinika building, for now

13.6.2016 8:17 The Office for Government Representation for Property Affairs (ÚZSVM) in the Czech Republic must wait until the criminal justice authorities and the courts have completed their work and issued a decision in the proceedings that are open before taking any more steps regarding the building in the Žižkov quarter of Prague that is currently occupied by activists from the Autonomous Social Center Klinika. According to interim measures imposed by the court, the ÚZSVM is entitled to change the locks on the building but must still give the keys to the person who is borrowing it until the court cases are resolved.  full story

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Slovakia internationally criticized for forced sterilization, police impunity for brutality against Roma, position on refugee reception and segregated education

26.10.2015 12:00 The Slovak Spectator reports that the United Nations has sharply criticized reports of Slovak Police brutality against Romani residents. Repressive, systematic actions by police are occurring hand in hard with ineffective investigations of police misconduct.  full story

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Anti-immigrant arson, violence mark 80th anniversary of Nazi race laws, German civil society and leaders respond

6.10.2015 8:09 The month of September saw more arson attacks on prospective asylum-seeker facilities in western Germany. A former school in Gersheim meant to shelter several dozen people was intentionally set ablaze on 10 September, according to the Saarland State Police Presidium.  full story

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Council of Europe: Rejecting refugees on religious basis is pure discrimination

23.8.2015 0:51 Slovakia has found itself at the center of world media attention and under fire from the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, considered the "watchdog of democracy" on the continent, because of the country's willingness to mainly receive a group of Christians from among the barrage of refugees heading for Europe. Big international media outlets did not notice the Slovak plan until several weeks after Bratislava began speaking of it in June.  full story

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Commentary: Football still trumps immigration demonstrations for the Czech public

21.7.2015 1:12 On Saturday in Prague we saw demonstrations against receiving refugees and in favor of receiving them. These events struck me as bizarre and a bit tragicomic.
 full story

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Commentary: Actually, the Czech Police do not "know" that a gallows has no place in a democracy

6.7.2015 19:32 Police officers do not have an easy job and Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec evidently does not know much about their work. Just imagine someone bringing a mock-up of a gallows to a demonstration, as occurred last Wednesday.  full story

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Bulgaria: Switzerland investing in Roma integration there

5.7.2015 22:13 reported on 23 June that the Bulgarian Minister of Labor and Social Policy signed agreements with the municipalities of Burgas, Ruse and Sliven and Swiss Ambassador Denis Knobel on financing social inclusion of Roma, according to the ministry. The Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Program is to be jointly implemented by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Health and Minister of Labor and Social Policy.  full story

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Commentary: If I were Romani, I'd go crazy

29.3.2015 20:25 "To be Romani all too frequently means living in an excluded locality. To live in a ghetto means being close to the drug mafia, loan sharks, and speculators in social housing, to be in the sights of those who traffic in poverty. It means to experience despair, frustration , hopelessness and resignation. In such a situation, merely finding the will to escape it is a minor miracle," writes commentator Martin Vrba in an article for the Czech online magazine  full story

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Jarmila Balážová on the Czech Government Romani Integration Strategy

Prague, 26.2.2015 19:35, (ROMEA) Jarmila Balážová, press spokesperson for Czech Human Rights Minister Jiří Dienstbier, has responded to questions from news server about the newly-approved Romani Integration Stratey to 2020.  full story

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videoSpain: Mob sets two Romani-occupied homes on fire

Estepa, Spain, 9.7.2014 17:23, (ROMEA) Spanish media report that about 300 people gathered on the afternoon of Saturday 5 July in the small town of Estepa near Seville in Spain to protest rising crime rates. The demonstration turned into a violent attack on the homes of Romani residents whom the protesters believe responsible for theft.  full story

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Ukraine: Neo-Nazis from Right Sector form Donbas battalion to handle pro-Russian separatists

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 26.4.2014 1:02, (ROMEA) Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of Ukraine's neo-Nazis, is organizing a "special Donbas battalion" in eastern Ukraine to take care of public order and confront the activities of pro-Russian separatists. Yarosh announced the news in Dnipropetrovsk on 24 April.  full story

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Cyril Koky: Ukraine, where are you heading?

Prague, 18.3.2014 23:36, (ROMEA) Everyone is closely watching what is happening in Ukraine today with horror and an appropriate dose of fear. Ukraine has been seething since November, when its government halted preparations for signing an association agreement with the EU and called for expanding economic cooperation with Russia.  full story

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