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May 16, 2022




Jana Horváthová as a guest on the DVTV program in January 2020. (PHOTO: DVTV)
Jana Horváthová as a guest on the DVTV program in January 2020. (PHOTO: DVTV)

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New York Times: Social network operators do not know how to intervene against disinformation and hatred

2.11.2018 14:24 The New York Times reports that when the Instagram social networking site was established, it was meant to be a page for people to share photos of their children being cute, their meals or their pets, but according to many experts during the past year it has rather become a hotbed of hateful posts that aim to spark division. It is becoming more and more obvious that the big digital companies have never properly grasped the negative dimension of the enormous reach of their platforms or how to cope with it.  full story

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Czech court overturns acquittal in radical Islamic book distribution case

17.2.2017 7:04 The Prague Municipal Court, meeting in closed session, has overturned the acquittal of the former chair of the Muslim Community of Prague, Vladimír Sáňka, and returned the case to the District Court for Prague 1 to be reopened. Prague Municipal Court spokesperson Markéta Puci provided the information in response to a query by the Czech News Agency on 9 February.  full story

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Czech Republic: New campaign combats hate online

23.11.2015 20:30 The Czech Government's Hate Free Culture campaign has issued the following press release:  full story

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Czech football fans hang up Islamophobic banner during match, team later apologizes

14.8.2015 21:07 During a football match on 2 August between the Bohemians 1905 and FK Jablonec teams, fans from Jablonec nad Nisou hung up a banner in the stands that insulted Muslims. The provocative caricature depicted a Nordic female carrying a shield inscribed with "Europe" and kicking a pig wearing a turban, who is dropping a copy of the Koran as a result.  full story

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Commentary: Are the Czech police not bothered by death threats and a gallows?

6.7.2015 22:08 The following commentary was first published in Czech on 2 July.  full story

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Commentary: Czech MP uses Nazi term to discuss the impoverished

15.6.2015 17:17 At the end of May, an essential piece of news was reported about the so far unsuccessful attempts by more than one administration in the Czech Republic to halt the unfavorable trend of the creation of socially excluded localities. During the past nine years, the number of these places has doubled and the number of people who are being displaced into the "ghettos" has also risen.  full story

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Czech Republic: European legislative heads say anti-Semitism and intolerance must not be tolerated

Prague, 29.1.2015 2:20, (ROMEA) Calls to combat Islamist radicals and terrorism and to eliminate rising displays of anti-Semitism and intolerance were heard during a two-day international forum in Prague marking the 70th anniversary of the end of the Holocaust. The most dramatic challenge was addressed to the international community by Czech President Miloš Zeman, who warned of the threat of a "super Holocaust" by the radical organization Islamic State at a potential cost of hundreds of millions of lives.  full story

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Commentary: Fascist pixies, come out of the Czech moss!

Czech Republic, 24.10.2014 23:50, (ROMEA) Fascist rhetoric was used by candidates from various groups during this year's municipal and Senate elections in the Czech Republic. To what degree was it ultimately successful?  full story

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Czech town discusses "inadaptable" residents and planned repression

Jablonec nad Nisou, 16.9.2014 21:13, (ROMEA) "Public meeting with citizens about safety in the town, coexistence with inadaptables and welfare for housing" was the name of an event that took place on the evening of Tuesday, 2 September in the Grand Hall of Jablonec's Eurocenter, attended by roughly 300 people. Those invited included local residents, politicians, representatives of the municipal and state police, representatives of the Regional Hygiene Stations and the Building Works Authority.  full story

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Romania: Cif ad campaign gets rid of offensive, racist graffiti

Romania, 14.8.2014 21:54, (ROMEA) The Unilever company, which owns the Cif brand, has contributed to the removal of offensive, racist graffiti in Romania through a new ad campaign. Through a simple mobile application for smart phones, many people have become involved in the effort.  full story

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Demons of the Czech internet: Complexes, hatred, and frustration

Prague, 14.7.2014 20:00, (ROMANO VOĎI) "I want to show how absurd it is for anyone to claim to be a 'decent Czech' while simultaneously making some of the claims that turn up in the online discussions beneath news articles," says Jan Jablunka. His recent online video series, "Decent Czech" (Slušný Čech), which draws attention to the "demons of Czech online discussions", has recently poked thoroughly at more than one hornet's nest here.  full story

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video Let's stop hate online! New campaign called "I don't masturhate" is launched

Prague, 23.5.2014 17:44, (ROMEA) The internet is becoming more and more flooded with displays of hate bothering everyone who wants to go online, whether it be for entertainment, to seek information, or to work, and such hatred has a dangerous influence on children and youth. Now the ROMEA NGO is bringing to the Czech Republic an international campaign called "I don't masturhate", the aim of which is to create a friendly, tolerant online environment and eliminate hate on the internet.  full story

Czech intelligence service warns political parties may adopt extremist opinions

Prague, 7.11.2013 17:50, (ROMEA) In its annual report released today on its website, the Czech Security Information Service (Bezpečnostní informační služba - BIS) warns that standard political parties in the country may start taking up extremist opinions, especially at municipal level. BIS says that while the extremists themselves are becoming attenuated, political parties might exploit their opinions in order to earn the votes of people who are dissatisfied and frustrated, for example, because of the economic crisis.  full story

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Czech Republic: Municipality in Ostrava plans to ban right-wing radical meeting

Ostrava, 15.10.2013 16:55, (ROMEA) The local council of the centrally-located municipal department of Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz in Ostrava is planning to ban an anti-Romani event organized by right-wing radicals for this coming Saturday who have announced their intentions to gather and march through the town. Jana Pondělíčková, spokesperson for the Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz local government, told the Czech News Agency that the demonstration would coincide with an open house being held at the Ostrava Town Hall in the vicinity and the municipal department is concerned the ultra-right gathering poses a risk to security and will cause transportation complications.  full story

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Commentary: Romani unemployment endangers the Czech economy

13.10.2013 21:56, (ROMEA) According to estimates by the Czech Labor Office, the number of unemployed Romani people has significantly grown in recent years. While official statistics are not kept about the ethnicity of the unemployed, the Labor Office has produced its estimate for the Office of the Government to use as part of its reporting on how it is fulfilling its obligations as part of the Decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015.  full story

Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis hack e-mail and Facebook accounts of anti-racist activists and candidates

Prague, 3.10.2013 22:09, (ROMEA) Approximately 10 racist images, texts, and videos were posted today by neo-Nazis onto the Facebook profile of the Změna ("Change") movement, which is running in the parliamentary elections. The attack was just the latest in a series committed by racists against the e-mail accounts and Facebook profiles of groups and individuals who have long protested against neo-Nazism and racism in the Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech Republic: Ultra-right extremists now candidates for the "Heads Up!" bloc

Prague, 21.9.2013 18:34, (ROMEA) The "Heads Up!" (Hlava vzhůru!) bloc is running in the Czech Republic's early elections with the slogan "We fight for you!", but a more apt slogan for the group might be "We pick fights with you". Two right-wing extremists are among its candidates, as is a politician infamous for her previous racist remarks.  full story

Czech Republic: Charity refutes rumors that Romani people receive more child support from state than others

České Budějovice, 14.9.2013 19:54, (ROMEA) News server Dení reports that the Diocesan Charity of České Budějovice (Diecézní charita České Budějovice) is refuting yet another widespread, false rumor about the alleged privileging of Romani people. Rudolf Kondáš, the newly-hired crime prevention assistant to the municipal police at the Máj housing estate there, says he hopes this summer's police operations at the housing estate in response to neo-Nazi provocations there will not have to be repeated.  full story

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