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October 24, 2020



Neziskový sektor

Rankovce, Slovakia - a project for self-help construction of houses. (2019) (PHOTO:  TASR/František Iván)
Rankovce, Slovakia - a project for self-help construction of houses. (2019) (PHOTO: TASR/František Iván)

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Nonprofits and unions call on Czech PM to put forward social housing law

2.11.2018 10:14 Nonprofit organizations and unions have sent an open letter to Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš calling on his Government to produce a law on social housing. The Government pledged to do in its program declaration.  full story

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Czech state funding for nonprofits goes mostly to social policy and sports

29.4.2018 12:21 The Czech nonprofit organization to receive the greatest proportion of subsidies from the state budget during 2016 was, as it has traditionally been, the Football Association of the Czech Republic, which received CZK 375 900 000 [EUR 15 million]. Tens of millions more crowns in taxpayer money are also given to footballers through separate subsidies at the regional and municipal levels.  full story

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Czech MP wants to close nonprofits, Romani psychology student diagnoses him

15.12.2017 6:39 As a young child I used to dream that one day a phase would arise in human society where the main priority would be empathy, love and peace. Unfortunately, I am 21 years old now and nothing of the sort has come to pass yet.  full story

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videoRomani psychology student who is a ROMEA scholarship winner featured on Czech Television

8.9.2017 9:30 "Our parents never went to college, but I was told I would go to college by them at home from an early age," Roman Koky, a Romani student of psychology, says in a reportage produced by the "168 Hours" program on public broadcaster Czech Television. Along with his brother Michal, who is studying pharmacy, Roman Koky has attended a recent "Baruvas" ("We Are Growing") meeting of Romani high school and college scholarship recipients.
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