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October 23, 2021




Stav Beztíže (
Stav Beztíže ("State of Weightlessness") - an afternoon outdoor program for children in Prague's Vinohrady neighborhood, 7 June 2018.

Czech children's home turns Prague streets into summer camp, complete with parcour, this Thursday

4.6.2018 15:33 On Thursday, 7 June the playground near the Vinohradská vodárna tram stop in Prague will be transformed during the afternoon into a place of amusement and motivation, called "Stav Beztíže" ("The Weightless State") where parcours masters from the In Motion Academy, rappers Rest & DJ Herby, singer Jan Bendig and other performers will encourage children to pursue their dreams, to minimize the risks of spending time outdoors on the local streets, and to spend their free time meaningfully during the summer. How far one can go doing what one enjoys will be demonstrated by the performing artists and athletes.  full story

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Czech NGO sector creates 0.7 % of GDP - 128 000 nonprofits strong

1.12.2016 14:33 There are 128 000 nonprofit organizations in the Czech Republic. They don't just run hobby circles and recreational activities, but they also provide services to those in need.  full story

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