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January 18, 2020
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Občanská společnost

The Office of the Public Defender of Rights in Brno, Czech Republic. (PHOTO:  Czech Television)
The Office of the Public Defender of Rights in Brno, Czech Republic. (PHOTO: Czech Television)

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Czech Government Council for Romani Minority Affairs accepting nominations for civil society members

16.8.2018 6:22 The Office of the Czech Government Council for Romani Minority Affairs is beginning the process of appointing new civil society members. The council is chaired by Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš and has a total of 31 members, 14 of whom represent the state administration and 17 of whom represent the civil society section.  full story

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videoRomani psychology student who is a ROMEA scholarship winner featured on Czech Television

8.9.2017 9:30 "Our parents never went to college, but I was told I would go to college by them at home from an early age," Roman Koky, a Romani student of psychology, says in a reportage produced by the "168 Hours" program on public broadcaster Czech Television. Along with his brother Michal, who is studying pharmacy, Roman Koky has attended a recent "Baruvas" ("We Are Growing") meeting of Romani high school and college scholarship recipients.
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Some Czech schools don't teach enough about democracy

6.12.2016 9:08 One-third of primary and one-fifth of secondary schools in the Czech Republic are neglecting the instruction of subjects that are supposed to be priorities and are crucial to involving pupils in a democratic society. Such topics include an active approach to human rights, development of a general overview and civic competencies, prevention of extremism, respect for cultural differences, and support for democratic values.  full story

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Demonstration TODAY in Prague: "Nationalism is No Alternative", organized by the "No to Racism!" Initiative

17.11.2016 7:10 The "No to Racism!" Initiative (Ne rasismu!), which describes itself as an anti-fascist student organization, is holding a demonstration in Prague today to draw attention to the fact that mainstream politics is constantly shifting rightward toward authoritarianism and populism and that racism is becoming the norm of Czech society. The demonstration begins at 10 AM in front of the main train station in the capital.  full story

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Czech activists file report of suspected crime after officials fail to produce permit used as pretext for denying them access to facility

11.3.2016 23:29 Activists running the Autonomous Social Center Klinika in the Žižkov quarter of Prague 3 say they have filed a report of a suspected crime with the police over the fact that the Prague 3 Building Works Authority claimed to them and to the owner of the facility where their center has been operating that because the building had been issued a permit for a different use, the continued operation of the center there was illegal. Now it turns out there is no record of such a use permit.  full story

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Czech Theater of the Oppressed festival - Divufest 2015 - ends today

28.11.2015 3:59 Performances by actors' groups throughout the Czech Republic and a German partner organization, a three-day training of jokers led by experienced instructor Terry O'Leary and workshops of the Theater of the Oppressed for advanced and beginning performers from Germany (Hamze Bytyci and Christoph Leucht) are part of the second annual festival of the Theater of the Oppressed, Divufest 2015. The workshops are free of charge and interpreted into Czech.  full story

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VIDEO: Austrian gives refugees a ride - look what happened next!

8.9.2015 22:05 On Sunday, 6 September, approximately 100 Austrians announced they were undertaking a private initiative to assist refugees and drove to Hungary in their own cars from Vienna that same day. The aim of their trip was to deliver necessary items to refugees desperately waiting for a chance to reach their destinations - and to personally transport at least some of them to Austria.  full story

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Czech amendment would make it easier for minorities to ask for bilingual street signs

12.6.2015 19:16 If a proposed amendment passes, groups representing the interests of national minorities that have been active on the territory of a particular municipality for at least five years will be able to request bilingual street signs. Passage would also mean the Czech Interior Ministry would be able to intervene in territorial disputes between municipalities.  full story

Zeljko Jovanovic, director, Roma Initiatives Office

Interview with Zeljko Jovanovic, Director of the Roma Initiatives Office at the Open Society Foundations

18.5.2015 13:53 Zeljko Jovanovic is director of the Roma Initiatives Office (RIO), which aims to strengthen the voices and leadership of Roma with respect to improving public policies and services in Europe. Since the fall of the socialist regimes in Europe, Zeljko says he has witnessed "new claims for justice" being made in the context of those emerging democracies. He has published several articles in a variety of media such as The Guardian, La Repubblica, Foreign Policy Blogs, and on the RIO blog and is the co-author of the book From Victimhood to Citizenship: The path of Roma integration (2013, CEU Press).  full story

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Czech Republic: Non-Romani and Romani neighbors don't communicate or share decision-making on local matters

Prague, 4.3.2015 20:21, (ROMEA) In order to acquire prospects in life that give one hope for the future, one must have high self-esteem, pride in oneself and one's own actions, and respect for one's own identity. These are the values that the debilitating misery in the ghettos deprives their residents of.  full story

UK: Muslim leader says Islamists' first victims are moderate Muslims

London, 19.11.2014 20:31, (ROMEA) Representatives of the Anglican Church have for the first time invited a Muslim representative to address their general synod who has condemned the violence perpetrated by Islamists in the Middle East and the suffering that religious minorities, especially Christians, are subjected to there. Agence France-Presse reports that the Muslim representative has pointed out that the first victims of Islamist extremists have been and continue to be moderate Muslims.  full story

Neo-Nazis used against neo-Nazis... Local entrepreneurs and residents pledged to contribute EUR 10 for every meter marched by the supporters of Nazi ideology to the EXIT-Germany nonprofit organization, which helps former neo-Nazis extricate themselves from involvement with the environment of neo-Nazi cells.

videoGermany: Neo-Nazis inadvertently fund those opposed to them

Wunsiedel, Germany, 18.11.2014 21:58, (ROMEA) The Washington Post reports that the town of Wunsiedel in southeastern Germany has become a sort of traditional pilgrimage site for neo-Nazis. Until the year 2011, it was the burial place of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's second deputy after Göring.  full story

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