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May 31, 2020
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Czech MP from the far right is a trafficker in poverty

19.3.2018 8:29 Lubomír Volný, an MP in Tomio Okamura's "Freedom and Direct Democracy" (SPD) movement and a regional assembly member, has been renting properties for five years to the same impoverished families that the SPD customarily labels as "inadaptables" or "parasites", making money from the very welfare system that the SPD otherwise rejects as costly and dysfunctional. Public broadcaster Czech Television has reported on his business dealings in detail during an episode of Reportéři ČT that aired on 12 March.  full story

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Czech Republic: Yet another audio recording documents real estate agent discrimination against Roma

21.9.2017 12:34 Shortly afer published a recent report about an audio recording capturing an example of a practice engaged in by landlords in the Czech Republic who, in violation of the law, a priori refuse to lease their apartment units to prospective tenants because they are of Romani origin, our editors received another audio recording of such an interaction. This new recording is of a telephone coversation between Miroslav Brož, a social worker, and an unnamed employee (probably a secretary) of a real estate company in Teplice.  full story

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Czech Republic: Landlord recorded refusing to rent apartment to Roma

17.9.2017 20:10 The practice of some property owners treating prospective Romani tenants arbitrarily has been documented by news server more than once. This past July we reported on the CEO of the A Property firm, Ondřej Opletal, who made the illegal decision to evict Nikola Holubová, a Romani mother of three, onto the street from one day to the next in Prague.  full story

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Czech Regional Development Ministry may address traffickers in poverty with rent map

25.7.2017 9:43 Czech Television has broadcast an investigative reportage by reporter Richard Samko about a recent case of sophisticated trafficking in poverty that news server reported earlier this month. A Romani single mother of three young children contacted after the owner of the apartment they were living in (the A Property company) threw them onto the street from one day to the next.  full story

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Czech Republic: Protest march planned in Brno over eviction of 100+ mostly Romani families

3.12.2016 8:04 More than 110 families with children living on Cejl Street in Brno, Czech Republic are in danger of eviction over the New Year. The "We Want To Live Indoors!" initiative (Chceme bydlet!) is therefore convening a protest march on Tuesday, 6 December, to express support for the at-risk families and draw attention to the practices of those speculating in housing.  full story

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UK: Romani family from Czech Republic convicted of human trafficking and slavery

26.10.2016 6:15 News server reports that the BBC has reported that five members of a Romani family from the Czech Republic have been convicted of human trafficking and slavery. The gang of two men and three women, all between the ages of 28 to 37, lured Czech citizens to the UK and then forced them to work and live in shocking conditions through various threats.  full story

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Commentary: Can a "trafficker in poverty" improve the participation of impoverished Romani people?

15.4.2015 23:56 The creation of the Romani Council of Ostrava has raised big expectations that are shared not just by local and national politicians, but also by Romani activists and experts. No one seems bothered by the fact that the chair of the Romani Council and the organizer of the elections that chose its officers is Vladimír Leško - or at least, no one will publicly say so.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani Council of Ostrava gets politicians' blessing

15.4.2015 22:34 Yesterday in Ostrava representatives of the local Romani Council and its team of Romani experts met with politicians. Members of the Romani Council as well as political representatives view the creation of the Council as a milestone in collaboration between the Romani community and the city when it comes to solving their common problems.  full story

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UK: Family from Czech Republic charged with human trafficking

Plymouth, England, 30.3.2015 19:55, (ROMEA) A five-member family originally from the Czech Republic has been charged with human trafficking by authorities in the southeastern English town of Plymouth. People trafficked from the Czech Republic were forced to sleep in a garage, on the ground, or in a cupboard beneath a staircase and to give most of their pay to those who had trafficked them.  full story

One of the residential hotels in Ostrava on Cihelná street (2013). (Photo:  František Kostlán)

Czech Republic restricts payouts to traffickers in poverty running residential hotels

Prague, 29.12.2014 1:58, (ROMEA) The payment of housing supplements for accommodation in residential hotels will now be restricted by law. The supplements will be provided by the state to residential hotel operators based on the amount of space rented, not per the number of people living in a single unit.  full story

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