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May 23, 2022




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Czech Republic: Permission sought from Prostějov to install stones marking Holocaust victims

26.3.2018 9:13 The first stones to mark those who disappeared during the Holocaust from the town of Prostějov could soon be installed according to a program to commemorate Holocaust victims that is running in the Czech Republic and many other countries. The stones to mark the disappeared, called Stolpersteine, are paving stones 10 x 10 cm square with information about the victims engraved into a small bronze plaque on their surface.  full story

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Czech Senate appearance by Romani celebrity to commemorate Holocaust backed by war veteran

2.2.2017 8:22 On 27 January 2017 the Czech Senate hosted its traditional commemorative gathering on the occasion of International Day of Holocaust Remembrance and Prevention of Crimes against Humanity. Senate chair Milan Štěch (Czech Social Democratic Party - ČSSD) said the Holocaust was the worst example of how far intolerance can go.  full story

OSCE/ODIHR Event to Focus on Justice and Redress to Roma Victims of Forced Sterilization in the Czech Republic

30.5.2016 18:50 On Wednesday, 1 June, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) will convene an international conference on providing justice and compensation to Romani women who have been subjected to forced sterilization in the Czech Republic. Those attending will be representatives of the Czech Government, survivors of forced sterilization, civil society organizations including Roma community organizations, international experts, and representatives of the Council of Europe, the OSCE/ODIHR, and the United Nations.  full story

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UN Committee tells Czech Republic: Compensate victims of forced sterilization and punish those responsible

11.3.2016 17:49 For the purpose of improving the position of women in the Czech Republic, the UN Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) issued its Concluding Observations to the Czech Republic on 7 March, based on the Czech Government's Sixth Periodic Report to the Committee on upholding the UN Convention on Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination against Women. A delegation from the Czech Republic defended that report before the Committee in Geneva on 23 February.  full story

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Eva Clarke, born at Mauthausen when the Third Reich collapsed

11.5.2015 10:58 Eva Clarke and her mother Anka Bergman escaped the gas chamber at the Nazi concentration camp of Mauthausen in the nick of time. Eva was born there on 29 April 1945 when the Third Reich collapsed.  full story

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Ian Hancock: 500 000 Romani Holocaust victims? There could have been twice that.

Prague, 22.8.2014 17:38, (ROMEA) The repeated number of 500 000 Romani deaths in the Porrajmos is becoming the conventional, accepted total. But we do not know this for a fact. The documentation has not been completely located nor analyzed. We must guard against this figure becoming the accepted total, appearing in the (small number of) books that even acknowledge the genocide of our people. Is it a move to diminish the extent of the mass murder, the samudaripen, in the eyes of the world? If this low estimate can be shown to be true, this is surely a cause for gladness. But the number, in reality, was in fact much higher.  full story

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France: Czech film at Cannes dramatizes the lives of Roma

Cannes/Prague, 19.5.2014 21:38, (ROMEA) Czech Television reports that for the first time in 16 years, Czech cinematography has managed to fight its way onto the list of films that audiences attending the renowned festival at Cannes will be able to see. The social drama "The Way Out" (Cesta ven) by documentary filmmaker Petr Václav will be presented to an international audience there.  full story

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Czech Police unable to find founder of Facebook page calling for murder of "gypsies"

Czech Republic, 6.5.2014 18:21, (ROMEA) During the past few weeks, various pages promoting hatred have turned up on Facebook in the Czech language with names such as "We demand gypsies be shot dead with impunity" (Požadujeme beztrestné vystřílení cikánů), "Disabled children must be mercilessly killed" (Postižené děti je třeba bez milosti zabíjet), or "My stoned wife is available for sex" (Nabízím na sex svou zfetovanou manželku). All of these pages have listed their telephone contact as that of a Jaromír Merhaut, who has nothing whatsoever to do with them.  full story

Czech Republic: Neo-Nazis hack e-mail and Facebook accounts of anti-racist activists and candidates

Prague, 3.10.2013 22:09, (ROMEA) Approximately 10 racist images, texts, and videos were posted today by neo-Nazis onto the Facebook profile of the Změna ("Change") movement, which is running in the parliamentary elections. The attack was just the latest in a series committed by racists against the e-mail accounts and Facebook profiles of groups and individuals who have long protested against neo-Nazism and racism in the Czech Republic.  full story

Nikos Michaloliákos, leader of the Greek party Golden Dawn, now seated in parliament

Greece: Number of racist attacks rising

Athens, Greece, 22.7.2013 17:04, (ROMEA) Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports that a refugee named Omar Diallo suffered injuries during a recent attack on the street in Athens that required several stitches. Back in his home country of Guinea the 28-year-old was used to violence, but the hostile racism he has encountered in a Greece beset by crisis is a significant shock for him.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Neo-Nazis attempt pogrom on Roma, commit arson, nine injured, 28 arrests

České Budějovice, 29.6.2013 20:19, (ROMEA) Roughly 200 people, most of them Romani, gathered after 13:00 CET today at the Máj housing estate in České Budějovice where the assembly and cultural program "Čikhatar Het/Z bahna ven II" ("Out of the Mud II") was held by the Konexe civic association together with the local Romani community. The gathering was in response to an anti-Romani demonstration that started at 16:00 CET on Přemysl Otakar II Square and was attended by about 500 people.  full story

Czech Republic: Suspended sentences for 2011 attack on Roma

Prague, 28.6.2013 2:26, (ROMEA) Of the five aggressive youths who brutally beat up two Romani people in Prague two years ago, three have been given suspended sentences and two will not be punished for their involvement at all. The victims were provided legal aid by the In IUSTITIA association, and without their involvement the case might never have even made it before a court, since police downplayed the severity of the assault from the beginning.  full story

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videoCzech Republic: Injuries after DSSS provokes street warfare in Duchcov, police use tear gas and water cannon

Duchcov, 22.6.2013 19:34, (ROMEA) In the Czech town of Duchcov (Teplice district) the first clashes have taken place between riot police and promoters of the Workers Social Justice Party (Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti - DSSS). Bottles and rocks were thrown and police used firecrackers, tear gas and water cannon. Police have confirmed two officers injured, but others have sustained bloody cuts. A photographer was struck in the head with a rock and a woman also suffered injuries. The right-wing radical event completely lost any sort of organized progression.  full story

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Slovak Police demolish Roma settlement, infant reportedly hospitalized as a result

Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia , 21.6.2013 18:46, (ROMEA) On Sunday, 16 June 2013, some of the Romani residents of a settlement in Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia allegedly damaged a police vehicle. On Wednesday, 19 June, police returned to their community in force.  full story

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Commentary: Absurdly low sentences for murderous hunt for Roma in Czech Republic

Prague, 20.6.2013 18:44, (ROMEA) A new wave of open antigypsyism has recently resurfaced in the Czech Republic, one of several in this country's recent history. Both poverty and unemployment are contributing factors to it.  full story

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Czech Republic: Media blow yet another incident of interethnic violence out of proportion

Prague, 20.6.2013 1:06, (ROMEA) According to reports by some Czech media outlets and the responses to them in online discussions, it might seem as if multiple murders had just been committed in the Krásné Březno quarter of Ústí nad Labem. However, according to reporting by TV Nova (which is otherwise normally known for its sensationalism) the incident at issue was actually a blow to the head with some sort of object, causing an injury that was treated with one stitch.  full story

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