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October 22, 2019
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From left to right:  Governor of the Ústecký Region Oldřich Bubeníček, Jana Chudobová of the nonprofit organization Romano Jasnica, and Miroslav Balog, who saved the life of Nela, who was two and a half years old when she fell into a brook in Trmice, Czech Republic. Balog was given the Governor's Medal on 31 May 2019. (PHOTO:
From left to right: Governor of the Ústecký Region Oldřich Bubeníček, Jana Chudobová of the nonprofit organization Romano Jasnica, and Miroslav Balog, who saved the life of Nela, who was two and a half years old when she fell into a brook in Trmice, Czech Republic. Balog was given the Governor's Medal on 31 May 2019. (PHOTO:

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Czech Republic: ROMEA organization is a recipient of the Anticorruption Endowment's award for bravery

12.12.2017 10:16 The Anticorruption Endowment (Nadační fond proti korupci - NFPK) in the Czech Republic has given its awards for bravery this year to the ROMEA organization, to activist Jakub Čech, and to the former director of the Quality Control Department of the Road and Motorway Directorate. This award is given to people who are not afraid to point out the existence of corruption or other negative phenomena in society irrespective of the consequences for them personally.  full story

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Romani activist Čeněk Růžička receives prestigious Artis Bohemiae Amicis award, Czech Culture Minister promises current Govt will buy pig farm

30.9.2017 10:25 The Artis Bohemiae Amicis award was given yesterday to Romani activist Čeněk Růžička. Czech Culture Minister Daniel Herman honored Mr Růžička's tireless efforts to achieve satisfaction for victims of the Romani Holocaust through his cultural activities, primarily his exhibitions on the topic.  full story

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Slovakia: Nominations begin for Roma Spirit 2017 under auspices of President Kiska

28.7.2017 17:23 Nominations have begun for the prestigious ninth annual Roma Spirit awards in Slovakia, which highlight extraordinary deeds and efforts by specific individuals and organizations to improve the life and position of Romani people there. The award is administered by the Association for Culture, Education and Communications (ACEC), Slovak Radio and Television, and the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for the Roma Community.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani musician receives award for civic bravery

2.6.2017 7:03 The singer Radek Banga was given the František Kriegel Award on Wednesday, 31 May for civic bravery. Last year, during the announcement of the winners of the "Czech Nightingale" popular music awards, Banga protested against the fascist band Ortel being honored.  full story

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Czech civil society prize goes to Romani musician Radek Banga for protesting music award to neo-Nazi band

12.4.2017 14:10 The František Kriegel Award, which is given annually by the Charter 77 Foundation, is being given this year to the Romani musician and singer Radek Banga. He is being given the prize for what the foundation called his "brave civic stance" during last year's announcement of the "Golden Nightingale" music awards, when he publicly objected to a prize awarded to the Ortel band.  full story

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Slovakia: MP for fascist party criticizes recipients of state honors because of their origins and work

16.1.2017 10:17 Stanislav Mizík, an MP with the fascist party called "Kotleba-People's Party our Slovakia" (LSNS) has criticized Slovak President Andrej Kiska for awarding high state honors to figures such as film director Juraj Jerz and the Czech musician Michael Kocáb. The MP justified his criticism by stating that those honored were of Jewish origin and by disparaging their activities.  full story

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Slovak President gives state honors to 20 figures, including Czech politician

10.1.2017 11:45 High state honors were awarded yesterday in Slovakia to film director Juraj Herz, in memoriam to the longtime editor of the Romano nevo l'il newspaper Daniela Hivešová-Šilanová, and to the Czech politician Michael Kocáb. They were among 20 such figures honored by Slovak President Andrej Kiska at the castle in Bratislava.  full story

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US Embassy to the Czech Republic gives Alice Garrigue Masaryk Award to the "We Aid Refugees" organization

18.12.2016 19:38 On the occasion of International Human Rights Day (10 December), US Ambassador to the Czech Republic Andrew H. Schapiro gave the Alice Garrigue Masaryk Award on 8 December to the organization "We Aid Refugees" (Pomáháme lidem na útěku - PLNU) for its work in the human rights area coordinating and supporting the aid provided by Czech volunteers to refugees on the so-called "Balkan route". "We are giving this award for the enthusiasm with which this organization aids people fleeing war-torn countries," Ambassador Schapiro said during the ceremony at his residence in Prague 6.  full story

Richard Samko on receiving the 2016 Roma Spirit Award: Give Romani people a chance!

15.12.2016 20:18 On Saturday 10 December 2016, Human Rights Day, I received the Roma Spirit Award in the category of Media. I would like to once again thank everybody who nominated me.  full story

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2016 Roma Spirit Awards in the Czech Republic: Ctibor Nečas, R-Mosty, Evangelical Academy, Richard Samko and Olga Fečová

15.12.2016 19:21 The 2016 Roma Spirit Awards for aid to the Romani minority and efforts at good coexistence were won this year by the R-Mosty company, the Evangelical Academy, and Czech Television journalist Richard Samko. The award for cultural contribution went to teaching assistant Olga Fečová, while the scholar Ctibor Nečas won in the Individual category.  full story

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Czech Republic: 2016 Prize of the Museum of Romani Culture goes to Margita Lázoková

2.12.2016 17:27 The Prize of the Museum of Romani Culture, given annually to an eminent figure whose work has contributed to the development, preservation and promotion of Romani culture, was won this year by Margita Lázoková. The ninth annual awards ceremony took place last week as part of a musical evening commemorating Czechoslovakia's very first Romfest 1990.  full story

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Czech Gov't Council on Romani Affairs calls on public figures to speak out against hate and xenophobia

2.12.2016 7:29 The civil society members of the Czech Government Council on Romani Affairs have called on public figures to take a clear stand against the xenophobic music group Ortel, which is spreading hatred and has received an award as part of a popular music survey. "The prizewinning band has a clear connection to the extreme right and espouses ideas that are incompatible with the basic legal documents of the Czech Republic by supporting hatred against various groups of people. It is not possible to express support of any kind for such performers," reads their declaration, which news server publishes here in full translation:  full story

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Deputy Mayor of Prague proposes Romani celebrity receive award from the Czech capital for his brave stance against hate music

2.12.2016 7:00 Deputy Mayor of Prague Petra Kolínská (Green Party) proposed on Tuesday that the Romani singer Radek Banga be given the Award of the Capital City of Prague for his many years of activity aiming to prevent risky behavior in youth and for his open stance against hate music. "The atmosphere in society has become tense recently, the language of hatred is beginning to become more and more the norm, even outside of online social networks," she posted to her Facebook profile.  full story

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