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November 24, 2020




Petr Bendl, the Civic Democratic Party's candidate for the Czech Senate in the Kladno precinct, says in a campaign video that he is basically against immigration and the mindless provision of aid to those he terms
Petr Bendl, the Civic Democratic Party's candidate for the Czech Senate in the Kladno precinct, says in a campaign video that he is basically against immigration and the mindless provision of aid to those he terms "inadaptables". (PHOTO: Facebook page of Petr Bendl)

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Czech Senate elections won by the right-wing Civic Democrats

17.10.2018 8:42 The victor of this year's elections to the Czech Senate is the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), 10 of whose 11 candidates have won their runoffs. The party will have the strongest club in the upper chamber, tying the STAN (Mayors and Independents) movement, which won six of its runoffs.  full story

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Czech Civic Democrats want to suspend welfare for misdemeanor recidivists

8.10.2018 18:10 The opposition Civic Democratic Party (ODS) submitted a bill on 1 October in the Czech lower house that would make it possible to deprive welfare recipients of their benefits, including housing benefits, for up to three months should the recipient commit a misdemeanor three times during the course of one year, whether the infraction was disturbing nighttime quiet or petty theft. The proposed measures are part of a bill establishing the rules for when entitlement to welfare benefits elapses.  full story

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Czech landlord pressured to leave Civic Democratic Party for trafficking in poverty, he denies the accusation

25.7.2018 5:59 Martin Kuba, the chair of the South Bohemian regional association of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS), has met with his party colleague, Jan Zedník, seeking an explanation of Zedník's business enterprises leasing apartment units in socially excluded localities. News server reports that Kuba has proposed cancelling Zedník's party membership.  full story

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Czech court fines politician for bribery and extortion in attempt to buy votes of Romani people

6.3.2017 9:38 News server Aktuálně.cz has reported that on 24 February the Municipal Court in Prague upheld the first-instance conviction of a former council member of the Prague-Letňany Municipal Department, Jan Mikulecký (for the Civic Democratic Party - ODS), over events during the 2014 municipal elections. Mikulecký must pay a fine of CZK 100 000 [EUR 3 700] for bribery and extortion or spend nine months in prison.  full story

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Czech party revives anti-Romani slogan - "Gadje, get to work" - in Ústecký Region, and wins

9.10.2016 20:12 The Civic Democratic Party (ODS) in Ústecký Region has revived a racist slogan from 2008 and struck an anti-Romani note in the run-up to this weekend's elections. The video clip published on the official Facebook page of the party begins with the sentence "Hey, gadje, why do you have time to sit down? Get to work so we'll have enough money for welfare!"  full story

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Czech regional elections: Romani ODS candidate Milan Horvát says small-town schools need good educators

6.10.2016 18:02 On Friday, 7 October and Saturday, 8 October, citizens of the Czech Republic will vote for regional councilors and in some regions also for the one-third of the Czech Senate whose electoral terms are expiring. Political parties have also sent several candidates to the regional elections who are of Romani nationality.  full story

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Commentary: Czech MP uses Nazi term to discuss the impoverished

15.6.2015 17:17 At the end of May, an essential piece of news was reported about the so far unsuccessful attempts by more than one administration in the Czech Republic to halt the unfavorable trend of the creation of socially excluded localities. During the past nine years, the number of these places has doubled and the number of people who are being displaced into the "ghettos" has also risen.  full story

Alleged extremist leaves Czech ruling ODS - party official

Prague, 27.1.2008 21:21, (ROMEA/CTK) Martin Bacik, who has allegedly contacts with extremists, left the Czech senior ruling Civic Democratic Party (ODS) today, Pavel Hamza, manager of the ODS Moravian-Silesian branch, told CTK, but Bacik dismissed it.  full story

Czech ODS plans measures to prevent extremists in party - server

Prague, 27.1.2008 13:38, (ROMEA/CTK) Another member of the Czech senior government Civic Democratic Party (ODS) has contacts with right-wing extremists, and in reaction to it the ODS is preparing measures to protect the party from controversial members, iDnes server reported today.  full story

Czech govt ODS politicians sign petition supported by extremists

Prague, 8.1.2008 0:59, (ROMEA/CTK) Several Czech senior ruling Civic Democrat (ODS) politicians have signed a petition defending "traditional values" among whose signatories some extreme right-wingers figure, the daily Denik has reported.  full story

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