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January 25, 2020
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Open Society Fund Prague conference on Romani children's access to education: How to explain the delay?

18.11.2017 18:05 An estimated 300 000 Romani people live in the Czech Republic, the equivalent of approximately 3 % of the overall population. In 2007 the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Romani children here face discrimination in education on the basis of their ethnicity.
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Karin Marques: A visit to the Romani children in the Slovak schools

17.3.2017 7:14 Karin Marques, a specialist in inclusive education with the Open Society Fund Prague, has published on the website of the foundation her impressions from a study trip to Slovakia organized by the League of Community Schools (Liga komunitních škol), which is involved in community education and inclusive education. News server publishes it here in full translation:  full story

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Fake news item spreads online alleging George Soros has died

16.12.2016 16:51 At the beginning of the week of 14 November a fake news item began to spread online alleging that George Soros has died, including in the Czech language. The news item was quickly refuted and labeled false and is just the latest in a chain of untrue, falsified news items about the deaths of famous figures.  full story

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Czech Police expert disagrees that Roma should stay away from anti-Romani demonstrations

Prague, 13.12.2014 0:12, (ROMEA) Last week a round table was held on the issue of violent hate crimes at the American Center in Prague. The gathering was held by Open Society Fund Prague for
representatives of nonprofit organizations and the state administration, and its aim was to reflect on the recent anti-Romani marches and the anti-Romani atmosphere in Czech society.  full story

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Romani college students hold discussion in the Czech Parliament

Prague, 14.11.2014 22:07, (ROMEA) Yesterday a breakfast meeting was convened between Romani college students and women members of the Czech lower house. The meeting took place on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the announcement of the infamous European Court of Human Rights judgment of 2007 in the case of D.H. and Others vs. the Czech Republic.  full story

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