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May 19, 2022



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Czech Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlíček (PHOTO: David Sedlecký, Wikimedia Commons)
Czech Industry and Trade Minister Karel Havlíček (PHOTO: David Sedlecký, Wikimedia Commons)

OSCE Mission to Serbia responds to Romani NGOs about alleged radicalization, references British Council report

21.7.2018 10:48 On 20 July 2018 the OSCE Mission to Serbia responded to the letter sent by the international Roma Nation Movement regarding allegations of radicalization among Romani community members in Serbia. The letter expressed concern that a recent consultancy post had been advertised in such a way as to stigmatize the Roma.

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Central European artists and politicians call for solidarity with migrants

18.9.2015 20:51 Agence France-Presse (AFP) and the Associated Press (AP) report that Czech film director Jiří Menzel and former Czech Prime Minister Petr Pithart are among hundreds of artists and politicians from Central Europe who have called on the citizens and representatives of their countries to demonstrate solidarity with asylum-seekers. The AFP reports that Central European citizens frequently are antagonistic and sometimes hostile towards migrants coming to Europe.  full story

RomaReact Group: Brussels, 26th of June, 2013. A day we will undoubtedly remember due to the meeting, organized by us – the Roma activists. (FOTO:

European Roma Grassroots Organizations Network calls on EU to fund Romani "watchdog" groups

25.6.2015 17:49 In an open letter to EU officials, the ERGO Network has welcomed the European Commission's annual communication on Roma Integration and is calling for a "targeted funding strand" for Roma NGOs engaged in "watchdog" work. ERGO thanked the officials for acknowledging the need to combat anti-Gypsyism.  full story

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Bulgaria: Roma at home and abroad respond to violence committed during anti-Romani protests

25.6.2015 0:18 On 23 June 2015, Jovan Damjanović, president of the Belgrade-based World Roma Organization, sent an open letter to the Bulgarian Prime Minister expressing his organization's surprise over the recent violent anti-Romani protests that have taken place in Sofia and elsewhere. "I expect that you will do everything to avoid the use of force against the Roma community and I urge that, in accordance with international conventions and the rights of national minorities, you will provide all human and civil rights of Roma in the Republic of Bulgaria," the letter reads.  full story

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Italian court rules that official camps for Roma only are discriminatory as evictions continue

23.6.2015 19:28 On 9 June the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) reported the Italian media as saying that approximately 100 Romani people are to be evicted from a facility called the Ferrotel building by the Municipality of Cosenza and relocated to an official, segregated tent camp. A total of 400 Romani people now living in the informal Vaglio Lise camp there have also been targeted for removal for some time.  full story

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Czech Chamber of Commerce considers local branch's call for Army to patrol Roma unacceptable

23.6.2015 17:46 An "Open Call" demanding a solution to the "negative immigration of inadaptables" and the deployment of the Czech Army to patrol Romani residents in excluded localities was published several days ago by the District Chamber of Commerce (OHK) in the town of Ústí nad Labem. News server reported yesterday that the leadership of the national Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic did not respond to our questions regarding the "Open Call".  full story

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Czech town's chamber of commerce wants to deploy the Army against Roma

22.6.2015 19:57 The District Chamber of Commerce (Okresní hospodářská komora - OHK) in the Czech town of Ústí nad Labem has published an "Open Call to Local Politicians and Citizens" that reads as follows: "In Ústí nad Labem and other towns we are threatened by a demographic catastrophe that may already be unavoidable. We must have the courage to describe this problem and propose solutions."  full story

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Czech Republic: Activists want incoming governing coalition to enact Human Rights Ministry

Prague, 27.11.2013 0:05, (ROMEA) A total of 40 nonprofit organizations and several eminent figures in the Czech Republic have issued an open letter calling on the heads of the ANO, Christian Democratic and Social Democratic parties to consider establishing a Ministry for Human Rights, Minorities and Equal Opportunities should they form a government. Proponents of the move believe it would mean such issues would receive greater weight and would not only help solve country's problems with ghettos, but would even benefit the economy as a whole.  full story

Join the open letter to the Board of Czech Television on the depiction of Romani people

Prague, 9.11.2013 19:07, (ROMEA) Documentary filmmaker Lukáš Senft, who has previously written an open letter to the creators of the "Sanitka 2" television serial, has decided to contact the Board of Czech Television about his concerns. "I would like to know: Will Czech Television soon be taking a clear, decisive step toward more fair and socially sensitive productions that will present the complexity of our world through the language of images in a way that does not simplify or trivialize it, but that reveals contexts, carefully making and analyzing important connections?" Senft writes in his open letter.  full story

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