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January 18, 2022




Michael O'Flaherty, director, European Agency Fundamental Human Rights Agency (2020)
Michael O'Flaherty, director, European Agency Fundamental Human Rights Agency (2020)

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Martina Horváthová: Freely casting your ballot is your right - and nobody elses business!

30.9.2018 9:57 I vote regularly in every election. If I ever were to not vote, I would feel pangs of conscience for having neglected my duty as a citizen.  full story

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Hungarian Parliament approves law sanctioning NGOs, amends Constitution to prevent "foreign settlement"

24.6.2018 13:45 The Hungarian Parliament has approved a package of anti-immigration laws introducing, among other things, punishments for supporting illegal migration, Reuters
reported on 21 June. The new legislation, called the "Stop Soros" package, has been criticized by the Council of Europe for facilitating the prosecution of NGOs aiding migrants who have no right to asylum in the country.  full story

Slovak Parliament condemns growing displays of extremism

21.6.2018 20:01 The Slovak Parliament approved a resolution yesterday expressing concerns over the growing displays of extremism, hatred and intolerance in Slovakia. The
legislature has done so in response to the fatal May attack on a Filipino man in the center of Bratislava who succumbed to his injuries in hospital.  full story

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Danish Parliament approves harsher law against begging but stops short of requiring deportations

28.6.2017 7:18 Earlier this month the Danish Parliament approved a harsher law against begging in Denmark with a clear majority vote. Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) reports that among
those who beg in the northern European country, eastern European Romani immigrants are frequently represented.  full story

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Slovak Parliament changes regional election rules, extremists could benefit

16.2.2017 6:50 The Slovak Parliament has changed the rules for the direct election of the chairs (Governors) of the country's eight self-administered regions less than a year before the next elections are to be held. According to the opposition, the amendment could aid extremist candidates including some incumbents, six of whom were supported during the 2013 elections by the Social Democrats headed by Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (Směr-SD).
 full story

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