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August 13, 2020



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Doc. PhDr. et PhDr. Martin Kaleja, Ph.D. (PHOTO:  Romano vod'i archive)
Doc. PhDr. et PhDr. Martin Kaleja, Ph.D. (PHOTO: Romano vod'i archive)

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Czech research finds educators believe excessive numbers of pupils in classes are barrier to inclusion

7.3.2018 18:14 According to a survey of the opinions of principals and teachers about the impacts of the reforms for common education (amendments about inclusion), after the first year of implementing the reforms in practice what has most improved is financial support for educating children with special needs. Principals of mainstream primary schools, however, continue to grapple with a lack of assistants and special educators.  full story

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Czech EdMin closing one funding avenue for teaching assistants for socially disadvantaged pupils

22.7.2017 14:29 According to recent reports, the Czech Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport has decided that as of September 2017 it will no longer continue its development program that finances assistants for teachers working with socially disadvantaged pupils. According to the website, which serves teaching assistants, in practice this will mean an end to the vast majoirty of teaching assistants now working in the schools.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani preschool teacher knows change is possible

28.10.2015 8:34 Božena Horváthová teaches Romani preschoolers on Cejl Street in Brno, the Czech Republic's second-largest city. In a reportage broadcast by Czech Television last month, she described her greatest dream as follows: "You know what I envision? For us to not be 'sidelined', for us to be involved in society. For our children to study and have beautiful professions. I have managed this with my own children and I know it can be done. I know this can be changed."
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