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August 17, 2022




The Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (PHOTO:  Czech Television)
The Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic (PHOTO: Czech Television)

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Amnesty International: We demand justice for the victims of the Slovak Police raid on the Roma settlement of Moldava nad Bodvou

19.9.2017 12:11 Amnesty International (AI) finds the approach taken by the authorities toward investigating charges of police violence from 2013 in the Romani community living on Budulovská Street in Moldava nad Bodvou, Slovakia to be unjust. AI believes the authorities' handling of this case has violated binding international treaties on human rights.
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USA: Petition to rename the "Gypsy" series warns of dangerous stereotypes

25.7.2017 5:49 "'Gypsy' is a racist slur against Romani people who have suffered from slavery and genocide and who have been targeted by the Nazis in World War II. [...] By keeping the name Netflix is normalizing the usage of a racist slur," reads an online petition that currently has more than 1 900 signatures.  full story

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Slovakia: Romani women protest discrimination in maternity hospital with a petition

6.5.2017 19:28 In Prešov, Slovakia, Romani mothers are grappling with being discriminated against by health care staff in the obstetrics and gynecological department of a particular hospital. Romani women do not receive the same health care as Slovak women, are separated from other expectant mothers in the ward, are insulted by staff and other patients, and are not informed enough about the state of their health and the procedures of the hospital facility.  full story

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Czech ministers support academic effort to de-escalate hatred of immigrants

20.8.2015 16:41 Czech Vice Prime Minister for Science Pavel Bělobrádek, Human Rights Minister Jiří Dienstbier and Education Minister Kateřina Valachová expressed support today for a recent effort by academics to de-escalate hatred of immigrants in the country. Dienstbier had previously expressed support for the academics' petition at the beginning of the week.  full story

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Czech petition launched against verdict in Romani man's death

Prague, 3.4.2014 19:38, (ROMEA) An online petition has been created to express disagreement with the recent verdict of the Regional Court in the trial of Stanislav Sýkora. The 31-year-old Czech man attacked three Romani men on 24 May 2013.  full story

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Czech petition protests Romani people near mall in Hradec Králové

Hradec Králové, 11.3.2014 17:26, (ROMEA) Some citizens of the Czech town of Hradec Králové are reportedly bothered by the presence of Romani people near the Atrium mall. The manager of the shopping center was the first to send a letter to the town hall asking them to do something about it.  full story

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Czech town tries to prevent panic and anti-Romani demonstrations

Příbram, 20.1.2014 22:07, (ROMEA) Last Friday a meeting was organized by the town of Příbram which aimed to respond to a recent petition circulating there called "For a Safe Příbram" which was authored by local resident Lenka Synková and has been signed by several hundred people. When asked why she wrote the petition, Synková said:  full story

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AI petition asking EU to halt discrimination of Roma gets almost 100 000 signatures

Brussels/Prague, 26.6.2013 17:42, (ROMEA) Almost 100 000 people from around the world have signed a petition by Amnesty International (AI) supporting the rights of Romani people in the European Union. The AI document calls on the European Commission to halt discrimination against Romani people in Europe and force the Member States to uphold EU anti-discrimination law. The Commission is preparing to publish a report on the integration of Roma today.  full story

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Czech municipality claims it offered evictees leases, they say otherwise

Ostrava, 6.5.2013 18:20, (ROMEA) Representatives of the remaining occupants of Ostrava’s Přednádraží ghetto met today with Vice-Mayor Petra Bernfeldová, who told them that the central municipal department of Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz will not be leasing vacant apartments to most of those recently evicted from the last occupied building there. Some of the evictees are allegedly indebted and therefore do not qualify for a municipally-owned apartment, while others either allegedly rejected previous offers of municipal leases or never applied for them in the first place.  full story

Czech Republic: Crisis Committee launches petition for Museum of Roma Culture

Czech Republic, 8.4.2013 18:44, (ROMEA) The Museum of Roma Culture in the Czech Republic is facing the threat of a possible merger with the Moravian Museum as a result of the first phase of savings measures approved by the Czech Government at its 16 January cabinet session. Disagreement with this plan has been expressed by the Czech Government Inter-ministerial Commission for Roma Community Affairs, the Romani Crisis Committee, and many individuals. The Romani Crisis Committee has set up a petition addressed to the Czech Culture Minister and Czech Prime Minister, “For the Museum of Roma Culture” (Za Muzeum romské kultury), expressing disagreement with this merger.  full story

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Amnesty International calls for an end to discrimination against Romani people in Europe

London/Prague, 6.4.2013 21:14, (ROMEA) On the occasion of International Romani Day on 8 April, Amnesty International (AI) is warning the European Union that it is not doing enough to end discrimination against Romani people in the Member States. The world’s largest human rights organization has launched a Europe-wide campaign called “Human Rights Here, Roma Rights Now”.  full story

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ROMEA joins declaration of solidarity with Syrian civilians

Prague, 1.3.2013 23:25, (ROMEA) The ROMEA association has joined an initiative expressing solidarity with civilians in Syria afflicted by the armed conflict that has been ongoing there for some time. Through its declarations (an open letter and a petition) the initiative is calling on Czech politicians, the European Union and the United Nations to open cross-border corridors for humanitarian aid, mainly from Turkey. Today aid is primarily not reaching the people living in northern Syria on territory in the hands of the opposition. Below please find the full translation of the declaration:  full story

Petition: Urgent Call to stop the decline of Roma Civil Society

EU, 17.2.2013 16:11, (ROMEA) Hereby, we the undersigned, call upon the European Commission, donors and stakeholders involved in the inclusion of Roma to take the necessary measures to ensure that EU policies, funding priorities and projects fulfil the objective of helping Roma become equal European citizens.  full story

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Czech practical primary schools to be transformed, not closed

Prague, 4.2.2013 17:33, (ROMEA) Deputy Education Minister Jiří Nantl says "practical primary schools" in the Czech Republic will not be closed as many fear, but that it is necessary to transform them as per a European Court of Human Rights judgment so that pupils are not enrolled into such schools simply because they come from socially disadvantaged environments. Czech Government Human Rights Commissioner Monika Šimůnková told a public hearing in the Czech Senate today that the schools must be transformed.  full story

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Czech "practical schools" won't close, petition is causing hysteria

Prague, 30.11.2012 23:20, (ROMEA) News server Aktuálně.cz reports that tens of thousands of people have signed a petition against closing the "practical primary schools" that was delivered to representatives of the Czech Education Ministry last Friday. The actual situation is much less dramatic than the sensation stirred up around the alleged closure of the "practical primary schools". Both the Czech Government and the ministry say they are counting on such schools continuing to exist.  full story

Thousands sign Czech petition for "practical schools"

Prague, 23.11.2012 19:42, (ROMEA) Some parents and teachers are defending the Czech Republic's former "special schools", which are still attended in large numbers by Romani children today, including children who are not disabled. A petition to preserve the schools has received more than 75 000 signatures. Authors of the petition plan to deliver it to the Czech Education Ministry today.  full story

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Czech students against neo-Nazi concerts in their town

Žatec, 10.11.2012 18:55, (ROMEA) News server reports that hundreds of people in the town of Žatec have signed a petition organized by local students against the fact that neo-Nazi bands perform concerts several times a year in the restaurant of the People's House (Lidový dům) there. Because the restaurant is privately owned, the town does not have many options for intervening against the neo-Nazi events.  full story

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