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June 25, 2019
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Platforma pro sociální bydlení

On 5 January 2017 the
On 5 January 2017 the "Have a Home" initiative organized a "happening" in front of the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic in Prague to call for adoption of a law on social housing. (PHOTO: Martina Hrdličková)

Czech Govt to build 55 000 "cells" for the poor, Platform for Social Housing says thousands of new ghettos will result

30.3.2018 20:28 According to a new proposal from the Czech Regional Development Ministry, the Czech Government wants to build a new type of accommodation for the country's impoverished inhabitants, so-called "social homes". There could be as many as 55 000 "cells" involved.

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Czech Republic must change its approach to homelessness, international experts advise

22.11.2017 17:12 On 20 November, international experts on how to address homelessness and housing shortages from Finland, France and the United States of America visited Prague to recommend the Czech Republic transform the way it addresses these issues. According to the experts, the only actually functional solution in the world, including for the Czech Republic, is to systematically house homeless persons with support and to prevent their being made homeless in time - this is the only way to reduce their numbers and saves the state the most financially as well.  full story

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Czech initiative says those in need of housing will not receive it unless law requires it

17.1.2017 8:59 The "Have a Home" (Mít svůj domov) initiative, which brings together more than 90 organizations working in the social sphere, resolutely rejects the Czech Government's proposal not to legally require municipalities to provide social housing in the Law on Social Housing now being drafted. The initiative says that if the law does not require municipalities to provide social housing for needy groups or create some other guarantee that aid will be provided by the state to those in need of housing, most of the 200 000 people now in need of housing will not be housed.  full story

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Czech Platform for Social Housing: Fire shows children must be rescued from living in residential hotels

8.4.2015 23:16 On the night of 6 April, six children who had been forced to live in a residential hotel in the town of Ostrov near Karlovy Vary almost burned to death. Tenants were standing with their children in the windows of the building planning to jump in order to escape the flames.  full story

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Czech Platform for Social Housing chair: Roma in residential hotels need a chance at a dignified life

8.4.2015 0:04 "If you get hit by a car, the emergency medical technicians don't ask you if you looked both ways before you crossed the street. Losing housing is a similar catastrophe. It is in everyone's interest for homelessness not to become an intractable fate, but the briefest possible episode in someone's life," says Štěpán Ripka, chair of the Platform for Social Housing in the Czech Republic; news server interviewed him about the progress on a social housing law.  full story

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European research shows most homeless people can maintain housing when rehoused

Prague, 28.10.2014 17:12, (ROMEA) The vast majority of homeless people who are rehoused quickly manage to maintain their housing and rebound. The success rates in various parts of Europe are more than 80 %, with 97 % success rates in some places.  full story

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Czech Platform for Social Housing position paper calls for permanent housing

Prague, 23.7.2014 21:12, (ROMEA) The stories of people who have found themselves in need of housing were recently heard over the course of two days in Prague by experts on social issues, the ombud, and representatives of the authorities. Homeless men and women and the tenants of problematic residential hotels described their personal experiences at the meeting, which took place at the Office of the Government.  full story

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Czech NGOs say social housing can be addressed through more investment

Prague, 21.3.2014 19:22, (RO) The Czech state should invest more money into social welfare, including social housing, or it will not be possible for towns and villages to be responsible for providing it. That is the joint statement released recently by the Platform for Social Housing and the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic (Svaz měst a obcí ČR - SMOČ).  full story

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