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June 30, 2022




Entrepreneur Martin Fajner (left) (2022). (PHOTO:  ROMEA TV)
Entrepreneur Martin Fajner (left) (2022). (PHOTO: ROMEA TV)

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Czech Agriculture Ministry wants to collaborate with Romani business group, says Czech Forests already working with one

12.7.2018 11:28 News server reported on 8 July that the Association of Romani Entrepreneurs and Guilds was alleging that "nobody" has responded to their offer to provide Romani workers to combat the bark beetle calamity. The Agriculture Ministry, however, says it welcomes the aid and that negotiations will begin soon.  full story

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Ivan Kandráč: Roma seeking rentals are out of luck in the Czech Republic

12.10.2017 12:15 If you live in an excluded locality in the Czech Republic and you want to move away from it, you will obviously seek a rental elsewhere. You will look for one in a classified advertisement, call the manager, personally view the property, sign the contract and move in.  full story

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Czech Republic: Successful Romani hairdresser launches fashion designs

28.4.2017 8:23 Alexander Slepčík has been a hair stylist for more than 10 years and has owned his own salon for more than five. He also advises people on their clothing as a stylist.  full story

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Slovakia: Romani businessman stopped from distributing food to the homeless by authorities

15.2.2017 9:38 Marián Markovič is a 37-year-old businessman from Komárno, Slovakia. News server reported on his decision, roughly a month ago, to regularly aid local homeless people and the socially vulnerable.  full story

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