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August 19, 2022




This Czech advertisement for a rental unit explicitly states
This Czech advertisement for a rental unit explicitly states "No Roma or Vietnamese".

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Czech city of Ostrava to see ALL JOBS fair later this month

2.11.2018 11:00 The Helping for All (HFA) company, which is involved with supporting the employment of people from socially excluded localities, people living with disabilities or people growing up in children's homes, will hold its ALL JOBS fair on 16 November in Ostrava at the OC Galerie shopping center. The company also offers aid to the wider public with finding new employment and starting career changes.  full story

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European Roma flood Facebook with hundreds of photos of themselves at work, tell Czech President to stop insulting them

3.10.2018 16:25 The Facebook social networking site was flooded yesterday afternoon with hundreds of photos of Romani people at work, all uploaded in response to the insulting, racist remarks made by Czech President Miloš Zeman during a visit last week to the Olomouc Region, when he insinuated that the unemployed population of the community he was visiting was comprised of Romani people in particular. "We are no longer amused by the allegations that we don't work," Romani community member Štefan Pongo posted to Facebook.  full story

Czech expenditure on aid to those in material distress lowest for the last six years

26.7.2018 8:30 Expenditures on the set of welfare benefits known in the Czech Republic as "aid to those in material distress" have significantly fallen for the fourth year in a row and are at their lowest levels in six years. The number of persons receiving assistance from the state is also declining.  full story

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Czech police officer who brutally assaulted Romani workers now on trial

17.2.2018 7:26 On 14 February 2018 a 36-year-old police officer went on trial before the District Court in Česká Lípa, accused of abusing the powers of a public official. According to the indictment, he used a collapsible metal truncheon to beat a 41-year-old man who was harvesting legal technical cannabis in September 2015 in Písečná u Dobranova.  full story

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Parents of children who caused the death of a Czech zoo's flamingo have performed their agreed voluntary labor there

20.4.2017 12:02 News server reports that the children who snuck into a zoo in Jihlava, Czech Republic on 10 March and caused the death of a flamingo there have now performed their agreed-to voluntary labor at the zoo together with their parents. The family was asked to pay compensation of CZK 50 000 [EUR 1 860] for the loss of the flamingo, which the children attacked by throwing rocks at it.  full story

videoRomani entrepreneur Vladimír Michalčík: I always wanted to succeed in business

1.3.2017 7:58 Vladimír Michalčík, our guest on "Ten Minute Insight", actually embodies the saying that "Even if you hit rock bottom you can get back on your feet and change your life". He and his brother Roman have established two successful firms together with their friends.  full story

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ERRC Seeks Human Rights Monitors

16.12.2016 12:51 The European Roma Rights Centre invites applications from individuals for Human Rights Monitor positions in the following countries: Czech Republic, Serbia, and Slovakia.  full story

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Council of Europe's ROMACT project is seeking facilitators - deadline THURSDAY

15.2.2016 22:17 The ROMACT project is seeking facilitators to collaborate with local authorities and Romani communities in the Czech Republic - the deadline for applying is 18 February 2016. At this moment the call for applications concerns the areas of Budišov nad Budišovkou, Litvínov, Rokycany and Vítkov.  full story

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REF Seeks a National Selection Board Member in Czech Republic

1.6.2015 13:16 Roma Education Fund Scholarship Program announces its call for applications for a National Selection Board (NSB) position for the Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program (RMUSP), who will participate in the evaluation and selection process of scholarship beneficiaries for REF Scholarship Program (REF SP) for the academic year 2015-2016, in Czech Republic.  full story

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Czech Republic: 73 % believe labor discrimination exists

Prague, 19.11.2014 19:16, (ROMEA) The results of a recent survey by the STEM agency, performed from 13 to 20 October among 1 049 respondents aged 18 and older, found that almost three-quarters (73 %) of Czechs believe labor discrimination exists in their country. However, the proportion of people sharing that opinion has significantly fallen over the past two years and is the lowest in the last decade.  full story

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Czech Gov't research: Minimum wage jobs not worth it

Prague, 11.11.2014 18:51, (ROMEA) Agreeing to low-paying employment at the level of the minimum wage can, in some cases, lead to less income for a family than if its members were to remain unemployed and draw welfare. Many people have little financial motivation to accept such employment and low wages, including the minimum wage, play a significant role.  full story

Czech researchers find high levels of housing, job discrimination against minorities

Prague, 3.11.2014 21:39, (ROMEA) In the Czech Republic, Romani and Vietnamese people must respond to twice as many advertisements for available apartments as Czech people in order to be invited to view a property. Czech job seekers also have more than a 180 % greater chance than Asian people of being invited for an interview by a prospective employer and 75 % more of a chance than Romani people.  full story

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Czech Republic: Interview with local Romani candidate Ladislav Sivak

Prague, 10.10.2014 17:18, (ROMEA) Ladislav Sivak, the leading local candidate in Prague for the Romani Democratic Party (Romská demokratická strana - RDS) grew up in the Žižkov quarter of the capital. He apprenticed as a chef/waiter and worked in hospitality for 30 years.  full story

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Czech Republic: Romani figures rebuke Romani entrepreneur for anti-Roma slurs

Brno/Prague, 11.6.2014 23:22, (ROMEA) The Brno-based entrepreneur Rastislav Lučanský, who recently ran as an EP candidate, will be leaving the Romani Democratic Party (Romská demokratická strana- RDS) to establish his own political movement. Lučanský is said to have failed to reach an understanding with his RDS colleagues.  full story

Commentary: Is Roma unemployment a cause or an effect?

Prague, 19.4.2014 0:24, (ROMEA) I find myself in complete agreement with representatives of the Czech Labor Office when it comes to the dead-end position of the Romani community here. They have said they consider Romani integration into society insufficient, and also that they fear further deterioration of the situation and the growth of right-wing extremism.  full story

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